Visit Lourdes: Your Travel Guide

Things to Do in Lourdes
Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes
Packed into this world-famous pilgrimage site are 22 individual places of worship. The various basilicas surrounding Rosary Square are exquisite – complete with stained-glass windows and Venetian mosaics. In the grotto, where Mary was said to have first appeared, prayers can be offered and an atmosphere of silent devotion prevails.
Pont d’Espagne
In the shadow of the impressive Vignemale mountain – the highest in the Pyrenees – perches the humble Pont d’Espagne that gives the area its name. This small bridge that nonchalantly strides the gushing ravine below once connected France and Spain, and was a famous stopping point for 19th-century travellers. Still popular, the area is perfect for walking, hiking and contemplating nature.
The Pic du Jer Viewpoint
Unbeatable panoramas of the Pyrenees are on offer from the abandoned observatory at the top of Pic du Jer. A 6-minute funicular ride will sweep you up to near the summit, where a short 15-minute hike in the crisp mountain air will lead you to the viewpoint. For the bold, get ready to mountain-bike the trail back down.


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Traveler's Reviews & Photos

Very Good
I went for religious reasons so was great for me although would be better during April to October when more activities are on at the sanctuary. I loved the sanctuary. The town in February was quite dead especially at night.
March 6, 2017
Very Good
Lourdes is a tick on the bucket list but a lot of the town centre has shops full of tat and off the main street a dumpy area.
February 20, 2017
Review score
Too small and not many things to do there. Office de tourism is closed on Sunday Pic du jer is closed on Sunday ..@@
February 23, 2017
Very Good
Absolutely worth it. I visited Lourdes in low season so it was calm and very pleasant --high season is a bit stressful I was told. I recommend to rent a car and visit the Pays Basque!!
United Kingdom
March 8, 2017
So peaceful, inspiring and healing. No words can describe your personal journey!
United States of America
February 21, 2017

Accommodations and Hotels in Lourdes

Hôtel Paradis

8.5 Very Good

Score from 860 reviews


Average price per night
  • “wonderful staff”
    48 related reviews
  • “location was great”
    41 related reviews
  • “very clean”
    27 related reviews
Hôtel Panorama

8.2 Very Good

Score from 297 reviews


Average price per night
Hôtel Continental

8.3 Very Good

Score from 1,224 reviews


Average price per night
  • “location was great”
    76 related reviews
  • “wonderful staff”
    73 related reviews
  • “very clean”
    20 related reviews
Hôtel Roissy

8.5 Very Good

Score from 615 reviews


Average price per night
  • “wonderful staff”
    57 related reviews
  • “location was great”
    50 related reviews
  • “very clean”
    18 related reviews
Grand Hôtel Gallia & Londres

8.8 Excellent

Score from 138 reviews


Average price per night
Hôtel Saint Sauveur

8.2 Very Good

Score from 459 reviews


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Grand Hôtel Moderne

9 Wonderful

Score from 158 reviews


Average price per night
Hôtel Padoue

8.7 Excellent

Score from 409 reviews


Average price per night
Hôtel Notre Dame de la Sarte

8.1 Very Good

Score from 299 reviews


Average price per night

It's a wonderful experience visiting Lourdes especially the Grotto where our Lady appeared to Saint Bernadette. I highly recommend the holy bath.

The history and significance for those with deep religious beliefs

Of course the most tranquil place is at the Grotto.

GO in December or rather avoid July to September.

relaxation in beautiful surroundings. asked travelers...

Why are the monuments in Lourdes noteworthy?

A lovely statue of the Virgin Mary.

It is a small town.

The Rosary Chapel.

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