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Groningen Netherlands, Groningen

Top reasons to visit:

  • Shopping (631)
  • Museums (324)
  • Nightlife (212)
  • Food (141)
  • City Walks (134)
  • Culture (100)
  • Restaurants (98)
  • Gourmet Food (87)
  • Markets (72)
  • Cafes (71)

Groningen was highly rated for food by 3 guests from the United States!

Is there more to shopping in Groningen than just brand-name stores?

Anonymous, Unknown location

13 days ago Report

Yes, there are always great bargains for cosmetics, accessories and clothes in shops like h&m

What makes Groningen one of those classic city-trip experiences?

Tomas, Czech Republic

13 days ago Report

rather small but beuatiuful city center full of historical buildings combined with a good restaurants - an ideal place for a spring break...
  • City Walks 134 endorsements

What's the best way to make the most of Groningen by foot?

Anonymous, Unknown location

13 days ago Report

Be careful of people with bicycles, there are like million of them
  • People Watching 1 endorsement

What is it about the people in Groningen that makes them so watchable?

Anonymous, Unknown location

26 days ago Report

There is a large university so lots of younger people as well as a lot of diversity

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