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26 gostiju iz Srbije je odlično ocenilo destinaciju Pariz za temu razgledanje!

Želite zabavne i originalne savete od putnika koji dobro poznaju destinaciju Pariz?

Kako možete da uživate u razgledanju grada: Pariz dok istovremeno izbegavate gužvu?

Leonardo, Brazil

pre 28 dana Prijavi

Keep in mind this is Paris, crowds are a necessary evil. However, some spots are worse than others. We found that the most crowded places were the Notre Dame church and the Champs-Elysees (specially on the blocks nearest the Arc). For us, the jewel of the city is without doubt the Eiffel Tower, and luckily its gardens are so wide that the crowds end up spreading enough so that everyone has enough space, even for picnics (going up the tower is an entirely different matter, though!). Also, strolling the streets and parks can be less crowded, you just have to avoid the main streets near the main landmarks. Try the Luxembourg Garden or the Saint-Germain-des-Pres neighborhood.

Which fine art museums should a first time visitor to Pariz start with?

Iliana, Holandija

pre 1 dan Prijavi

The Louvre is way too large for one visit. At the Louvre I choose only the period I am interested in, like Middle Ages, and only spend about 3 hrs at a time - afterwards I do something else. I recommend the Musee D'Orsay if you love impressionisms and fine sculptures and the Musee de LÓrangerie is a most if you like Monet. The museum of the Middle Ages (Cluny) is a most if you are interested in that period. Make time to just walk around, it is a beautiful city. Shopping is too expensive, but I found some lovely items while walking around while nothing affordable at the main shopping malls and streets.

Zašto biste preporučili grad: Pariz za hranu?

Claire, Sjedinjene Američke Države

pre 5 dana Prijavi

The food in Paris is diverse but there's nowhere else you can get a simple and delicious Steak Frites with a glass of wine and watch people go by. The French have superior culinary offerings; fresh delicious food, well prepared and good value.

Opišite nam zašto je Pariz odličan grad za šoping.

dalembertian, Holandija

pre 23 dana Prijavi

Paris has something quite unique: big and specialized stores. So if you want comics, there are huge stores for it. Same for kitchen equipment, ocean-themed stuff, and so on. Usually you have stores that are more generic, but in Paris you will find everything there is about a given topic.

Zbog čeka možete da osetite istoriju u gradu Pariz?

Joseph, Sjedinjene Američke Države

pre 16 dana Prijavi

There is more culture and history in Paris than we could see in our stay, unfortunately. The city is like a living museum with its architecture and monuments and museums. The places like the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe that you see in pictures your whole life are even more magnificent in person.

Kako možete u potpunosti da doživite kulturu u gradu Pariz?

Gaye, Novi Zeland

pre 24 dana Prijavi

Probably do the day bus trip if first trip, buy tickets to museums and art galleries in advance to avoid LONG queues. Watch the traffic at the Arc de Triomphe, Sacre Coeur and Montmartre and of course the Eiffel tower, a trip on the Seine in the Bateaux Mouches

Šta ste otkrili o muzejima u gradu Pariz što nije bilo u turističkim vodičima?

Sandra, Sjedinjene Američke Države

pre 19 dana Prijavi

We took my granddaughter to Paris for her first time. We took her mainly to the normal tourist attractions and felt it was a good experience for her. In the future we will take her to more mountain areas, but this time we just wanted her to experience Paris. Her favorite area was Montmartre due to all of the small shops. She also loved the parks.

Da li u gradu Pariz postoji još opcija za šoping osim najpoznatijih robnih marki?

Anoniman/-na, Nepoznata lokacija

pre 24 dana Prijavi

Other than the champs élysées for the big branded shops like Louis Vuitton, most streets feature vintage shops which are excellently priced, I picked up a shirt for €1! Also check out kilo shops which price clothes and accessories based on weight which is great.

Zašto ljudi kažu da je grad: Pariz najbolji za razgledanje pešice?

Liz, Ujedinjeni Arapski Emirati

pre 17 dana Prijavi

Walking in the centre of Paris is easy - it's a compact enough city to walk, and sidewalks are excellent. There are plenty of sidewalk cafes and restaurants at which to take a break also. Walking allows you to see more of all that Paris has to offer, with different and fascinating sights at every turn.

Koji je najbolji način obilaska grada Pariz pešice?

Helen, Velika Britanija

pre 8 dana Prijavi

We walked everywhere, only using the metro to get to and from our hotel with luggage. Just wander and let yourself literally get lost, particularly in the little streets of Montmartre, the Latin Quarter and Saint Germain. You could have a small map on you just in case but you'll hardly need it, as there are so many landmarks to help you work out where you are and which direction to go in. Mornings are the quietest time in my experience to just walk around.

Gde ljudi treba da idu ukoliiko žele da izbegnu obrok u turističkoj zamci?

Gaye, Novi Zeland

pre 24 dana Prijavi

Perhaps eat just out of main city, but if they have a view of street doesn't matter where, the menus are always outside the cafes so you can easily see if there is something to tempt you at reasonable cost.

Neki kažu da je romantika umrla, zbog čega grad: Pariz dokazuje suprotno?

Anthony, Francuska

pre 15 dana Prijavi

You only have to be in Paris in the spring to find that your heart is lifted. The city of lifgt is a treat for every sense, and that means that life is better, and happy hearts love to love. Wander around Montmartre or the rive gauche and stop in an occasional bar for a glass of rose or champagne and the grey grimness of London or New York fades away, until walking hand in hand along the river seems not just delightful, but logical. Romance is never far away.

Da li je Pariz grad u kojem možete uživati u fantastičnoj hrani? Recite nam zašto.

Andre, Sjedinjene Američke Države

pre 28 dana Prijavi

Parisian street markets - held on set days twice a week in most neighborhoods - offer a staggering variety of fresh, deliciously tasty edibles from which veritable feasts can be put together at moderate cost, and without need for access to a kitchen. From exotic varieties of lettuce to foie gras by the pound, from artisanal breads to opened-to-order fresh oysters, and especially with a generous cheese course that ought to include specialties not readily identifiable to a non-French traveler, a memorable meal is virtually guaranteed.

Zašto vredi posetiti znamenitosti u gradu Pariz?

Anoniman/-na, Nepoznata lokacija

pre 17 dana Prijavi

Go to Paris to see the main sites: Eiffel Tower, Napoleon's Tomb, the war museum, the Louvre, Notre Dame, etc. But don't spend your entire trip there, the rest of France has just as much if not more to offer, and once you're out of Paris the people go from extremely rude to actually very nice and helpful.

Zbog čega su ljudi oduševljeni atmosferom u gradu Pariz?

anne-claire, Velika Britanija

pre 22 dana Prijavi

The elegance of the buildings, the hustle and bustle of the city, French chansons,
views over the city from various points, fabulous food, beautiful shops ,amazing museums and attractions.

Koje su najlepše antičke znamenitosti u gradu Pariz?

Lawrence, Velika Britanija

pre 5 dana Prijavi

Eiffel Tower - breathe taking. Louvre - stunning. Notre Dame - unbelievable. River Seine - informative and educational.

What is it with people in Pariz that makes them so watchable?

STEPHAN, Sjedinjene Američke Države

pre 1 dan Prijavi

They are elegant and walk the streets gracefully, respectfully, considerate and kind and capable of maintaining a great atmosphere on the streets, without needing a police presence (with screaming sirens and attitude like in the USA), but being able to exist and co-exist on the streets in such a way that everyone is respected and treated politely and kindly. The main purpose of the police in Paris, seems to be merely to be helpful and supporting and friendly, helping citizens to park their cars or guiding elderly people across busy streets - no aggression or anger. SO different from the police in the USA. It is as if American society cannot handle or maintain themselves in public unless there are cops everywhere, police alarms and sirens going off everywhere and all people are constantly treated like potential criminals. In Paris this does not exist. The French as well as the tourists and visitors who love Paris and France, know how to behave in the streets, during the day or late at night. There's a unspoken awareness and harmony amongst people which brings about a totally natural and genuine form of reacting and responding towards others around you. Etiquette of a high civilization.

Šta zaista mislite o umetnosti u gradu Pariz?

Kathleen, Velika Britanija

pre 21 dan Prijavi

Musee d'Orsay had an exhibition of Van Gogh's work which was amazing. I also really enjoyed Musee Rodin which has his sculptures displayed in the gardens which are worth a visit in their own right. The scent of roses was lovely. It is also great to watch the artists at work in the streets around Sacre Coeur Cathedral. The architecture of buildings in Paris is also really attractive and varied. And then there is the Louvre - really too much to take in on one visit.
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Kako probati svu hranu koja je u ponudi u gradu Pariz?

Robin, Sjedinjene Američke Države

pre 2 dana Prijavi

Be open to new flavors and smells of herbs and spices. If you come from America, reach for the unfamiliar. It's doesn't make sense to go to Paris to eat American cuisine. One could stay home for that.

Šta ljude u gradu Pariz čini tako prijatnima? Ispričajte nam svoju priču.

Diana, Irska

pre 10 dana Prijavi

Incredible food markets at the Bon Marché Grand Épicerie and Gallérie Lafayette Maison - an entire floor devoted to fresh and packaged foods and spices and additional floor overflowing with cookware; buying fresh bread and patisserie at the Épicerie Poîlane; visiting any of the morning street markets (Mouffetard et al.),
shopping for kosher favorites on the Rue des Rosiers in the Marais to munch on while listening to opera buskers singing at the Place des Vosges on a Sunday afternoon; stopping for a tart au citron or fraises and a
cappuccino to lunch on at the Luxembourg Gardens; and checking out the smaller cookware
departments at BHV Grand Magazin and at Dehillerin and Mora. I also enjoyed shopping for cookbooks along
Blvd St. Michel in the Latin Quarter.

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