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Ho Chi Minh Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh Municipality

Principales razones para visitar este lugar:

  • Compras (1692)
  • Comida (1256)
  • Historia (577)
  • Visitas turísticas (547)
  • Ocio nocturno (432)
  • Cultura (419)
  • Tiendas de ropa (361)
  • Escapada Urbana (325)
  • Museos (302)
  • Mercados (280)

¡40 clientes han recomendado Ho Chi Minh para compras!

¿Qué tiene de especial la comida en Ho Chi Minh?

Anónimo, Ubicación desconocida

Hace 13 días Denunciar

Food glorious food! Vietnam with the mixed Asian French cuisine definitely have best of both word! A bit hard for Halal food seeker since pork and bacon are widely used as main meat, but if you have no restrictions, this is food heaven!

¿Por qué crees que a otra gente como tú le encantaría ir de compras en Ho Chi Minh?

Anónimo, Ubicación desconocida

Hace 1 día Denunciar

porque puedes encontrar muchas gangas

¿Hay más sitios para ir de compras en Ho Chi Minh además de las tiendas de grandes marcas?

Adam, Australia

Hace 14 días Denunciar

Good markets, best in my opinion were the Chinatown markets and Saigon Square 1.
Avoid Ben Tanh Markets, overpriced, very pushy sellers and crowded.

¿Qué tiene Ho Chi Minh para que su historia siga viva?

Philippe, Emiratos Árabes Unidos

Hace 20 días Denunciar

Definitely you will need a guidebook to highlight so many of the iconic spots in Ho Chi Minh. But once you know a vague history of the city, you understand so much more of what you see. It's worth exploring by foot to get immersed in how busy the city is.

¿Por qué la gente de Ho Chi Minh es tan amable? Cuéntanos tu experiencia.

Jaime, Perú

Hace 19 días Denunciar

La gente de Ho Chi Minh es alegre, y he tenido oportunidad de conocer gente que me ayudado para encontrar el lugar que estaba buscando: una calle, una tienda, un museo, un hotel, etc.

¿Por qué aconsejarías probar todos los tipos de comida que se ofrecen en Ho Chi Minh?

Parag, Camboya

Hace 6 días Denunciar

Be adventurous and sample local street foods from the little ladies on the sidewalk. Go off the beaten path and ask the locals where to eat - Vietnamese folk are VERY friendly and love to show you their city.

¿Cómo disfrutarías de los lugares de interés de Ho Chi Minh evitando las multitudes?

Anónimo, Ubicación desconocida

Hace 13 días Denunciar

Get a motor bike guide, you get around easier! Public transportation is not that good but if you can ride bike hire a bike or get a local guide with motor bike.

¿Cómo se puede vivir una auténtica experiencia cultural en Ho Chi Minh?

Simone, Australia

Hace 29 días Denunciar

A well organised tour can save you time, getting lost or distracted in this chaotic city. Enjoy the night life or Mekong Delta. The Chill Bar is a great experience at night where you can view HCMC from the roof top bar!
My advise- talk to a local for ideas, travel centres can vary in price so do some research.

¿Qué lugares recomendarías a los que quieren evitar comer en un local para turistas?

PHUA, Tailandia

Hace 6 días Denunciar

Eat where the locals eat. Get out of District 1. If you want to stay within District 1, check out restaurants behind Ben Thanh Market that display their menu with prices in front of their restaurants.

¿Dónde no irías si quieres sacar partido a la vida nocturna de Ho Chi Minh?

Parag, Camboya

Hace 6 días Denunciar

Ho Chi Minh is experiencing a Berlin-esque renaissance into EDM/house music especially among the younger crowd. This is the place to check out local clubs and bars (Lush and Chill are two places that come to mind) that have cheap drinks, attentive staff, and some of the very best house music outside of Europe. DJs are realizing this is the place to be in Southeast Asia as the new generation is very much into partying hard.

¿Cuáles son los mejores lugares para visitar en Ho Chi Minh?

Terry, Australia

Hace 29 días Denunciar

I did a half day tour of Cu Chi Tunnels, which also came back via a rubber plantation, rice paper house, vegetable farm and cricket farm. I also did a day tour of the Mekong Delta.

¿Qué aspectos de la cultura de Ho Chi Minh marcan la diferencia?

Heather, Botsuana

Hace 20 días Denunciar

Friendly and hard working people that have been ruled by other nations for 300 years and not bitter or resentful - they just get on with their lives. We liked the more modern feel of HCM.

¿Qué consejo darías para pasear por los mercados sin tener la necesidad de comprar algo?

Philippe, Emiratos Árabes Unidos

Hace 20 días Denunciar

If you decide to go to the Ben Thanh market, be prepared to have you bargaining hat on. Everyone is friendly but there's a lot of grabbing and there is no air conditioning so it can be a bit overwhelming. Be comfortable with the currency conversion too so you can definitely grab some real bargains on souvenirs to take home; especially things like coffee and decorative lanterns and furniture. Opposite the Ben Thanh market and opposite the HCMC Fine Arts Museum is a brilliant street to buy antiques.
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Cuéntale a la gente que quiere ir a Ho Chi Minh lo que más te gustó y lo que no te gustó de la comida callejera.

Thuy, Reino Unido

Hace 21 días Denunciar

You feel like you're getting the real Vietnamese culture experience rather than eating out at a fancy restaurant. Bonus is, the food comes out within minutes tops!

Cuéntanos cuáles fueron tus mejores momentos de relax en Ho Chi Minh.

Norjimah, Malasia

Hace 4 días Denunciar

Every evening hanging out at the park and watch locals do routine stuff like dancing, playing games, exercising etc..

¿Por qué Ho Chi Minh es el típico destino para hacer una escapada urbana?

Thuy, Reino Unido

Hace 21 días Denunciar

Sky-scraper buildings and the buzz of the city life, all with a Vietnamese twist of street food around the corner.

¿Por qué a todo el mundo le encanta el ambiente de Ho Chi Minh?

Andrey, Rusia

Hace 11 días Denunciar

It is a unique friendly atmosphere of an Asian megapolice that everyone Western should experince.

¿Cuál es tu mejor técnica de regateo para comprar en el mercado de Ho Chi Minh?

ANNEMAI, Estonia

Hace 1 día Denunciar

Last price and if its not working, just go away. They will call You back

¿Qué comida has descubierto en tu viaje a Ho Chi Minh?

Anónimo, Ubicación desconocida

Hace 1 día Denunciar

Nice filled (french) rolls, lots of nice Vietnamese food such as fried rice cakes, desserts with coconut cream, fruits, steamed filled buns much like chinese "bao", very nice pastries (french colonial past).

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