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Йорк Велика Британія, Північний Йоркшир

Чому варто поїхати:

  • Історія (6631)
  • Шопінг (6356)
  • Визначні пам'ятки (3828)
  • Музеї (1846)
  • Їжа (1720)
  • Ресторани (1583)
  • Пам'ятки (1572)
  • Паби (1300)
  • Культура (1218)
  • Архітектура (1129)

Йорк було високо оцінено за "визначні пам'ятки" - за відгуками 1 гостей з України!

Вас цікавлять унікальні та веселі поради від мандрівників які знають напрямок Йорк?

Чому в місті Йорк історія оживає?

Katy, Велика Британія

15 днів назад Поскаржитися

Friendly people. Excellent places to visit. Highly recommend the Yorkshire Museum, the castle, a walk along the castle walls and York Dungeon. Betty's Tea Rooms. Definitely something for everyone. Plenty to see all within walking distance. Unfortunately some places were closed for refurbishment so check before you go, but a good excuse to go back and visit this wonderful place again later. I'm not normally a pub person but we wanted to see a few of the old traditional pubs which were lovely and candle lit. My boyfriend twisted my arm into trying a few of the ales which I have to admit I really enjoyed.

Чому, на вашу думку, людям як ви сподобалося б ходити по магазинах в місті Йорк?

Shaun, Велика Британія

19 днів назад Поскаржитися

The fascinating variety of one off independent retailers. We encountered, for example, a shop devoted solely to armour ! Another specialising in Fudge and Toffee and yet another were all items had a cat theme. We also discovered a delightful market. If I had to pick a word to sum up York's shopping experience it would be, "Serendipitous", (the chance discovery of good and delightful things).

Чи є в місті Йорк цікаві магазини, крім великих мережних брендів?

Peter, Велика Британія

23 дні назад Поскаржитися

My wife found both brand-name and bargain shopping. I don't normally like shopping, but York is very pleasant to walk around.

Як краще подивитися визначні пам'ятки в місті Йорк і при цьому уникнути натовпів?

Delia, Велика Британія

2 дні назад Поскаржитися

Get up early and go to Matins at 7.30 which ends about 8.00. At that time the cathedral is very quiet and you can enjoy it as a place of wonder and worship without the usual busy hubbub that you get later in the day. To go walking along the city wall from Bootham Bar to Goodramgate at sunset, while the bell-ringers practice peal after peal of magical bells, is to step back in time and feel part of history. go around the back streets and find little corners that have not changed since the 1800's with great street names like Oglethorpe! Take afternoon tea or lunch in the lovely garden of Gray's Court Hotel under the city walls behind the Minster... or sit in the garden of the Treasurers house with a take away coffee from the undercroft cafe...

Чому ви рекомендуєте місто Йорк за їжу?

David, Велика Британія

7 днів назад Поскаржитися

Great choice of restuarants. At the top end we enjoyed Star inn in the City but we found the Blue Bicycle disappointing. For very good value try Rustique.

Як найкраще познайомитися з містом Йорк пішки?

Rhydfen, Австралія

24 дні назад Поскаржитися

Walk along the city walls, but if you are not fully mobile note that that there are some steep steps in places to get up and down to and from the walls. Otherwise, just wander through the city streets - maps are available from hotels and the tourist office - and look at the history in many of the buildings. Old churches that are now meeting places for locals, the Shambles, the riverbank walk etc.

Куди піти поїсти тим, хто хоче уникнути туристичних місць?

Roy, Велика Британія

19 днів назад Поскаржитися

Plunkets wine bar. Good food and atmosphere. Don't go to La Tasca`s poor value for money, just another restaurant chain, don't care as long as they get your money.

Яку стародавню пам'ятку потрібно обов'язково подивитися у місті Йорк?

Gordon, Велика Британія

6 днів назад Поскаржитися

The Dig a must with children, Cliffords Tower with its history, Railway Museum a great day out for both children and adults, Yorkshire Museum, again very interesting for both young and old, the Chocolate Factory, the Minister, although there is a charge of £10.00 to enter, the Castle Museum and a ride on the river.

Чи дізналися ви про музеї міста Йорк щось таке, про що не пишуть у путівниках?

Daniel, Велика Британія

21 день назад Поскаржитися

York's castle museum is the best museum I've been to so far. It is very interactive and great for kids, there's so much depth within the museum.

Як скласти повноцінну культурну програму в місті Йорк?

Heather, Велика Британія

22 дні назад Поскаржитися

Visit Betty's Tearooms for fabulous cake to fuel your day of sightseeing, take a trip on the river or on the tour bus and walk around the ancient walls, visiting Clifford's Tower and York Museum.

Чим собори в місті Йорк вразили вас найбільше?

Konstantinos, Греція

2 дні назад Поскаржитися

York has an impressive cathedral of monumental size, and magnificent stain glass windows. There is an option to climb to the cathedral tower for magnificent views of York from above, but make sure you can handle the many stairs and confined spaces. Do yourself a favor and attend the service after the cathedral closes down for tourists. The chorus singing religious hymns is a pure joy, even for agnostics.

Чому жителі міста Йорк такі дружелюбні? Розкажіть свою історію.

Jocelyn, Бразилія

12 днів назад Поскаржитися

There was this woman who probably noticed I was kind of lost looking for directions on my i-pad. She approached me and asked where I wanted to go and if she could be of any help. She was so cute. I told her I wanted to get to York Minster and she gave me the directions in a very friendly way.

Чому всім так подобається атмосфера міста Йорк?

don, Велика Британія

26 днів назад Поскаржитися

because you get so many different people from all walks of life makes it an interesting place. just sit back and listen or watch. always something going on.

Чим вирізняється висока кухня міста Йорк?

Shaun, Велика Британія

19 днів назад Поскаржитися

The quirky variety and wide choice of cafes and restaurants in York is an absolute delight. Opposite Talbot Court was a lovely, up-market cafe where we took our breakfasts. It has a charming 1930's theme. We are vegetarian and discovered a marvellous vegan restaurant called "El Piano" just 5 minutes walk from where we were staying. York has something for everyone when it comes to food.

Чим примітні пам'ятники у місті Йорк?

stephanie, Велика Британія

25 днів назад Поскаржитися

The Minster is fabulous ....well worth the £10 entrance fee , which is valid for a year

Чому кажуть, що місто Йорк найкраще оглянути пішки?

Ben, Велика Британія

26 днів назад Поскаржитися

York is great on foot. A lot of the city is off limits to vehicle's anyway so you can't see it without walking. You can walk around the City Walls and get a fantastic view of York, and you will see places that you didn't even know where there or hadn't even noticed when walking on the street.

На що варто звернути увагу в місті Йорк?

Sheila, Велика Британія

13 днів назад Поскаржитися

Enjoyed visiting York Minster - a beautiful building. Very interesting with informative staff. Thought I was fit enough to climb the tower but exhausted before reaching top.

В яких місцях старої частини міста Йорк вам найбільше сподобалося гуляти?

Suzanne, Велика Британія

10 днів назад Поскаржитися

Along the River Ouse,The Wall, York Minster, The Shambles and surrounding streets were a great place to soak up the atmosphere of York. With great pubs and eateries to enjoy.

Де краще провести час після обіду в місті Йорк?

Georgina, Велика Британія

6 днів назад Поскаржитися

Betty's Tea rooms are well worth the visit although very busy between 12 - 4pm. The queue to get in is often quite large with long waiting times. However, there are plenty of other lovely little coffee shops/cafes to enjoy afternoon tea.

Який ефект справили на вас пейзажі міста Йорк?

Zuzana, Велика Британія

13 днів назад Поскаржитися

It is a very interesting town full of quirky places, excellent restaurants and very good shopping that has plenty of independent shops with quality goods. Lovely atmosphere, although couldn't find any night life.

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