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  • Shopping (21492)
  • Food (6795)
  • Sightseeing (2459)
  • Gourmet Food (2411)
  • Clothes Shopping (1833)
  • Luxury Brand Shopping (1770)
  • Business (1261)
  • Nightlife (1217)
  • Disneyland (1052)
  • City Trip (1051)

Hong Kong was highly rated for shopping by 580 guests from the United States!

Looking for fun and unique tips from travelers who know Hong Kong?

Is there more to shopping in Hong Kong than just brand-name stores?

Glyn, Australia

26 days ago Report

Yes. In fact, the brand name stores are expensive in comparison with local retailers, like Fortress. The reason? Brand names appeal to the Mainland Chinese who flock to Hong Kong to find goods that will demonstrate their wealth. It is a case of conspicuous consumption and that is what keeps the Gucci, YSL, Dior, Armani, Louis Vuitton stores and their like in business. It is certainly not local HK buyers who are too canny.

Describe what other people like you would like about shopping in Hong Kong.

Katrina, Australia

3 days ago Report

There's a new shopping strip in Causeway Bay called Fashion Walk. This has a few boutiques to get some unique pieces. Other than that the malls have all the international designers if that's what you're into.
If you plan on going to Shen Zen then make sure you know what you're looking for first, ie. Which designer bag or shoes you want to buy as there is way too much to choose from and can be quite overwhelming.
Soho and Shueng Wan have great shopping strips too. Look out for Chum5 in Shueng Wan for stylish one of a kind shoes.

Why do you recommend Hong Kong for food?

Joseph, United States of America

8 days ago Report

Authentic cuisine from all over the world at all price ranges -- from street style to high cuisine. For example: you can get cheap, basic dim sum at Circle K or you can find a fancy, high-end Cantonese restaurant (usually in the same block on the same street).

How can you enjoy the sights in Hong Kong while avoiding the crowds?

Evangeline, Malaysia

23 days ago Report

Got to take lovely pictures at the Avenue of Stars by going there at 7am. After taking lots of pix, took the Star Ferry and went to HK Island. Walked to the Peak Tram station and before 9am there are no queues to purchase the tickets and boarding the Tram. Went down from the Peak at 9.50am and was the queues were already long as the many tour buses arriving at the station.
Enjoyed Disneyland by going before noon and buying tickets in town instead of at the ticket counter.
  • Convenient Public Transportation 663 endorsements
  • 38 answers

Was it cheap, fast, or easy to use? What made it so simple to get around in Hong Kong?

Ray, Australia

3 days ago Report

We used an "On Loan Elders Octopus Card" which made travel around Hong Kong very cheap. The metro system is well signed and staff are very helpful. There is a deduction from the deposit on your Octopus Card (HKD 9) if you don't hold it for 90 days but this is a minor cost given the convenience provided.

Which foodie haven did you discover on your recent trip to Hong Kong?

Shirley, Singapore

22 days ago Report

Maxim Palace Dim sum at city hall
Jap food at Lan Kwai Fong Breakfast menu at cafe
Goose and roasted meat
Cant remember the names of restaurants
  • Culturally Diverse Food 1044 endorsements
  • 23 answers

What's the secret to sampling all the diverse food Hong Kong has to offer?

Mats, Netherlands

4 days ago Report

Eat with a big group! It's essential for enjoying Chinese dining. That will make it possible to order a lot of dishes at once, and it's all made for sharing.

Where's the best place to view the skyline in Hong Kong?

Mats, Netherlands

4 days ago Report

The Avenue of Stars and the top floor bar of the ICC Building. Go for the Sky100 bar if you want a nice setting or for Ozone if you want a hip, trendy bar.

What makes the perfect trip to Disneyland in Hong Kong?

LIM, Singapore

9 days ago Report

For those first timer disneyland visitor, I would suggest to go for Hong Kong first as they are consider one of the smaller ones and a more reasonable priced.

What makes the people from Hong Kong so friendly? Tell us your story.

Ralph, The Philippines

20 days ago Report

Very helpful, even though they rush about like New Yorkers they will stop and try to help with directions. Except for one man every one tried to be helpful even if they knew no English. And in fairness to the one man, he was an older gentleman and I think he was just embarrassed because he did not understand us so he quickly motioned us away.

Is Hong Kong the place to have a meal to remember? Tell us why.

Mats, Netherlands

4 days ago Report

Yes. The food is amazing. Do your research first and find some great places. We loved Hutong and Mott32 for fine dining and Chili Fagara for a real spicy Sichuan style meal.

What makes Hong Kong one of those classic city-trip experiences?

Nicole, Singapore

28 days ago Report

You've seen it in Bruce Lee flicks and in many a Hollywood cinematic backdrop. It's a great mash up of the old and the new existing peacefully, without it coming across as odd. Watch out for leaky air-conditioning units as you walk but there's a great story behind each neighbourhood.
  • Luxury Brand Shopping 1770 endorsements
  • 12 answers

What makes Hong Kong the best place to max out your credit cards?

Leonard, Australia

1 day ago Report

A variety of luxury goods and fabulous eating places. Most designer clothes, shoes etc are actually more expensive than they are in Australia so check your exchange rates.

What's your best piece of advice for a first-time hiker in Hong Kong?

Kaya Haefeli
Kaya Haefeli, Switzerland

17 days ago Report

The city and housing areas only take up about 30 % of the island. There are so many hiking trails on and around Hong Kong. So for a scenic route you could walk up the peak, for something a bit different you could travel to the island called Lama with a ferry and hike that island, which takes about 2-3 hours. There are superb restaurants on that island, too.

Where should people go if they don't want to eat in a tourist trap?

Alan, The United Kingdom

22 days ago Report

We found Hong Kong Island to be have many places where ordinary working people live and eat. As we have no Cantonese is was a matter of asking if there was a menu in English or frankly just pointing.

How do you fit in some sightseeing when you're in Hong Kong on business?

Bruno, China

4 days ago Report

If on Kowloon: take the Star Ferry to Wanchai or Central. If on Hong Kong to Kowloon. Nice low view from the high rises and a good escape from the masses of MTR or roads.
If on HK then: Central has the Mid-levels (stairs) with Soho to LKF for F&B and Art fanatics, Wanchai (Wooloomooloo rooftop bar) and Causeway Bay for the messy bustling big city feel. If on Kowloon then: quick dip inside Heritage 1881 and around the corner up the Ermengildo Zegna bldg (Peking One) to Aqua with a nice 360 view to electronic beats, classy drinks and snacks.
Last ferries back leave at 22pm so hurry up or use the metro/taxi to fare back.
Combine HK shopping at the IFC mall with some outside terrace time on the 3rd floor: either a cool drink from the shop or nice dining with a view over the darkening city that hardly ever sleeps (Central). Combine art with simple choice, creative food sets at the HK Performing Arts Center (many floors, get a table with a view of both IFC and ICC) and a stroll through the park in front of it and next to the Grand Hyatt (Wanchai).

What's the best way to make the most of Hong Kong by foot?

Leslie, United States of America

28 days ago Report

Take your time and don't be impatient. Take advantage of the raised walkways that connect many building in Central. They are covered and far above wheeled traffic. There are signs, but I found them minimally useful. Use the MTR to get you to the general area you want to walk in then start from there.

Where could you've used an extra hour (or ten) shopping in Hong Kong?

Loi, Singapore

11 days ago Report

Harbour City, sub urban malls - festival mall, apm mall

How did you find the best spot for stargazing in Hong Kong?

liza, India

9 days ago Report

With my companion at the Hong Kong harbour

How can you get the most authentic cultural experience in Hong Kong?

Melanie, Australia

16 days ago Report

We didn't venture as fair out as planned but we did visit Chi Lin Nunnary and Sik Sik Tsuen Temple (relatively close) and various other temples in the city. The first 2 are very pretty but very modern. They are worth a visit. However if you want a more cultural experience I would definitely advise on venturing further afield.

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