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Gold Coast Australia, Queensland

Top reasons to visit:

  • Beach (5715)
  • Theme Parks (3302)
  • Relaxation (2903)
  • Shopping (2709)
  • Surfing (1301)
  • Food (1121)
  • Nightlife (967)
  • Restaurants (911)
  • Beach Walks (897)
  • Sand Beaches (892)

Gold Coast was highly rated for beach by 35 guests from the United States!

The beach means different things to different people. What did the beach in Gold Coast mean to you?

David, Australia

23 days ago Report

It was our first visit to the Gold Coast (Broad Beach) area. We were awestruck by the endless clean beaches and wonderful recreational pathways that followed the shoreline. We enjoyed perfect weather every day and felt secure venturing into the surf in areas that were supervised by the life saving patrols located along the beach.

Tell us how you made the most of your time at the theme parks in Gold Coast.

Bruce, New Zealand

11 days ago Report

I loved SeaWorld last time but it seems to be more and more commercial this time round, so many things were closed I didn't enjoy it the same this time but do commend you on the polar bear enclosure and the dolphin as amazing so are the trainers. Movie world was as you would expect but the announces need to stop yelling into their mics ended up with a splitting head ache for the noise. Loved the outback experience food and show was amazing I go to this every time I am at the gold coast.

Why do you recommend Gold Coast for food?

Wendy, Australia

30 days ago Report

We love the coastal activities and watching the changeable weather conditions. We could just walk along that beach all morning. The beach can get a bit rough, that's ok, there's plenty of other things to do there.

Is there more to shopping in Gold Coast than just brand-name stores?

Judy, Australia

20 days ago Report

I love shopping at Pacific Fair Shopping Centre conveniently across the road from Jupiter's Casino. It has beautiful clothes full of bright colours and very affordable. I can't believe how much lower the cost of really nice clothes is compared to Melbourne.

Tell us about your most relaxing moments in Gold Coast.

Donna, Australia

4 days ago Report

the great outback spectacular performance telling the story about Australian culture was exhilarating, awesome, talented, breathtaking, fun and exciting, great family value.
i love main beach and the bakery and the small supermarket and the cosmopolitan style , watching the world go by scenery and vibe.

What was the most entertaining thing you saw in Gold Coast?

Janette, Australia

12 days ago Report

It's always great to watch the surfers. Also, I love watching the sunsets and beautiful.

What made the beach in Gold Coast unforgettable?

Jody, New Zealand

5 days ago Report

Wide open space great to walk or run throughout the day when the tide is out quite far. The Water is sparkling and glistening like glass especially on a cloudless blue sky day! Water is not too cold either and quite swimmable even in cooler months!

How could the beaches in Gold Coast be made better for walking?

danielle, Australia

10 days ago Report

More parks for the kids, like walking beams or little swing type things along the beach on some of the grassed areas,
Ice cream and fruit juice vendors.
Bicycle hire.
All walks should have great little pit stops, so there is more to it than the same view with nothing but walking

What did your kids enjoy the most at the beaches in Gold Coast?

Janette, Australia

12 days ago Report

Running down the sand-dunes; collecting shells; finding washed up jelly fish (and all sorts of other unusual animals and objects); being with parents who are in relaxed mode; feeling safe to swim near the surf lifesavers; watching planes flying in to land...seeing them so close!

Describe what other people like you would like about shopping in Gold Coast.

Jarrod, Australia

22 days ago Report

With the recent addition of the tram its easier to get to Pacific Fair and to buses that can take you to DFO's! Shop around because there are many stores that compete for the best prices!!! My pick would be Pacific Fair - last stop on the tram line (Broadbeach South) and has something to cater all needs.

What's the best way to deal with the warm weather in Gold Coast?

Janette, Australia

12 days ago Report

That's what we come here for! Enjoy the cool breezes, the refreshing sea water; the pool facilities in your accommodation; etc. And...drink plenty of water!!

What should you avoid to make the most of the nightlife in Gold Coast?

Jarrod, Australia

22 days ago Report

All the clubs are great...lots of fun! You just need to keep your wits about you especially with others who have had a "few too many" and look our for each other if you're in a group! There wasn't a time I didn't feel unsafe :)

Where should people go if they don't want to eat in a tourist trap?

Jarrod, Australia

22 days ago Report

along the esplanade around cavil is quite quiet as many people don't know about the places there and most are reasonable.

Why is the atmosphere in Gold Coast something people rave about?

Frans, New Zealand

22 days ago Report

Lively and vibrant atmosphere with night markets, buskers, dining out, the beautiful beaches, fantastic swimming areas, great weather and the feeling of being safe.

What was your best surf session like in Gold Coast?

David, Australia

23 days ago Report

My wife and I enrolled in an intro to surfing lesson with the Cheyne Horan School of Surf. The instructors knew the locations that had good waves for beginner surfers. With great instruction and a lot of practice and encouragement, by the end of our first lesson we were successful at being able to get up to a standing position and briefly ride a wave. SO MUCH FUN -even with your swimsuit full of sand! It is definitely worthwhile getting instruction!

How does Gold Coast go the extra mile to make your family feel at home?

Cissimata, Australia

5 days ago Report

The family parks and inviting atmosphere at the markets and township

How can you enjoy the sights in Gold Coast while avoiding the crowds?

Janette, Australia

12 days ago Report

Absolutely!! I HATE crowds but I simply avoid the touristy areas...avoid the shops...wander along the less crowded beaches (away from Surfer's Paradise); etc.

What makes the people from Gold Coast so friendly? Tell us your story.

Michael, Australia

8 days ago Report

I was provided assistance when I didn't ask for help once and they actually solved my problems. eg. Translink staff. I was even provided help by local residents for directions even when I didn't ask and not to mention security guard escorts to taxi ranks (at a theme park)

Where's the best place to go dancing in Gold Coast?

Jarrod, Australia

22 days ago Report

The nightclubs!!! My group found club LIV and cocktails to be the best - value for money etc. We didn't favour SIncity as it was quite crowded and rowdy. Its really up to you to sample all and see which club has the best vibe for yourself or your group!

What effect did the scenery in Gold Coast have on you?

Natasha, Australia

27 days ago Report

Takes you away from the bustle n hustle of life, rejuvenating and gratifying

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