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Málaga je 5 gostov iz Slovenije visoko ocenilo za temo plaža.

Vas zanimajo zabavni namigi poptnikov, ki poznajo destinacijo Málaga?

Zakaj bi mesto Málaga priporočili ljubiteljem dobre hrane?

Jan, ZDA

Pred 19 dnevi Prijavi

We had fish at a beach restaurant that was grilled on an open fire on the beach. It was excellent. We also had a fabulous dinner at Sambino just down the street from the hotel California. It was more than we could eat.

Plaže ne doživijo vsi na isti način. Kako ste vi doživeli plažo na destinaciji Málaga?

Albert, Belgija

Pred 12 urami Prijavi

There is a walking promenade, there is a nude beach, there is a bird watching zone, there is the 'old baths' and still a nice old beach village. Swimming, walking, sunbathing or just people watching. There is a beach for everyone

Katere umetnostne muzeje preprosto moramo obiskati, če smo prvič v mestu Málaga?

Neil, otok Man

Pred 27 dnevi Prijavi

Museum of Glass and Carmen Thyssen museum
we're excellent.

Kako je mogoče raziskovati znamenitosti mesta Málaga in se hkrati izogniti gneči?

Anonimen/-a, Neznana lokacija

Pred 27 dnevi Prijavi

Malaga is a large town but not overcrowded, The best way to visit it is to walk along its narrow streets and its beautiful harbour promenade, lined with shops, cafes and restaurants, or to look for shade in its lush exotic parks and gardens. The beach of the Malagueta is also a very attractive option. If one prefers not walking too much, there are plenty of sightseeing buses and horse and carriage trips on offer.

Kaj naj gredo obiskovalci v mestu, da bi se v največjem loku izognili slabim restavracijam?

Jane, Velika Britanija

Pred 4 dnevi Prijavi

We enjoyed eating at La Deriva restaurant in Alameda Colon - although more expensive, the food and atmosphere were hard to beat.

Kje v mestu Málaga je najbolj pristno kulturno dogajanje?

Anonimen/-a, Neznana lokacija

Pred 26 dnevi Prijavi

Pay a visit to the 'Museo del vidrio and cristal': outstanding !.., but recommended to the 'connoisseurs'

Zakaj obisk mesta Málaga spada med klasične mestne oddihe?

Andrew, Velika Britanija

Pred 28 dnevi Prijavi

Has fantastic shops, good bars and restaurants for all tastes, lots of sightseeing if you wish, easy access to airport via local bus or inexpensive taxi. Any age group would love this place.

Zakaj mislite, da so vsi navdušeni nad vzdušjem v mestu Málaga?

David, Velika Britanija

Pred 18 dnevi Prijavi

We concentrated on the old historic part of the City. Like most cities I think Malaga is best in the evenings as the sun is going down. When local families come out to eat and talk. You're spoilt for choice with lots of bars and restaurants both in the Plazas and all the adjoining narrower side streets.
It's a short walk to most places from the old part....the harbour, the beach and even the large department store of El Corte Ingles.
We've only ever landed here on route to somewhere else. We're not beach lovers so a 3 night break is just about right in my view .

Povejte nam, kaj bi vam podobnim osebam bilo všeč pri nakupovanju na destinaciji Málaga.

Dawn, Španija

Pred 4 dnevi Prijavi

For shopping you have Calle Larios with small shops, the indoor market to see fruit, veg, meat & fish. If you want indoor shopping El Corte Ingles and the Larios center.

Zakaj mislite, da pravijo, da zgodovina v mestu Málaga kar zaživi?

Anonimen/-a, Neznana lokacija

Pred 27 dnevi Prijavi

Malaga has plenty to show of its past history, with a large Roman amphitheater at the foot of the old Islamic Alcazaba-Gibralfaro forts. The Cathedral is also testimony to the classic and gothic styles of the 16 and 17th Centuries. In a very different context, one can also visit Picasso's birthplace and see some of his paintings in an old palace, now the Picasso Museum of Malaga.

Je bilo poceni, hitro, dobro predstavljeno? Zaradi česa je enostavno najti pot po mestu Málaga?

Michael, Irska

Pred 8 dnevi Prijavi

Malaga is accessible by public transport, or the "hop on hop off" tourist bus excellent value and very informative making it easier then to re-trace if you wish to see the city by foot.

Zakaj pravijo, da si je mesto Málaga najlepše ogledati peš?

Jan, ZDA

Pred 19 dnevi Prijavi

There is a beautiful botanical garden near the harbor and shopping was only a 15 minute walk from the hotel.

Zaradi česa so ljudje v mestu Málaga tako prijazni? Povejte nam vašo zgodbo.

Debra, Španija

Pred 23 dnevi Prijavi

I am not sure. But the city was great. Really a lovely more care free place. It was not over populated with tourism but showed you how the locals live and invited you to be a part of the city charm without living there. I think it was the respect that the locals have for their lifestyle there. It was a great experience and everyone we encountered local and tourist were kind and shared the same appreciation for your city. Thank you!

Čemu naj se popotniki izognejo, če želijo izkusiti super nočno življenje v mestu Málaga?

Anonimen/-a, Neznana lokacija

Pred 13 dnevi Prijavi

Malaga is a great town to experience night life, you should just head for the city centre late in the evening and enjoy!

Povejte, kako ste preživljali najbolj sproščene trenutke na destinaciji Málaga.

Joseph, Velika Britanija

Pred 5 dnevi Prijavi

Eating a good, cheap meal in one of the city restaurants while listening to an accordion being played nearby by a street musician

Kateri so najzanimivejši deli starega jedra v mestu Málaga?

WILLIAM, Velika Britanija

Pred 3 dnevi Prijavi

Up and down the calle Larios through the many streets that lead to Picasso square

Kaj ste izvedeli o mestu Málaga, pa to ni bilo napisano v nobenem vodniku?

Lambert, Velika Britanija

Pred 6 dnevi Prijavi

Very enjoyable visits but more signposts required to find museums. Had to ask locals where the Picasso museum was and great difficulty finding the Thyssens museum

Zakaj so znamenitosti v mestu Málaga vredne obiska?

Anonimen/-a, Neznana lokacija

Pred 20 dnevi Prijavi

Alcazaba and Castillo beautiful historic monuments.
  • Razkošne restavracije 117 priporočil
  • 3 odgovori

Zakaj je hrana v mestu Málaga tako posebna?

Wim, Belgija

Pred 17 dnevi Prijavi

a lot of choice for correct prices, not too many tourist traps, new restaurants at the port (muelle uno)

Kako so ohranjeni gradovi mesta Málaga?

ARIE, Južna Afrika

Pred 10 dnevi Prijavi

Our stay in Malaga was very limited as our destination was Marbella. Due to a timing difference between our timeshare and our departure we preferred to stay close to the airport which was a blessing in disguise when Lufthansa had to cancel all flights due to a pilot strike. We thus spent one day in Malaga essentially to see cathedral, the Castle/Alcazaba , the Port and the Musea Alborania. The latter located Half way along the Paseo de los Curas is a prime example of a maritime museum giving details of the formation of the Mediteranean Sea, sea life and maritime archaeologica. As a maritime civil engineer, though not being a monument of note this still covers many historical aspects and was a fascinating experience! However there is no mention of this in the Malaga Costa del Sol booklet.

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