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Athens telah dinilai tinggi untuk sejarah oleh 24 tetamu dari Malaysia!

Ingin tahu tips yang unik dan menarik dari pelancong yang tahu mengenai Athens?

Bagaimanakah anda nikmati pemandangan di Athens sambil mengelakkan sesak?

Nicola, Cyprus

28 hari yang lalu Lapor

The best way to get around Athens is to walk. Yes there are crowds, however if you are an early riser you can avoid the large coach parties when visiting popular attractions such as the Acropolis. There are plenty of public transport options and an abundance of taxis and tour places should you wish to venture out of the city. You should remember that the roads are just as crowded as the streets and plan a route in advance of your journey.

Jelaskan mercu tanda purba apakah yang paling menarik di Athens.

Anonymous, Lokasi tidak diketahui

8 hari yang lalu Lapor

Dont use the hop on, hop off buses - Athens suffer from traffic jams and the buses are always full. Use the subway - many sights are in a walking distance from the station and walk down the city center. The ticket to Acropolis gives you a ticket to 5 other sights - all of them are in or near the city center.

Apakah yang ada di Athens yang membuat sejarah hidup semula?

Tara, Amerika Syarikat

14 hari yang lalu Lapor

We loved the walking tours. Download the Rick Steves for Europe app and listen to the Ancient Agora and Parthenon walking tours. A little cheesy, but really made us feel like we were in ancient times.

Also, go to the Acropolis museum AFTER you do the Acropolis tour. It is much more meaningful and won't feel as much like a building full of broken marble. Really pulled it all together for us and was beautifully done. We heard the Archeological Museum is much better (and bigger = longer time commitment) but we didn't make it over there.

Mengapakah anda cadangkan Athens kerana makanannya?

Aprilianto Eddy
Aprilianto Eddy, Belanda

11 hari yang lalu Lapor

eat around monasteraki, plaka, sit with the crowd, enjoy the food in athina's market.. eat lunch and drink coffee around acropolis or dine in in the acropolis museum restaurant. nice food, good atmosphere.

Apakah yang perlu seorang arkeologi amatur harus temui dahulu di Athens?

Ruth, Kanada

7 hari yang lalu Lapor

Visit the Acropolis, archaeological Museum, and other historical sites. It is amazing to see what remains of structures that are thousands of years old. Especially amazing when you consider they were constructed using human and animal labour and were designed without the help of computers and modern instruments.

Bagaimanakah anda boleh nikmati pengalaman budaya yang paling autentik di Athens?

Wassim, Amerika Syarikat

8 hari yang lalu Lapor

A ticket that includes all the archeological sites and museums is a great deal and one of the best prices compared to other countries. Zues temple, the Parthenon and the Acropolis museum are a must see. The restaurant in the Acropolis museum has great food or coffee and has a wonderful view of the Parthenon. The National archeological museum of Athens is also a great museum to see if you have enough time. Walking around Plaka and Thesio is a great experience with plenty of shops etc. Seeing a play in the ancient theatre of the acropolis is an unforgettable and unbelievable experience.

Ke manakah pelancong harus pergi jika mereka mahu mengelak dari makan di restoran "tourist trap"?

Giovanni, United Kingdom

5 hari yang lalu Lapor

The chef of the 360 hotel restaurant makes creative use of fresh native ingredients to reinvent greek dishes to a high standard of taste and presentation. Slightly more expensive than other restaurants popular with tourists but worth it if you prefer tastebud titillation to trite and predictable menus. Note thought that although the restaurant setting is scenic it is also quite spartane (if one can say that in Athens...)

Apakah yang anda ketahui tentang muzium di Athens yang tidak ada di dalam buku panduan?

Jayne, United Kingdom

16 hari yang lalu Lapor

There is a multi site ticket for the major ancient sites. If you are under 18 it is free. If you can show you are a student in the EU it is also free. Don't queue at the Acropolis site to purchase the tickets go to the Temple of Zeus the queue is much much shorter

Ceritakan pengalaman membeli-belah anda di Athens kepada mereka yang mempunyai citarasa yang sama.

Eleni, Australia

22 hari yang lalu Lapor

Shopping in May has the advantage of end of winter sales. I saw ankle boots go from 45E to 25E. Prices are better in Athens than say, Thessaloniki, and Monastiraki is where you'll find sales on shoes, clothes and linen.

Apakah cara terbaik untuk meneroka Athens dengan berjalan kaki?

Valerianeone, Belgium

18 hari yang lalu Lapor

Prepare a good map! Athenian are really nice, but sometimes it's difficult to get explanations on directions. Night buses are also difficult to understand if you don't know the city really well.

Apakah yang harus anda elakkan untuk menikmati kehidupan malam sepenuhnya di Athens?

Tanith, United Kingdom

27 hari yang lalu Lapor

We saw some of the best nightlife just of Athenas the road between Monastraki and Syntagma. I had looked up bars pervious to our trip, I would really recommend 'drunk Sinatra' and all the bars around there. I recommend learning the basics of greek for some of the bars

Adakah terdapat tempat-tempat lain untuk membeli-belah di Athens selain kedai-kedai yang sering dikunjungi?

Elizabeth, Amerika Syarikat

24 hari yang lalu Lapor

The smaller shops are the best shopping - wander through the smaller streets in Plaka that AREN'T touted as "shoppers paradises" to find the real bargains.

Apakah yang membuat orang-orang di Athens sungguh ramah? Kongsi dengan kami.

Anca, Romania

26 hari yang lalu Lapor

They can easily speak more languages (English first of all). They invite you to walk in their restaurants/shops but not in an aggressive way; in a friendly and kind way. They are responsive to jokes and very spontaneous. They are very proud on their country and culture and willing to share their knowledge with the tourists in a very kind way.

Apakah yang membuat monumen-monumen di Athens istimewa?

Vladimir, Persekutuan Rusia

22 hari yang lalu Lapor

They are important for studying the anscient history of European culture as in the anscient times Athens was the core of European civilization in almost all relations. Therefore I decided to introduce the monuments in Athens to my son who is a teenager.
  • Pengangkutan Awam yang Mudah 137 saranan
  • 7 jawapan

Adakah ia murah, cepat dan senang untuk difahami? Apakah yang membuatnya sungguh mudah untuk bersiar-siar di Athens?

Roger, Australia

13 hari yang lalu Lapor

Very impressed by the cleanliness, spaciousness and efficiency of the metro. It was a joy to use - just don't try transiting Syntagma on Nov 17th (Look it up)

Adakah Athens tempat untuk menikmati makanan yang tidak dapat dilupakan? Beritahu kami mengapa.

Simona, Romania

28 hari yang lalu Lapor

To Drami restaurant is one of the best places for a fabulous meal in a designer setting :)

Apakah muzium yang seni halus yang harus dikunjungi oleh pelawat yang pertama kali ke Athens?

Birgit, Kanada

15 hari yang lalu Lapor

The new Acropolis museum is a must see and a visit to the museum of Archaeology is a close second.

Pantai memberikan kesan yang berbeza-beza kepada setiap individu. Apakah yang anda rasa tentang pantai di Athens?

Hassan, Bahrain

24 hari yang lalu Lapor

they have beautiful beaches, but most need providing services if the want them to be more tourist friendly, like providing seabeds and umbrellas for rent etc. this is so that tourists don't get confined to certain hotels. they do have such services on selected beaches but not enough...that is if authorities want Athens coastal line to be tourist attractions besides their very rich historical sites and beautiful islands.

Apakah yang membuat lawatan bandar ke Athens satu pengalaman yang unik?

Alba, Amerika Syarikat

7 jam yang lalu Lapor

A collection of world class museums and ancient sites in town. New Olympic Museum at foot of Acropolis is a stand out. Brilliant design and extraordinary exhibits.

Apakah pengalaman makanan laut di Athens yang masih berlegar-legar di ingatan anda?

Roger, Australia

13 hari yang lalu Lapor

Enjoying a freshly-cooked fish with Greek salad in an authentic side-street eatery, off the tourist-track, yet only a couple of hundred metres from Syntagma - memorable!

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