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  • Platja (618)
  • Història (445)
  • Centre històric (395)
  • Compres (227)
  • Menjar (196)
  • Visites turístiques (166)
  • Cultura (151)
  • Monuments (144)
  • Relaxació (126)
  • Vida nocturna (99)

18 clients que han reservat des d'Espanya han destacat Rodes per a platja!

Vols veure consells únics de viatgers que ja han estat a Rodes?

Què fa que a Rodes puguis reviure moments històrics?

Elizabeth, Regne Unit

Fa 2 dies Denuncia

Car hire is cheap and there is so much to see on Rhodes, as well as good beaches away from the 'drink and be sick' sink-holes. The church at Asklipio is outstanding, and the southern end of the island is not as spoilt by tourism. There is dramatic scenery, forests and mountains, monasteries and roman remains. It is still a real treasure out of the main season.

Pots viure la platja de moltes maneres. I a tu, què et diu la platja de Rodes?

Andrei, Rússia

Fa 23 dies Denuncia

There is a 5-7 metters tower for jumping into the Mediterranean sea at Eli beach. Every beach is equipped with showers, cubicles and sunbeds (4 euro per bed).

Quins són els millors llocs del centre històric de Rodes per passejar?

Nam-mathieu, Bèlgica

Fa 16 dies Denuncia

We went several time in the Old town. Very touristic, and defintely more romantic the evening, especially when sundown, beacaus of the pinkish reflection on the old stones make a beautiful light. Also 'a bit' more calm and relax than during the day, where you can meet tons of tourist awfully dressed with socks and sandals ;-)

Descriu els millors llocs d'interès antics de Rodes.

Sheree, Austràlia

Fa 23 dies Denuncia

Visit (or better yet stay in) the Crusader Castle and walk the battlements for 2E and the moat for free. The museum in the Knight's hospital is great with beautiful mosaics in the courtyard and the scale of the of the ward room is incredible.

Per què recomanaries Rodes pel menjar?

Ian, Regne Unit

Fa 28 dies Denuncia

Among the many eating places you can still find good Greek food, again it takes time. When you see locals somewhere that is a good sign.

Com pots visitar els llocs d’interès de Rodes i evitar les munions de turistes?

John, Austràlia

Fa 20 dies Denuncia

Stay in old Rhodes Town and go out in the evening after cruise ship visitors have gone.

On s’ha d’anar si no vols menjar al típic restaurant per a turistes?

Nam-mathieu, Bèlgica

Fa 16 dies Denuncia

Our host from Casa Antica, advice us to different restaurants with a special recommandation for Ta Petaladika. Honestly we were wonderfully surprised from the greek food all along our vacation, but it was by far our best 'food moment'. It's located in a nice street from Rhode's old town. An adress known from the locals. The food was awesome, very fresh and tasty with sometimes a kind of modern twist in this authentic cuisine. Definitely a must!

Explica'ns els moments més tranquils a Rodes.

Vittorio, Itàlia

Fa 2 dies Denuncia

Stroll in the old city and stop for sipping some tea or cafe or just smoke some narghile!

Com pots gaudir d’una autèntica experiència cultural a Rodes?

Ian, Regne Unit

Fa 28 dies Denuncia

Don t try too hard, the charm of Rhodes is that things are not perfect, but that is the interesting bit, and take your time.

Quina és la millor manera de descobrir Rodes a peu?

Yiannis, Grècia

Fa 27 dies Denuncia

Εγώ προσωπικά έκανα το γύρο της παλιάς πόλης μέσα απο την τάφρο, και στην συνέχεια μπήκα μέσα στην παλιά πόλη οπου πέρασα όλη την μέρα μου.

Quina foto és la que millor representa Rodes?

Quynh Chi
Quynh Chi, Vietnam

Fa 28 dies Denuncia

Ippoton, Palace of the Grand Master, small alleys...
  • Menjar gurmet 42 recomanacions

Et ve salivera només de parlar de Rodes? Explica'ns per què.

Anònim, Ubicació desconeguda

Fa 16 dies Denuncia

Alexis restaurant. Probably the best seafood place in town
  • Compres 227 recomanacions

Explica'ns per què comprar a Rodes fa per a gent com tu.

Judith, Regne Unit

Fa 6 dies Denuncia

The old town has a lot of shops but prices are aimed at the cruise ship passengers
  • Muntanya 7 recomanacions

Com pots gaudir al màxim de la muntanya a Rodes?

jorge, Estats Units

Fa 25 dies Denuncia

  • Gent amable 65 recomanacions

Què fa que la gent de Rodes sigui tan amable? Explica’ns la teva experiència.

Ian, Regne Unit

Fa 28 dies Denuncia

We went to buy a stamps at a main post office and the cashier starting telling us about St Paul the apostle landing on the island near Lindos. Then some Greek mythology. You would not get that at home.
  • Museus 29 recomanacions

Què has descobert dels museus de Rodes que no sortia a les guies?

Stefanos, Grècia

Fa 23 dies Denuncia

There are so many places if you like to be real . You mead a car and time to get a full view
  • Castells 67 recomanacions

Què et van semblar els castells de Rodes?

John, Austràlia

Fa 20 dies Denuncia

World heritage site for the old city - best preserved castle walls in Europe.

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