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Glasgow sangat disarankan untuk belanja oleh 2 tamu dari Indonesia!

Mau tahu tips yang seru dan unik dari wisatawan yang tahu tentang Glasgow?

Apa saja yang Anda sukai saat belanja di Glasgow?

Aidan, Irlandia

9 hari yang lalu Laporkan

It has all the diversity (and more) that you would expect to find in any major British city. However, the extra Scottish dimension offers more in terms of food items, literature and sporting enthusiasm - a game at Celtic Park is an experience.

Apakah berbelanja di Glasgow lebih seru jika dibandingkan dengan belanja di tempat lain?

Noelle, Irlandia

24 hari yang lalu Laporkan

I think so - but I didn't have enough time to really check it out so will have to go back soon to really check the shops. Close enough by train to Edinburgh (12.50 off-peak return) and there seemed to be some quirky wee shops there too!
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Kenapa orang-orang dari Glasgow sangat ramah? Bagikan cerita Anda.

david, Inggris Raya

17 jam yang lalu Laporkan

I flew up from London to Glasgow to meet my daughter and see a gig by Placebo at the O2 (fantastic venue for live music). We got the wrong address and finished up driving around Glasgow for 30 minutes even though the Taxi Driver was adamant that we had the wrong address. He was right and we were wrong. He charged us £10.00 for the entire trip although it would have been way more than that in terms of time/petrol. I have been suffering from an inner ear infection and the combination of the air flight pressure and the noise of the gig resulted in me passing out briefly about 10 minutes before the end of Placebo's set. 4 people rushed to my aid and made sure that I was OK.

Apa hal paling menghibur yang Anda lihat di Glasgow?

Kate, Inggris Raya

19 jam yang lalu Laporkan

On our stay we went to the royal concert hall but across the road from the Tryst is the Theatre Royal and within a 15 minutes walk is the Kings theatre and cineworld cinemas

Di mana tempat makan enak yang tidak menjebak turis?

Lorraine, Italia

21 hari yang lalu Laporkan

Crabshaak on Argyle Street (seafood)
Red Onion on West Regent Street (contemporary Scottish)
La Vallee Blanche on Byres Road (French)
Sarti's on Bath Street (Italian)
The 13th Note on King Street (Vegan)
The Dhabba on Candleriggs (North Indian)
Balbir's on Church Street (Indian)
The Arches Cafe on Argyle Steet (contemporary Scottish)

Museum seni rupa mana yang pengunjung harus lihat Glasgow pertama kali?

John, Amerika Serikat

8 hari yang lalu Laporkan

The Art Galleries in Kelvingrove is close to the city center and worth a visit but for a staggering collection of art travel out to Pollockshaws and visit the Burrell Collection. The range of art work there is amazing. Wander through room after room of old masters.

Bagaimana caranya merasakan pengalaman budaya asli di Glasgow?

Peter, Inggris Raya

29 hari yang lalu Laporkan

Glasgow Film Theatre, mostly free art galleries and museums excellent. Get into the architecture especially Mackintosh! Wide range of eating places and interesting shops and cafés around the university.

Kenapa Anda merekomendasikan Glasgow untuk makanan?

wei, Amerika Serikat

16 hari yang lalu Laporkan

There is a restaurant near the hotel call ox and finch..really nice food with not so expensive price

Apa yang Anda temukan tentang museum di Glasgow, yang tidak dijelaskan dalam buku panduan?

Glyn, Inggris Raya

26 hari yang lalu Laporkan

The guide books cannot really do justice to the museums - they have to be visited. There are many to choose from, but the Burrell Collection, the Kelvin Art Gallery & Museum and the new Transport Museum all stand out - each is worth a whole day's visit.

Bagaimana cara menikmati pemandangan di Glasgow tanpa terganggu oleh keramaian?

Freda, Kanada

10 hari yang lalu Laporkan

We enjoyed the bus tour and the access down the coast to see Prestwick, Troon, Ayr, Glaisnock House (where I was evacuated to during the war) in Cumnock.

Apa yang menjadikan sejarah di Glasgow begitu hidup?

Julie, Inggris Raya

12 jam yang lalu Laporkan

Glasgow is full of super buildings and museums that depict the history of the city. Go on the guided 'hop on and off' open top bus tour to get a flavour of the city - then you can decide which venues you want to visit.

Apa yang harus dihindari untuk benar-benar merasakan kehidupan malam di Glasgow?

douglas, Inggris Raya

22 hari yang lalu Laporkan

Do not book central Glasgow unless you yourself have an evening out - its not a place where an early night i.e. before 1am is possible on most nights in central Glasgow.

Apakah penampilan teater di Glasgow sehebat reputasinya?

Mandy, Inggris Raya

17 hari yang lalu Laporkan

Definatly! Went to see Derren Brown's new show Infamous and the theater made the trip even better. A rustically posh and cultured theater that can hold 1700 people is the perfect place to spend an evening enjoying anything from comedy to opera!

Kenapa orang-orang suka membicarakan tentang suasana di Glasgow?

Jeremy, Inggris Raya

26 hari yang lalu Laporkan

Well it was the Commonwealth Games weeks, so the whole place was buzzing, but I say it's like this all year round (we had fun)!

Musik apa yang bisa kami nikmati kalau pergi ke Glasgow?

Martin, Inggris Raya

19 hari yang lalu Laporkan

Glasgow has a thriving music scene with loads of venues catering for all types of music. From the bigger venues such as The Hydro and SECC to the 02 ABC & Academy there's something for everyone. Don't forget places such as King Tuts for which we would have never discovered the likes of Oasis! Glasgow's got the vibe in spades!
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Apakah murah, cepat, dan jelas? Kenapa begitu mudah untuk bepergian di Glasgow?

Julie, Inggris Raya

12 jam yang lalu Laporkan

Pretty challenging getting around during the Commonwealth Games but the authorities had worked hard at communicating all the different means of transport. We used train, bus and taxi but also walked a lot. Many visitors used bikes!

Apa rahasianya untuk bisa mencicipi beragam makanan yang ada di Glasgow?

John, Amerika Serikat

8 hari yang lalu Laporkan

Historically Glasgow has some of the best Indian restaurants in the UK. Try the Shish Mahal just off Bank St in the University area. Alternatively in the center near Charing Cross there is the Shenaz. For other diverse cuisine there is always the Ubiqitous Chip off Byres Rd in the west end or Roganos for seafood off Buchanan St

Kenapa jalan-jalan di Glasgow merupakan pengalaman yang klasik?

kevin, Inggris Raya

22 hari yang lalu Laporkan

well the trip round the city , free admission to all museums, shopping its better than london easyer to shop.
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Apa cara terbaik untuk menikmati Glasgow dengan berjalan kaki?

Paula, Inggris Raya

14 hari yang lalu Laporkan

Explore the Botanic Gardens, University area, Kelvingrove Park, Art Gallery and Museum, and eat out at one of the vast number of Good Cafes or Restauraunts all of which are within a 30 minute walk of Kelvingrove Hotel.
  • Berbagai Macam Bar 668 rekomendasi
  • 5 jawaban

Apa yang paling Anda nikmati dari deretan pub di Glasgow?

Jacqui, Inggris Raya

23 hari yang lalu Laporkan

There are sooo many great pubs and wine bars to visit!

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