Les principales raisons de s'y rendre :

  • Shopping (509)
  • Histoire (380)
  • Architecture (182)
  • Visites (155)
  • Nourriture (141)
  • Restaurants (136)
  • Monuments (113)
  • Pubs (98)
  • Marche à pied (86)
  • Relaxation (76)

1 clients habitant en France ont fortement recommandé Shrewsbury pour le thème campagne !

Vous souhaitez découvrir des astuces et anecdotes amusantes de voyageurs qui connaissent Shrewsbury ?

Qu’est-ce qui fait que l’histoire est toujours présente à : Shrewsbury ?

MARTYN, Royaume-Uni

il y a 23 jours Signaler

River cruise - excellent guide, informative about the history of Shrewsbury. Narrow streets, indoor market, variety of independent shops, good selection of old and new pubs and restaurants.
  • Magasins de vêtements 61 recommandations
  • 8 réponses

À part les grandes enseignes, y a-t-il d’autres endroits pour faire du shopping à : Shrewsbury?

Michael, Royaume-Uni

il y a 21 jours Signaler

Shrewsbury has a good variety of shops, which also include many of the major chain stores. If you venture slightly off the beaten track, there are many small shops to enjoy.

Shrewsbury like many towns, suffers as a result of large out of town, retail developments. Which take a fair amount of retail trade away.

Unfortunately, the beauty and charm of Shrewsbury. Does lead to some conflict with the amount of traffic entering the town and the ease in which you can negotiate the town.

Ideally, the best way to visit is come in by bus or train. If you want to purchase a large item that you can't carry, obviously you will need your car or arrange home delivery.

To me Shrewsbury is a ' confused ' place. It can't decide whether to rely on it's history and natural beauty or to cater for business. These two aspects are slightly at odds with each other. But the town needs both. That said Shrewsbury is a very pleasant town and unlike many towns these days. It has a soul ! Come and check it out.

Shrewsbury : si vous deviez partager votre expérience shopping avec des personnes comme vous, que leur diriez-vous ?

Dennis, Royaume-Uni

il y a 15 jours Signaler

Shopping was very enjoyable because of the wide variety and the staff in the shops were very helpful

Quels sont les meilleurs lieux pour se promener dans la vieille ville de : Shrewsbury ?

KEITH, Royaume-Uni

il y a 24 jours Signaler

Lovely river walks, good for cycling. Lovely quirky little streets - like a maze
  • Paysages 30 recommandations

Que vous évoque le paysage de cette ville : Shrewsbury ?

William, Royaume-Uni

il y a 27 jours Signaler

A wonderful effect!
  • Marche à pied 86 recommandations

Pourquoi vaut-il mieux visiter Shrewsbury à pied ?

Leanne, Royaume-Uni

il y a 17 jours Signaler

Everything is in the town encompassed by the town walls and accessible
  • Tranquillité 10 recommandations

Transmettez des ondes positives en nous décrivant l’endroit le plus paisible de cette ville : Shrewsbury.

Nicky, Royaume-Uni

il y a 22 jours Signaler

We had fabulous weather in October and walking around that beautiful city felt safe, clean and interesting. The river seems to bring special tranquility all of its own.
  • Relaxation 76 recommandations

Racontez-nous vos meilleurs moments de détente à : Shrewsbury.

Linda, Royaume-Uni

il y a 13 jours Signaler

river trip well worth a trip, visiting the castle,walking by the river.
  • Habitants chaleureux 35 recommandations

Shrewsbury : qu'est-ce qui rend les habitants de cette ville si aimables ? Dites-nous tout !

Stephen, Guernesey

il y a 5 jours Signaler

Small individual retailers.
  • Parcs 22 recommandations

Pourquoi Shrewsbury est-elle recommandée pour ses parcs ?

pcc, Royaume-Uni

il y a 25 jours Signaler

Percy Thrower, who became one of the first TV gardeners, worked in the Parks Department of the local Council for many years.
  • Concerts 9 recommandations

Où peut-on assister à des concerts à : Shrewsbury ?

Tracy, Royaume-Uni

il y a 14 jours Signaler

Look out for concerts in The Quarry
  • Cathédrales 4 recommandations

Qu’ont les cathédrales de Shrewsbury de si impressionnant ?


il y a 10 jours Signaler

Historical importance, ambiance, evensong and communion service
  • Campagne 46 recommandations

Quels sont selon vous les atouts de la campagne entourant Shrewsbury ?

William, Royaume-Uni

il y a 27 jours Signaler

Beautiful countryside!
  • Monuments anciens 6 recommandations

Décrivez les monuments anciens à ne pas manquer à : Shrewsbury.

Stefano, Royaume-Uni

il y a 15 jours Signaler

Probably the castle, the library, market road and the main square, St. Nicholas, St. Mary's

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