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8 hostí zo Slovenska odporúča futbal v destinácii Liverpool!

Zaujímajú Vás zábavné a jedinečné tipy od cestovateľov, ktorí poznajú destináciu Liverpool?

Popíšte čo by ostatní ľudia ako vy mohli oceniť na nakupovaní v destinácii Liverpool.

Michael, Veľká Británia

pred 24 dňami Nahlásiť

Liverpool is more compact than many cities insofar as "shopping is concerned" with majority of well known stores in Liverpool One or close to main stations. John Lewis for example within easy reach of bus terminus and rail stations.

Ktoré iné obchody, okrem tých patriacich známym značkám, stoja za návštevu v destinácii Liverpool?

Susan, Veľká Británia

pred 23 dňami Nahlásiť

Yes the people are very friendly and staff are always helpful and happy. There are also some quirky little cafes and coffee shops to visit. One called ' Leaf ' springs to mind, where you can get every type and flavour of tea that you could possibly imagine.

Čím to je, že ľudia v destinácii Liverpool sú takí priateľskí? Podeľte sa s nami o svoju skúsenosť.

Sheila, Veľká Británia

pred 21 dňami Nahlásiť

I love the women in this city. I am a sixty four year old women with a grown up family very well travelled but I have never been anywhere where the women are just so nice and friendly and complimentary to each other and everyone around them. I wish I had grown up here, (the men are really friendly too) but the women are just exceptional.

Ako sa v destinácií Liverpool vyhnúť davom a zároveň si pohodlne prezrieť zaujímavé miesta?

Debra, Veľká Británia

pred 4 dňami Nahlásiť

The hop-on, hop-off buses are good value and a great thing to do as soon as you get there if you have the time so that you can familiarise yourself in relation to where you are if staying overnight. As the ticket lasts 24 hours it was ideal for us as we joined the bus at 1.45 pm so had the benefit of the afternoon and then the next morning to take advantage of it.

Ako prežiť najautentickejší kultúrny zážitok v destinácii Liverpool?

Judy, Veľká Británia

pred 23 dňami Nahlásiť

Get a good street map, plan sights to visit, start with open-top bus ride, wear comfortable shoes, and walk - everything in Central Liverpool is within walking distance.

Čím to je, že je história v destinácii Liverpool stále živá?

Anthony, Veľká Británia

pred 2 dňami Nahlásiť

The place oozes historic atmosphere; the World's first truly global city, reflected in its superb grade 1 and 2 listed buildings and more recently it's pop and football culture (still the most successful football city in England despite two decades without a League title).

Čomu sa vyhnúť, aby si človek mohol čo najviac užiť nočný život v destinácii Liverpool?

Niall, Írsko

pred 22 dňami Nahlásiť

Try to avoid the Bar called "Temple Bar". We had a bad experience there with one of our friends being attacked who had a gun on him and the police didn't seem very bothered by it. Apparently it is run by some rough gangsters. We had been enjoying the venue up until that.

Čo Vás v destinácii Liverpool pobavilo najviac?

Simon, Veľká Británia

pred 9 dňami Nahlásiť

we saw a show at the Liverpool Echo Arena. We stayed in a great hotel right next to the arena and had many restaurants within easy walk. Shopping Centre and Museums a 10 minute walk. What more could you wish for??

Objavili ste v destinácii Liverpool múzeá, ktoré nie sú v sprievodcoch?

Sandra, Veľká Británia

pred 28 dňami Nahlásiť

I was born in Liverpool and left 37 years ago. A visit to the museum reminded me of my heritage; I also learned a lot about my birthplace that I didn't know or had forgotten!

Kde sa dá dobre najesť a zároveň vyhnúť príliš turistickým miestam?

Yorick, Holandsko

pred 14 dňami Nahlásiť

Bacaro for the best lunch ever. Smugglers cove for a bite combined with lots of drinks. Etsu for great Japanese/Sushi. And for steak you have to go to MEET Argentinian restaurant.

Kde v destinácii destinácii Liverpool je najlepšie vydať sa za živou hudbou?

Hilary, Veľká Británia

pred 30 dňami Nahlásiť

Famous in the 60's and still performing now. Sunday in the Big House or JR's
will take you back in time, not for the designer pub posing types.

Prečo by ste destináciu Liverpool odporučili milovníkom dobrého jedla?

Svein, Nórsko

pred 8 dňami Nahlásiť

Many great restaurants in Liverpool, ecspecially beef-restaurants, chinese and indian food. Also great with fish and chips.

Prečo je atmosféra v destinácii Liverpool pre ľudí tak uchvacujúca?

Yorick, Holandsko

pred 14 dňami Nahlásiť

All people and staff are so friendly, they really make you feel at home. The pubs and restaurants are very cozy and crowded and the ambiance is superb.

Splnili divadelné predstavenia v destinácii Liverpool Vaše očakávania?

Josie, Veľká Británia

pred 30 dňami Nahlásiť

All the main theatres are situated close to each other. This visit was for a musical event which was good but I have also visited theatre in Liverpool and was not disappointed.

Ktoré múzeá umenia by rozhodne mali navštíviť návštevníci destinácie Liverpool, ktorí sem prídu prvýkrát?

David, Veľká Británia

pred 10 dňami Nahlásiť

Walker Art Gallery ; Merseyside Maritime Museum,; Museum of Liverpool life.

Ktoré bary sa Vám v destinácii Liverpool páčili najviac?

Megan, Veľká Británia

pred 10 dňami Nahlásiť

Seel street has lots of bars all close together. With the majority of them having a really good atmosphere

Prečo je destinácia Liverpool typickou voľbou pre dovolenku strávenú v meste?

Yorick, Holandsko

pred 14 dňami Nahlásiť

Visit a game of Liverpool or Everton, awesome experience. You can combine this with some shopping. Liverpool has delicious restaurants and lots of nice bars and clubs. The Waterfront is nice place to hang out and walk around.

Čo je na katedrálach v destinácii Liverpool také impozantné?

Anonym, Lokalita neuvedená

pred 25 dňami Nahlásiť

Anglican cathedral beautiful multi purpose space. Gothic unspoiled exterior. Community focus. Relaxed space. Good catering. Tracy Emin neon sign unexpected and moving.
Catholic cathedral imposing position. Beautiful modern building. Worth walking round outside of structure to appreciate scales and proportion.

Prečo je návšteva gurmánskej reštaurácie v destinácii Liverpool výnimočným zážitkom?

Dominic, Hongkong

pred 24 dňami Nahlásiť

Panoramic 34, a world class restaurant with wonderful views.

Carpathia restaurant, excellent food, great cocktails and a lovely location.

Maggie May's on Bold Street, a proper cafe which serves good veggie options AND the best lemon meringue pie!

So many other lovely places to eat; Deli Fonseca, YeeRa, Vine, Chung Ku.

Kde v destinácii Liverpool sa dá najlepšie tancovať?

Carol, Veľká Británia

pred 25 dňami Nahlásiť

For us it has to be The Cavern Club

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