Motive principale pentru a vizita:

  • Tapas (3375)
  • Monumente (2545)
  • Cultură (2247)
  • Istorie (1897)
  • Vizitare (1149)
  • Gastronomie (950)
  • Cumpărături (849)
  • Bucătărie gourmet (743)
  • Arhitectură (682)
  • Centru istoric (674)

Granada a fost foarte apreciat pentru flamenco de 7 clienţi din România!

Cum se poate vizita oraşul Granada evitând în acelaşi timp aglomeraţia?

Rebecca, Spania

Acum 9 zile Raportaţi

Reserve all tickets for activities so no queing and reservations in restaurants

Prin ce reînvie istoria în Granada?

Yolanda, Canada

Acum 17 zile Raportaţi

The whole city, downtown and vicinity, is a living area with its beautiful Alhambra as a background, its gypsies and flamenco music and dancing, great music and its gorgeous buildings and churches make it a place in which you will feel part of an Arabian story.

Descrieți cele mai interesante atracții antice ce nu trebuie ratate în Granada.

Mary, Statele Unite ale Americii

Acum 1 zi Raportaţi

The Alhambra is a must see if you are planning a trip to Spain. The crowds are kept to a minimum by carefully timed entrances to the Palace and the grounds which enhances the overall experience. Fantastic!

De ce aţi recomanda oraşul Granada pentru mâncare?

Elmy, Irlanda

Acum 11 zile Raportaţi

Free tapas! Only place in Spain that serves free tapas with your drink, the old fashioned way. Go on a tapas crawl, one bar at a time! Los Diamantes off the plaza Nueva has fantastic seafood tapas and raciones. Open till past midnight, it's easy to see why this place is always packed.

Cum vă puteți bucura de cea mai autentică experiență culturală în Granada?

Karen, Statele Unite ale Americii

Acum 7 ore Raportaţi

Taking a tour that includes time to see the Alhambra and Albayzín is key, but also take time to walk slowly in the small streets. Stop for ice cream or beer w/ tapas. Look up at the buildings as you walk to notice all the architectural details.

Cât de bine erau renovate castelele din Granada?

robert, Statele Unite ale Americii

Acum 6 zile Raportaţi

I was in a central location, 2nd fl., just above street (pedestrian) level, with window overlooking same.
I had good timing as day I arrived there was a religious festival, with 'many drum and bugle groups and many locals marching with candles. And right under my was great! Right out of movie, 'Godfather II. Granada is a definite site to see.

Există alte opțiuni ideale pentru cumpărături în Granada decât magazinele de marcă?

Edward, Australia

Acum 7 zile Raportaţi

You can shop the little streets and alleyways for touristy gifts and local arts, crafts, clothes, food items.

Descrieţi ce experienţă de cumpărături ar avea alte persoane ca dumneavoastră în Granada.

Elmy, Irlanda

Acum 11 zile Raportaţi

Touristy items here are quite cheap. The wooden marquetry is unique to Granada and you can find an artesano who makes them and sells them in the street off Plaza Nueva, on the way up to the Alhambra. Go in the mornings and immediately post siesta for a demonstration.

Este oraşul Granada locul pentru o masă memorabilă? Spuneţi-ne de ce.

Paul, Irlanda

Acum 22 zile Raportaţi

Don't go out for dinner !!! Go for a drink in any bar and get free tapas with it. The more you drink the better and bigger the tapa become.

Locuitorii din Granada sunt prietenoși? Spuneți-ne povestea dumneavoastră.

Christine, Australia

Acum 9 zile Raportaţi

While we were there, one of our small children was unwell and the hotel cleaning staff were very helpful and concerned.

Este Granada o locație perfectă pentru excursii clasice?

Kathleen, Spania

Acum 5 zile Raportaţi

A must visit is the Alhambra Palace and it's gardens. Shopping in the Souk was great and the choice of restaurants are unending. Just walking around the city centre or along the little narrow back streets passing some ancient building or monument. A lot of history in Granada.

De ce atmosfera din Granada este un motiv de entuziasm din partea călătorilor?

Kaye, Marea Britanie

Acum 14 zile Raportaţi

A vibrant town with great local communities in Albycin which feels like a small town in its own right. Very lively bars in town at weekends.

Ce aspect diferit al culturii din Granada a fost foarte diferit de cultura de acasă?

Veerachai, Vietnam

Acum 21 zile Raportaţi

Impression of 900 years ago to invent 3D interior decoration and lighting.

Descrieți cea mai pasionantă experiență de flamenco pe care ați trăit-o în Granada?

Anonim, Locație necunoscută

Acum 19 zile Raportaţi

We were blown away by the show at Jardines de Zoraya. It seemed more authentic than the other places we had checked out. Everything was spectacular - the dancers, the guitarist, the singer, the dinner. It's a very small venue so you can see everything.
  • Admiratul stelelor 25 recomandări

Cum aţi descoperit care este cel mai bun loc pentru privitul stelelor în Granada?

laurent, Franţa

Acum 23 zile Raportaţi

At the Carmen Hotel's veranda.
  • Mers pe jos 311 recomandări

De ce spun oamenii că orașul Granada trebuie vizitat pe jos?

Charlotte, Canada

Acum 19 zile Raportaţi

Most of the attractions are near the Alhambra, near the center of the city.
  • Linişte 59 recomandări

Descrieţi care este cel mai liniştit loc pe care l-aţi vizitat în oraşul Granada.

Xiaobo, China

Acum 24 zile Raportaţi

The Alybazin area
  • Munţi 182 recomandări

Care este sfatul dumneavoastră pentru a petrece timpul în munții din Granada?

Grzegorz, Irlanda

Acum 23 zile Raportaţi

Snow in the summer on the top of mountains and amazing views.

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