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  • Belanja (1902)
  • Arsitektur (946)
  • Museum (743)
  • Desain (615)
  • Budaya (601)
  • Tamasya (540)
  • Wisata Kota (457)
  • Kuliner (446)
  • Alam (413)
  • Jalan-jalan di Kota (404)

Helsinki sangat disarankan untuk monumen oleh 1 tamu dari Indonesia!

Mau tahu tips yang seru dan unik dari wisatawan yang tahu tentang Helsinki?

Bagaimana cara menikmati pemandangan di Helsinki tanpa terganggu oleh keramaian?

Mary-Anne, Australia

4 hari yang lalu Laporkan

Buy a tram day pass (8 euros) and take no. 2 and 3 trams around the city. Sightseeing guides available at tourist info office. Day trips to Suomenlinna and Tallinn also great (buy your own tickets rather than an organised tour) but go early to avoid the crowds.

Apa saja yang Anda sukai saat belanja di Helsinki?

Paula, Swedia

4 hari yang lalu Laporkan

Wonderful design shopping in the design district as well as Marimekko, Iitala, Arabia, Artek, Stockmans, etc
  • Orang-orang yang ramah 370 rekomendasi
  • 5 jawaban

Kenapa orang-orang dari Helsinki sangat ramah? Bagikan cerita Anda.

Rami_T, UE Arab

19 jam yang lalu Laporkan

I was pleasantly surprised by how friendly and helpful people were. Most everyone seems to speak good English and is willing to help, give directions/recommendations or just have a friendly chat!
  • Jalan-jalan di Kota 404 rekomendasi
  • 5 jawaban

Apa cara terbaik untuk menikmati Helsinki dengan berjalan kaki?

Lidia, Rusia

22 hari yang lalu Laporkan

You may go in any direction and look around you and of course you will see beautiful houses, interesting museums and lovely nature
  • Transportasi Umum Yang Nyaman 201 rekomendasi
  • 5 jawaban

Apakah murah, cepat, dan jelas? Kenapa begitu mudah untuk bepergian di Helsinki?

David, Inggris Raya

26 hari yang lalu Laporkan

Our week long travel cards enabled us to use buses, trams and even the ferry without having to queue up to purchase separate tickets. There were plenty of buses at regular intervals.

Apakah berbelanja di Helsinki lebih seru jika dibandingkan dengan belanja di tempat lain?

Lee, Inggris Raya

2 hari yang lalu Laporkan

There are some stores which are a little cheaper than the branded stores, i,e, H&M and Ginatriot, but on the whole Helsinki is very, very expensive. Apart from the cheaper shops just mentioned, i did not see a pair of shoes for under 119 Euros and the jumpers, just silly prices. A typical Finnish jumper, un-branded 300 Euros, what the hell is that all about.
Talking to some Finnish people, they agreed that Helsinki is very expensive and to put this into perspective, they informed us that when they want somewhere to shop they pop over to LONDON........ LONDON!!, to do all their clothes shopping because they can not belive how cheap it is.
What ever you buy in England, in Helsinki you can double it, or on the odd occasion, triple it

Di mana tempat makan enak yang tidak menjebak turis?

Anonim, Lokasi tidak diketahui

10 hari yang lalu Laporkan

Italian food at Sasso or La Famiglia, Mexican food at Eatos, Omenapuu, Ravintola Juuri

Kenapa orang bilang Helsinki lebih bagus dinikmati dengan berjalan kaki?

roland, Swiss

11 hari yang lalu Laporkan

It is easy to get around - the city center is relatively small and the site seeing places are close. Other than that excellent public transportation takes you to the other interesting places with ease.

Kenapa jalan-jalan di Helsinki merupakan pengalaman yang klasik?

ANDREW, Inggris Raya

5 hari yang lalu Laporkan

Excellent public transport, good base for exploring other parts of the country

Apa yang paling menggugah selera para vegetarian saat mereka pergi ke Helsinki?

Vicki, Georgia

11 hari yang lalu Laporkan

ethnic cuisine with veg options; if you like lots of seafood although I am allergic - many of the salads include seafood/fish

Apa yang paling mengesankan tentang katedral di Helsinki?

Chris, Inggris Raya

20 jam yang lalu Laporkan

The Lutheran cathedral beautifully marries its form and its theology

Di mana tempat terbaik buat clubbing di Helsinki?

Anonim, Lokasi tidak diketahui

10 hari yang lalu Laporkan

Apollo (live music)
Baker's (dance floor and separate bar area to talk)
The Tiger (for the view from the top floor of Kamppi)

Apa yang membuat pasar Natal di Helsinki begitu menarik?

Felicia, Italia

7 hari yang lalu Laporkan

delicious, traditional food.
store owners were really friendly
  • Alam 413 rekomendasi

Kenapa Helsinki jadi tempat terbaik untuk menikmati alam?

Victoria, Rusia

19 hari yang lalu Laporkan

Nature is included into city life, not destroyed. We took a walk to Sea Life aquarium and found some green spots that made us feel like we were actually hiking in some natural park.
  • Kuliner 446 rekomendasi

Kenapa Anda merekomendasikan Helsinki untuk makanan?

Victoria, Rusia

19 hari yang lalu Laporkan

Salmon soup was great even at the market square
  • Untuk keluarga 107 rekomendasi

Bagaimana Helsinki bisa membuat keluarga Anda merasa betah?

Fakhriyya, Azerbaijan

10 hari yang lalu Laporkan

  • Alam 413 rekomendasi

Seperti apa keindahan alam di Helsinki?

Guillermo Esteban
Guillermo Esteban, Swedia

23 jam yang lalu Laporkan

The landscape of Helsinki is very similar to other landscapes in Scandinavian countries in the same latitude, such as Stockholm, Gothemburg and Oslo.
  • Restoran Berkelas 52 rekomendasi

Kenapa fine dining di Helsinki berbeda?

Juha, Finlandia

23 hari yang lalu Laporkan

Excellent scandinavian ingredients - fish,meat and vegetables
  • Budaya 601 rekomendasi

Bagaimana caranya merasakan pengalaman budaya asli di Helsinki?

Michael, Australia

19 hari yang lalu Laporkan

Great city for walking around.
  • Museum 743 rekomendasi

Apa yang Anda temukan tentang museum di Helsinki, yang tidak dijelaskan dalam buku panduan?

Zujevic, Inggris Raya

17 hari yang lalu Laporkan

Lot of Finish national history and art history

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