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Edimburg Regne Unit, Lothian

Raons principals per visitar aquest lloc:

  • Història (7360)
  • Visites turístiques (6598)
  • Compres (6230)
  • Castells (4582)
  • Cultura (4554)
  • Arquitectura (3528)
  • Menjar (2755)
  • Monuments (2497)
  • Museus (2144)
  • Restaurants (1935)

173 clients que han reservat des d'Espanya han destacat Edimburg per a castells!

Vols veure consells únics de viatgers que ja han estat a Edimburg?

Què fa que a Edimburg puguis reviure moments històrics?

Carol Ann
Carol Ann, Regne Unit

Fa 22 dies Denuncia

Guided Walks available which makes it more interesting, timed slots so it is not too busy.
Royal Mile is very evocative of times gone by with the impressive castle at the end of the Mile

Com pots visitar els llocs d’interès de Edimburg i evitar les munions de turistes?

Colin, Regne Unit

Fa 4 dies Denuncia

Edinburgh bus tours hop on hop off 1 day pass. Buy the ticket mid morning so you can use it until the time of purchase the next day. We used the second day to visit the Royal Britannia Yacht. Use google maps to inform on which local bus to catch back to your hotel location.

Per què recomanaries Edimburg pel menjar?

Robert, Regne Unit

Fa 16 dies Denuncia

Ate at a restaurant called McKirdy's Steakhouse. A family affair where the meat is supplied by the butcher who is a family member. Great knowledge & recommendation of steaks to fit your personal requirements. Friendly Staff and excellent service.

Com pots gaudir d’una autèntica experiència cultural a Edimburg?

Anònim, Ubicació desconeguda

Fa 25 dies Denuncia

Visit the museums and galleries, attend music performances and discover local fares.

Què et van semblar els castells de Edimburg?

Miguel, Espanya

Fa 14 dies Denuncia

Visita obligada el castell que encara es manté com a base militar. Barreja d'estils, té moltes històries que contar.

A més de les botigues principals, on més pots comprar a Edimburg?

Fiona, Rússia

Fa 18 dies Denuncia

Troon for ladies clothing on Queensferry Rd
Ragamuffin on Royal Mile cnr of Mary St ladies clothing and accessories
George St has many boutique shops

Explica'ns per què comprar a Edimburg fa per a gent com tu.

olive, Irlanda

Fa 23 hores Denuncia

The ease of access to the 'main every departmental stores and shops on Princess St' with its busy vibrancy. The easy bus accessibility / frequency / cost controls to other areas of the city for local shopping e.g Stockbridge with its wide selection of charity shops selling high quality / inexpensive goods and that ensure help gets to the various worth - while charities.

On s’ha d’anar si no vols menjar al típic restaurant per a turistes?

Mark, Regne Unit

Fa 1 dia Denuncia

Try Tollcross there are lots of great restaraunt's Thai, Nepalese, Indian, Italian but to name a few and after that there are two independent Cinema's near by.

Per què Edimburg és ideal per fer una escapada urbana?

Chris, Irlanda

Fa 16 dies Denuncia

Has everything you could want.food, drink,scenery, history and well run public transport

Què és el més divertit que vas veure a Edimburg?

Adrian, Regne Unit

Fa 2 dies Denuncia

We visited the Royal Yacht Britannia at Leith which s 10 minutes drive from the city centre it is a fantastic place to visit and can recommend taking lunch on board

Què fa que la gent de Edimburg sigui tan amable? Explica’ns la teva experiència.

Ruth, Regne Unit

Fa 26 dies Denuncia

We met up with a busker who was collecting for charity, offered to have his photo taken with us and gave our son a go on his bagpipes. All shop and restaurant staff were friendly and extremely efficient with a relaxed jovial manner - not overly friendly and pushy. We were impressed by the booth staff at the castle that were extremely efficient but pleasant and kept the queue moving rapidly to enter the castle

Què has descobert dels museus de Edimburg que no sortia a les guies?

Michael, Regne Unit

Fa 1 dia Denuncia

Edinburgh has an exception number and range of museums and galleries, some of which have world class collections. The Museum of Modern Art, with its sculpture garden should not be missed, but so easily might be, as it is a little out of the centre of the city (Haymarket).

Què t’ha inspirat el paisatge de Edimburg?

Busty44Babe, Regne Unit

Fa 11 dies Denuncia

Really enjoyed the Views From Arthur's Seat and Scott's Monument, the difference between the old and new town is quite diverse, interesting Architecture! Shop Fronts in the Old Town are quaint and rather appealing.

Per què diuen que la millor manera de veure Edimburg és a peu?

Adrian, Regne Unit

Fa 2 dies Denuncia

Edinburgh is easy to walk around and everything is close by in fact driving is not recommeded there are lots of cobbled streets and plenty of practice at hill starts!!!

Van estar a l'alçada les actuacions de teatre de Edimburg?

Elizabeth, Regne Unit

Fa 16 dies Denuncia

The Fringe is a fantastic experience, so much variety of events and the city plans the layout well with food and drink venues allied to make a great overall experience. Find some new part of the event every year we go. This year it was the Udderbelly area around the University square

On no hauries d’anar si vols gaudir al màxim de la vida nocturna de Edimburg?

Sarah, Regne Unit

Fa 27 dies Denuncia

Although a night out in Edinburgh can be relatively expensive, you can definitely find fantastic places to go where it won't cost an arm and a leg. If you are on a budget, then try some of the clubs, pubs and bars not directly in the centre. Places near the Grassmarket can be reasonable and you are bound to find something to suit your taste with a varying selection on offer.

Que estan ben cuidats els animals del zoo de Edimburg? En general, què et va semblar?

Anne, Regne Unit

Fa 25 dies Denuncia

We spent the day at Edinburgh Zoo and I was really impressed. It had a lot to live up to as we visit Chester Zoo several times a year. Generally, the amount of space for the animals was good. I was particularly impressed with the members of staff who were doing their research with the monkeys. It was the monkeys choice whether it wanted to take part and they weren't forced to. The members of staff that I talked to were very knowledgeable and I learnt a lot whilst there. The penguins enclosure was fantastic and it is the best that I have ever seen. The day that we visited was very rainy but this did not spoil our experience as there were plenty of areas to keep dry. Well worth a visit and I would definitely go again.

Per quin museu de belles arts de Edimburg començaries?

Joan, Regne Unit

Fa 26 dies Denuncia

Museum of Modern Art, City Art centre, National Gallery Portrait gallery- probably start with Portrait Gallery

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