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Nica Francija, Provansa-Alpe-Azurna obala

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Nica je 6 gostov iz Slovenije visoko ocenilo za temo plaža.

Vas zanimajo zabavni namigi poptnikov, ki poznajo destinacijo Nica?

Plaže ne doživijo vsi na isti način. Kako ste vi doživeli plažo na destinaciji Nica?

Annie, Irska

Pred 17 dnevi Prijavi

The beach is a stone beach so bring your swim shoes if you have them. You can buy them for €10 at a shop across the road from the beach. It is difficult getting in and out of the water if you don't have these. Lovely for swimming not so much for surfing or boogie boarding and the kids would find it boring as there is no sandcastles! Also not safe for small kids as there is a big drop a few steps into the sea and then your out of your depth. So really Nice beach is more for adults and teens.
The sea is aqua blue just fab, with a lovely sea breeze. So relaxing and nice. No loud music, its a real chill out zone. You will pay €22 for a lounger on the beach club associated with your hotel or €44 if not. There are public beaches (free) but you would need a padded beach mat for comfort when sunbathing as the stones underneath are big. You can buy these at the local shop too.

Zakaj bi mesto Nica priporočili ljubiteljem dobre hrane?

Amanda, Velika Britanija

Pred 10 dnevi Prijavi

We used local supermarkets, markets, fruit shops and patisserie s to but lovely fresh food as we were self catering. We bought a great lunch deal from one of the many little sandwich shops located on the Gambetta Boulevard. The market in the old town has a wonderful array of fresh food inc; olives, cheese, meats, breads. Ideal for making up a picnic for the beach.

Kako je mogoče raziskovati znamenitosti mesta Nica in se hkrati izogniti gneči?

Paul, Velika Britanija

Pred 27 dnevi Prijavi

There were many parts of Nice that were easy to get to, and less packed with holiday makers. Public Beaches were easy to get to, although very stony, more sandy beaches in Entibe. Numerous parks which gave you a sense of freedom, even though there were quite a number of people about.

Kateri so najzanimivejši deli starega jedra v mestu Nica?

zincsilla, ZDA

Pred 24 dnevi Prijavi

The central street of the old town has a market in the middle and great cafes and restaurants on the two sides. Lovely for shopping, eating, drinking and falling love with narrow little streets.

Povejte, kako ste preživljali najbolj sproščene trenutke na destinaciji Nica.

Anonimen/-a, Neznana lokacija

Pred 27 dnevi Prijavi

Five minutes to the beach, laying under the sun and doing nothing is that great !!!

Kaj naj gredo obiskovalci v mestu, da bi se v največjem loku izognili slabim restavracijam?

Anonimen/-a, Neznana lokacija

Pred 10 dnevi Prijavi

Plague Beau Rivage. It's expensive but so very worth it. Best service I've had in Europe. Very well run establishment with a great view. Also eat from the markets, I loved that market!

Kakšen vtis je na vas imel izgled mesta Nica?

Sophie, Velika Britanija

Pred 25 dnevi Prijavi

The scenery in Nice and the surrounding area was amongst the best I've ever seen. Nothing can beat the combination of a clean city on the coast of the stunning blue Mediterranean, with dramatic mountains as a backdrop. Every corner turned offers a brand new experience, leaving you wanting more.

Drugi v mestu Nica priporočajo prodnato plažo. Kaj pa vi?

zincsilla, ZDA

Pred 24 dnevi Prijavi

The sea is clean and fresh, the beach is always full of people, no matter that it's pebble beach, not sandy. Just make sure to bring some sturdy shoes, without them the experience might not be that great.

Povejte nam, kaj bi vam podobnim osebam bilo všeč pri nakupovanju na destinaciji Nica.

Rose, Velika Britanija

Pred 5 dnevi Prijavi

There are a wide variety of shops in Nice and the surrounding towns. The Monday antique market is great for bargain hunting.

Ali nakupovalna izkušnja v mestu Nica ponuja še kaj več kot trgovine znanih blagovnih znamk?

Julia, Velika Britanija

Pred 11 dnevi Prijavi

The old town has a myriad of small independent shops and good restaurants and bars, although the 2 clubs we intended to visit were both closed.

Zakaj obisk mesta Nica spada med klasične mestne oddihe?

Philippa, Velika Britanija

Pred 11 dnevi Prijavi

there is great art , museums and architecture , fantastically atmospheric old town and market , it's a proper working town as well as a very pretty one . If you want to pose on the beach go to Cannes -if you want a more real experience Nice is much better. also great transport links via the new tram within the town and beyond via the railway to Italy of further along the Riviera coast . No shortage of good places to eat too.

Je bilo poceni, hitro, dobro predstavljeno? Zaradi česa je enostavno najti pot po mestu Nica?

Paul, Velika Britanija

Pred 27 dnevi Prijavi

In General, quite expensive to be honest. Tramway was cheap and regular, buses less so, trains were great for getting down the coast to other resorts, but obtaining tickets was a little tricky, machines all in French.

Kje v mestu Nica je najbolj pristno kulturno dogajanje?

Liz, Irska

Pred 17 dnevi Prijavi

Plan beforehand. Especially, for example, if you want to see the Musee Matisse and Musee Marc Chagall they are a bus ride away. It's important to go to the Musee Matisse first and then back downhill to Musee Marc Chagall. For short trips it's better to be selective, especially in the summer when it's hot.

Kaj ste izvedeli o mestu Nica, pa to ni bilo napisano v nobenem vodniku?

Anthony, Velika Britanija

Pred 16 dnevi Prijavi

I don't know whether or not it is in the guide books but there are lots of free entry places and they don't seem to be as stuffy as back home.

Zakaj mislite, da so vsi navdušeni nad vzdušjem v mestu Nica?

Annie, Irska

Pred 17 dnevi Prijavi

Atmosphere is chilled. Lots of things going on at night in the promenade. Michael Jackson impersonator, spray paint artist etc. Beware the pick pockets I was warned by the taxi driver from the airport. They are usually under 16's as they cannot be prosecuted. They are usually girls. We didn't really experience any trouble. On the last night my friend said she saw a boy around 14 years eyeballing her handbag and then looked at her face but she was looking at him giving him the message that she was aware of his plan. That was that.

Kako najbolje doživeti mesto Nica, če si ga ogledamo peš?

Yanchen, Kitajska

Pred 14 dnevi Prijavi

Central but quite, not far from the beach. It is convenicient to take trams or by walk to go to beach, or shopping.

Kako se najbolje spoprijeti z visokimi temperaturami v mestu Nica?

Neil, Velika Britanija

Pred 16 dnevi Prijavi

Walk by the sea, in the parks on castle hil and in Cimiez, or go to the fountains in Place Massena.

Zakaj pravijo, da si je mesto Nica najlepše ogledati peš?

Jacqueline, Irska

Pred 11 dnevi Prijavi

Because its a small city and the Old Town with its narrow streets and other places like the Promenade Anglaise are all within easy walk of each other

Po čem ste si zapomnili morsko hrano v mestu Nica?

zincsilla, ZDA

Pred 24 dnevi Prijavi

The mussels are really cheap, comparing to Belgium or the Netherlands, like half price. There are even all-you-can-eat mussel places. But you can find all the kinds of seafood places: from huge paella plates to oyster bowls. Anything.

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