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Promenade du Paillon

Công viên

Think ‘urban garden’. This twelve-hectare public walkway went through a lengthy renovation recently, beautifying the heart of Nice. The results are fantastic - freshly mowed parkland that’s flanked by palms, pavilions and pathways that run deep into the city. Year round, the fountains erupt with water, making it a fun splash pad for kids and savvy skaters in summer.

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Bảo tàng Nghệ thuật Hiện đại và Đương đại (MAMAC)

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What’s in the box? One of Andy Warhol’s mysterious ‘time capsules’ was opened here recently. Old ads, dental moulds, nail clippings and the minutiae of Warhol’s life were among the box’s quirky contents. Why? Just because. Get into the spirit of abstract art with works by Warhol, Yves Klein (founder of the nouveau réalisme movement) Lichtenstein, Miro and Haring.

Chỗ nghỉ gần Bảo tàng Nghệ thuật Hiện đại và Đương đại (MAMAC)
Promenade des Anglais


After falling in love with the sweeping vistas of Nice’s Bay of Angels, some aristocratic English holidaymakers commissioned this seafront promenade in 1820. Take a sun-drenched stroll down Promenade des Anglais (“Englishmen’s Walk”) to feel the heartbeat of the city. Whether you seek beaches, bars or brasseries, you’ll find them on what locals today call “La Prom”.

Chỗ nghỉ gần Promenade des Anglais
Le Vieux Nice


Nice’s Old Town is a place to ditch your map, wander the streets and soak up every last detail. From narrow alleyways to bustling squares, this neighbourhood is awash with the friendly charm of the Côte d’Azur. Stop off at an outdoor café, order up a cool drink and watch the world go by.

Chỗ nghỉ gần Le Vieux Nice
Castle Hill


A trip up Castle Hill is the perfect way to crown your seaside promenade in Nice. Sitting at the end of Promenade des Anglais, the hill looms large over the city. Climbing the steps can be a challenge, but the views make it all worthwhile. From the top, the panoramas over the rooftops and the sweep of the bay are stunning.

Chỗ nghỉ gần Castle Hill
Nice Harbour


Nice’s port sees swanky yachts and humble dinghies come and go – which makes it the perfect place for an afternoon stroll. As you wander, see what colourful characters you can spot going about their business – or leisure. Then stop off for a drink at a seafront bar and dream of seafaring adventures.

Chỗ nghỉ gần Nice Harbour

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Xuất sắc

Ngày 10 Tháng 5 Năm 2016

Nice đẹp nên đến thăm nhưng đừng bao giờ ở ks Altair, các ks lớn hơn gần đó chỉ có 18€/đêm mà tốt hơn nhiều, tôi ân hận vì đã ở đây.
Nguyen thi
Việt Nam
16 đánh giá

Điểm đánh giá

Ngày 12 Tháng 7 Năm 2016

Nice là một thành phố biển năng động, đẹp. Tôi thích sự nhộn nhịp và hàng hoá mua sắm phong phú ở đây.
pearl tran
2 đánh giá

Chỗ nghỉ và khách sạn ở Nice

Le Meridien Nice

7,4 Tốt

Được điểm từ 1518 đánh giá

VND 2.900.317

Giá trung bình mỗi đêm
  • 1, promenade des Anglais, Ngay trung tâm Nice, Nice
Goldstar Resort & Suites

8,2 Rất tốt

Được điểm từ 1573 đánh giá

VND 2.851.572

Giá trung bình mỗi đêm
  • 45, Rue Maréchal Joffre, Centre Ville-Gare, Nice
Radisson Blu Hotel Nice

7,6 Tốt

Được điểm từ 1754 đánh giá

VND 2.339.751

Giá trung bình mỗi đêm
  • 223, Promenade Des Anglais, Promenade des Anglais, Nice
Best Western Plus Hôtel Massena Nice

8,2 Rất tốt

Được điểm từ 2793 đánh giá

VND 1.730.441

Giá trung bình mỗi đêm
  • 58, rue Gioffredo, Centre Ville-Gare, Nice
Albert 1er

8,1 Rất tốt

Được điểm từ 1476 đánh giá

VND 1.584.207

Giá trung bình mỗi đêm
  • 4, Avenue des Phoceens, Vieux Nice, Nice
Hotel Negresco

8,6 Tuyệt vời

Được điểm từ 1960 đánh giá

VND 3.832.562

Giá trung bình mỗi đêm
  • 37 Promenade Des Anglais, Promenade des Anglais, Nice
Hôtel Le Royal Promenade des Anglais

7,3 Tốt

Được điểm từ 2455 đánh giá

VND 2.096.027

Giá trung bình mỗi đêm
  • 23, Promenade Des Anglais, Centre Ville-Gare, Nice
Hotel Aston La Scala

8,2 Rất tốt

Được điểm từ 2603 đánh giá

VND 2.047.282

Giá trung bình mỗi đêm
  • 12 Felix Faure, Centre Ville-Gare, Nice
B4 Plaza Nice

7,6 Tốt

Được điểm từ 1813 đánh giá

VND 1.823.056

Giá trung bình mỗi đêm
  • 12 Avenue de Verdun, Centre Ville-Gare, Nice
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Gợi ý của du khách về Nice

there is great art , museums and architecture , fantastically atmospheric old town and market , it's a proper working town as well as a very pretty one . If you want to pose on the beach go to Cannes -if you want a more real experience Nice is much better. also great transport links via the new tram within the town and beyond via the railway to Italy of further along the Riviera coast . No shortage of good places to eat too.

We used local supermarkets, markets, fruit shops and patisserie s to but lovely fresh food as we were self catering. We bought a great lunch deal from one of the many little sandwich shops located on the Gambetta Boulevard. The market in the old town has a wonderful array of fresh food inc; olives, cheese, meats, breads. Ideal for making up a picnic for the beach.

There were many parts of Nice that were easy to get to, and less packed with holiday makers. Public Beaches were easy to get to, although very stony, more sandy beaches in Entibe. Numerous parks which gave you a sense of freedom, even though there were quite a number of people about.

The central street of the old town has a market in the middle and great cafes and restaurants on the two sides. Lovely for shopping, eating, drinking and falling love with narrow little streets.

Plague Beau Rivage. It's expensive but so very worth it. Best service I've had in Europe. Very well run establishment with a great view. Also eat from the markets, I loved that market!

Beautiful blue sea, fresh air, sun, warm weather. It's just great. The private beaches especially. They're about 20 EUR per day per person but it's totally worth it.

There are a wide variety of shops in Nice and the surrounding towns. The Monday antique market is great for bargain hunting.

The Chagall Museum is fabulous! Also the Maight Foundation Museum in St. Paul de Vence. And...the Matisse Chapel in Vence.

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