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Named after the god of health and medicine, this site is over 2000 years old and was once home to a hospital and medical school. The remains of baths, terraces and porticoes can be observed as you wander the site, before enjoying views of Kos from the hilltop.
Neratzia Castle
This sturdy piece of stone masonry has stood since 1380, hosting the Knights of Saint John for over 200 years. Surviving its fair share of battles, remnants of different architectural styles remain, alongside inscriptions, friezes, sculptures and columns. You can see these up close in the castle’s onsite museum, retelling the tale of the knights.
Eleftherias Square
A hub in the midst of colourful Kos, this square is identified by the distinctive tower of the Defterdar Mosque, accompanied by its orange-hued domes. Cafés are scattered around the bustling square, while locals browse the shops and myriad of wares of the Municipal market.
Kos Castle
Built in the 14th century, Kos Castle or the Castle of the Knights was one of the fortifications of the Knights Hospitaller which purpose was to defend Kos from the Ottomans.


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Zelo dobro
Ogled starega obzidja, odlični izleti 3 bližnjih otokov, ogled staro-grške arene, slano jezero, najlepši sončni zahod na Zia, plaža Paradise,...
25. julija 2016

Nastanitve in hoteli v Kosu

Kipriotis Village Resort

7,9 Dobro

Povprečna ocena 156 ocene

€ 66

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Alexandra Hotel

8,3 Zelo dobro

Povprečna ocena 585 ocene

€ 48

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Astron Hotel

8,3 Zelo dobro

Povprečna ocena 619 ocene

€ 35

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Gaia Garden

9 Odlično

Povprečna ocena 306 ocene

€ 30

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Kos Aktis Art Hotel

8,8 Sijajno

Povprečna ocena 450 ocene

€ 89

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Aqua Blu Boutique Hotel & SPA - Adults Only

9,5 Izjemno

Povprečna ocena 225 ocene

€ 132

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Kosta Palace

7,6 Dobro

Povprečna ocena 655 ocene

€ 21

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Triton Hotel

8 Zelo dobro

Povprečna ocena 314 ocene

€ 33

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Yiorgos Hotel

8,3 Zelo dobro

Povprečna ocena 365 ocene

€ 5

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On The Red Loft Bar in Kipriotis Panorama Hotel where the service could be much faster and the Cocktails mixed better but watching the Sun going down over the Mountains and looking over at Turkey more than makes up for these little issues

Seeing yachts and the beach front restaurants are nice. Kos tow beaches are free if one has a bite or a beer at the beachfront cafés. The town is very clean so it is nice walking around the marina. je popotnike vprašal ...

Zaradi česa je plaža v mestu Kos tako nepozabna?

Kefelos the region in back side of the island has crystal clear sea and unpopulated beaches. It is very good for resting in peace.

Reasonable prices and the quality of food. Waiters are all kind and friendly.

KOS Diving where the instructors were awesome friendly and very Professional

Lots of independent stores and markets.

Old castle and the market place

Select Restaurant

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