นอร์ธแธมป์ตัน อังกฤษ, Northamptonshire


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17 วันที่แล้ว รายงาน

Northampton has a large shopping centre to suit all tastes and you can find lots of bargains .In the town square you can find Tuesday to Saturday a market selling clothes fruit and veg two butcher vans and fish monger amongst other interesting stalls there is a man who sells jewellery he has made out of amazing glass the designs are breath taking . Further a field there is a larger shopping village called Riverside which you can easily get there getting the number 3 bus from the city centre bus station .also There is St James retail park a short walk across a busy road Largest B&Q Dunelm all shops for home and children Toys r us.


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16 วันที่แล้ว รายงาน

Wellingborough Road has over 40 restaurants and its best to book as on a Saturday night as they are all full most of them are very good for food and very good prices with Live music.
Nearly all the town centre pubs serve food to late in the evening Tommy Flynn's has a good variety menu Roast on Sunday and great burgers and fish and chips .There are three wheterspoons Cordwiener is the best .Kettering Road there is a lot of good Indian restaurants and the old England Pub for Jackets and a varied menu .Also the White Elephant for Pizzas with a very light base The Picture drome Pub has great burgers on a Wednesday night and another great menu.

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16 วันที่แล้ว รายงาน

I have lived here for 3 months on the 12th July 2014 Everyone I've met is very friendly and give you a warm welcome I have taken a voluntary job in a charity shop and the people are so lovely there.


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We are over 40 so a couple of drinks and a meal in Wellingborough road and a ten minute walk home is what we do most weekends if we are not going away.We had a shock one Saturday night we went down to the town centre and was still there around 10pm the amount of Police officers was alarming for that time a night so we avoid that now as the young adults are just coming out to drink and go on to nightclubs.
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mrfrisby, เนเธอร์แลนด์

29 วันที่แล้ว รายงาน

Northampton is the home of England's shoemaking industry. Presumably they still make them here somewhere, though you'll probably struggle to find locally made ones in the plethora of miserable shoe shops in the miserable town centre.
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Angela, อังกฤษ

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Back of hotel
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16 วันที่แล้ว รายงาน

Lots happening at the weekend either in the city centre or on the Racecourse which is a park calendar of events take place every week and it is always interesting even when it is raining.
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Stephanie, อังกฤษ

11 วันที่แล้ว รายงาน

Because they are beautiful and maintained.
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First class
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ถ้าอยากแดนซ์ ต้องไปที่ไหนในนอร์ธแธมป์ตัน?

Norman, อังกฤษ

3 วันที่แล้ว รายงาน

retro bar ,great staff,music really cool.
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14 วันที่แล้ว รายงาน

yes. check out the retro clothes shop in the city centre
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Margaret, อังกฤษ

29 วันที่แล้ว รายงาน

several shopping arcades and malls






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