Zigzag the city for a true taste of Croatia

Pick up a picnic at Dolac Market and snoozzze away the day in Zrinjevac Park. On Tkalčićeva Street, wash down the oozy ham-and-cheese filling of a veal steak with a woozy local brandy. Nothing says “I heart Zagreb” like a “licitar” cookie – just don’t bite into one, it’s purely decorative!

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Things to do in Zagreb

Ban Jelačić Square

Popular areas

Naming this square’s been an on-off affair. In 1947, Tito’s communist regime dubbed it Republican Square and removed the bronze equestrian statue of 19th-century viceroy Josip Jelačić. Reinstated post independence, locals meet “at the horse” for lunching, shopping or people watching. Get your bearings and plaza-wide views from the 16th-floor bar of the Zagreb Eye.

Accommodation near Ban Jelačić Square
  • Trg bana Josipa Jelačića, Zagreb 10000
Dolac Market

Popular areas

Dolac’s drawn droves of locals since 1926. Covered by scarlet cotton umbrellas, its stalls turn the square into a field of red-topped mushrooms each morning. Get here early for the richest pickings of peppers, or grab cut-price carrots just before closing (14:00). Ask the old dairy-counter dears, or “kumica”, for a taste of homemade cream-cheese – then order by the tub!

Accommodation near Dolac Market
  • Dolac, Zagreb 10000
  • Open Monday–Friday 07:00–15:00, Saturday 07:00–14:00, Sunday: 07:00–13:00.
Zagreb Stone Gate


This 13th-century stone passage is the last gateway to Gradec, the hilltop old town. Following a town fire in 1731, it became a shrine to the Virgin Mary, Zagreb’s patron saint. Some people light a candle and pray in front of the only remnant of that blaze – a faded, gold-rimmed painting of the Madonna. Others quietly admire the Baroque wrought ironwork that protects it.

Accommodation near Zagreb Stone Gate
  • 1 Kamenita ulica, Zagreb 10000
Cvjetni Square

Popular areas

You are what you wear in this fashion epicentre. Stroll lengthy Ilica Street for local and international brands. Browse upscale specialist stores in the neoclassical Oktogon mall; Croata sells designer ties at collar-squeezing prices. Join A-Z list celebs and regular Zagrebians for a Saturday “špica” – a coffee break-cum-public fashion parade around Cvjetni’s café terraces.

Accommodation near Cvjetni Square
  • Trg Petra Preradovića, Zagreb 10000
Zagreb Cathedral


The cornerstone of architect Hermann Bollé’s holy trinity. He also worked on St Mark’s Church and Mirogoj Cemetery. Yet it was this cathedral’s 105-metre-high spires which came to symbolise Zagreb – twelve hard years after 1880’s Great Earthquake ruined the original church. Today, streams of tourists gawk up at the neo-Gothic twins, which seem to topple toward them.

Accommodation near Zagreb Cathedral
  • 31 Kaptol, Zagreb 10000
  • Open Monday–Saturday 10:00–17:00, Sunday 13:00–17:00.
Museum of Broken Relationships


What do a wedding dress, a pair of handcuffs and a garden gnome have in common? All represent relationships turned sour. Find out the personal stories behind them at this innovative, funny and touching museum. It’s inspirational rather than gloomy; more about “letting go” than hanging on. Exorcise a few demons of your own – donate an object or leave a confessional note.

Accommodation near Museum of Broken Relationships
  • 2 Ćirilometodska, Zagreb 10000
  • Open Monday-Sunday 09:00-22:30. Changes seasonally. Check website for details.
St Mark's Church


Ravaged by earthquakes and fires, it’s a wonder this little church is still standing. The bell tower’s “1841” inscription marks the year its copper top was finally added. Visit the eponymous square for the perfect backdrop – a patchwork quilt of colourful roof tiles. Group photos, public protests and presidential inaugurations all happen here. Not bad for a “little” church!

Accommodation near St Mark's Church
  • 5 Trg Svetog Marka, Zagreb 10000
  • Open Monday–Friday 07:30–08:30 and 18:00–19:00, Saturday 07:30–08:30, Sunday 10:00–12:00 and 18:00 –19:00.
Tkalčićeva Street

Popular areas

Tkalčićeva is a time warp worth getting lost in. Its charming 18th-century shop fronts cajole you to while away an afternoon browsing for trinkets or souvenirs. When the sun hits the sky, retire to a terrace for a “gemišt” spritzer and let time stand still. If you have to watch the clock, swing by number 25 – a stone sundial hangs from the building’s weathered façade.

Accommodation near Tkalčićeva Street
  • Tkalčićeva ulica, Zagreb 10000
Mirogoj Cemetery


Conceived in the 1870s, this was a burial place for citizens of any (or no) religion. Some of Croatia’s most famous repose here: from writer Marija Jurić Zagorka to basketball giant Dražen Petrović. Follow the ivy-covered arcade that leads to the marble grave of Franjo Tuđman, the country’s first president. Or walk the well-kept gardens for heavenly views of Mount Medvednica.

Accommodation near Mirogoj Cemetery
  • 27 Aleja Hermanna Bollea, Zagreb 10000
  • Open Monday-Sunday 06:00-20:00. Changes seasonally.
Contemporary Art Museum in Zagreb


It’s fun to stay awhile at the “MSU”. Like a Tetris block-cum-cubist wave, the exterior apes artist Julije Knifer’s classic meander motif. A member of Zagreb’s avant-garde Gorgona collective, Knifer and the group dominate the space: from her abstract, geometric (anti)compositions to all 6,000 sculptures by Ivan Kožarić. Tired after that? Take the third-floor slide back down!

Accommodation near Contemporary Art Museum in Zagreb
  • 17 Avenija Dubrovnik, Zagreb 10000
  • Open Tuesday–Friday 11:00–18:00, Saturday 11:00–20:00, Sunday 11:00–18:00.

Accommodation and hotels in Zagreb

Best Western Premier Hotel Astoria

9.1 Superb

Score from 3329 ratings.


Average price per night
  • Petrinjska 71, Zagreb City Centre, Zagreb
Esplanade Zagreb Hotel

9.2 Superb

Score from 1319 ratings.


Average price per night
  • Mihanovićeva 1, Zagreb City Centre, Zagreb
Hotel Jagerhorn

9 Superb

Score from 919 ratings.


Average price per night
  • Ilica 14, Zagreb City Centre, Zagreb
Palace Hotel Zagreb

8.7 Fabulous

Score from 2448 ratings.


Average price per night
  • Square J.J.Strossmayer 10, Zagreb City Centre, Zagreb
Hotel Dubrovnik

8.7 Fabulous

Score from 1322 ratings.


Average price per night
  • Ljudevita Gaja 1, Zagreb City Centre, Zagreb
Hotel 9

9.2 Superb

Score from 1017 ratings.


Average price per night
  • Avenija Marina Držića 9, Recommended neighbourhoods, Zagreb
Art Hotel Like

8.4 Very good

Score from 998 ratings.


Average price per night
  • Vlaška 44, Zagreb City Centre, Zagreb
Hotel International

8.5 Very good

Score from 562 ratings.


Average price per night
  • Miramarska 24, Zagreb
Hotel Antunovic Zagreb

8.9 Fabulous

Score from 487 ratings.


Average price per night
  • Zagrebacka avenija 100A (ex-Ljubljanska avenija), Zagreb
Discover Zagreb

Popular neighbourhoods in Zagreb

Donji Grad

260 properties

More squares than a math notebook! The area’s most magnificent seven form the “Green Horseshoe”, a U-like loop of parks and statues. Walk from Tito Square to Tomislav Square for a tour of 19th-century neo-Baroque and Art Nouveau architecture. The National Theatre and the Art Pavilion are both yellow-brick gems by Viennese wizards Fellner & Helmer.

Gornji Grad

53 properties

Two medieval old towns rolled into one. Kaptol sprung up around Zagreb Cathedral; its priests fished in Ribnjak Park, a green oasis now treasured by modern locals. Hungarian aristocrats once graced Gradec’s Baroque mansions. These days, Croatia’s government holds court. Once the dividing line, today’s Tkalčićeva Street is more a conga line of bars.


50 properties

Maksimir is a tale of two extremes. On one hand, joggers, birdwatchers, budding botanists and zoo-lovers flock to chilled-out Maksimir Park. On the other, Maksimir Stadium’s rowdy footy crowds bring the flares, while the players provide the flair. Calm those big-match nerves by getting a prediction from Robi, the zoo’s psychic tapir!

Novi Zagreb

42 properties

“New Zagreb” was to be the future. The Communist-era saw Zagreb Fair move here, and modernist high-rises rose to house families and students. Some still find a rough-hewn charm in “Mamutica”, a mammoth apartment block. For reshaped Novi’s newest icon, check out the spare-rib shaped Zagreb Arena: it hosts everything from basketball to Beyoncé.


12 properties

Recreation, recreation, recreation! This lakeside district is made for it. Rebuilt for the 1987 World Student Games, the River Sava’s floodplains are now Zagreb’s playground. Join gaggles of bathers, barbecuers and festival-goers on its pebbly beaches. Or take a dip in Lake Jarun – just beware of the giant catfish that’s said to stalk its waters!

Local tips for Zagreb

Dežman Passage
by Marin

When Marin’s not off travelling, he spends his time exploring exciting new spots in Zagreb.

Called Dežmanov prolaz in Croatian, this revamped city-centre street is on the map of places to see and be seen in Zagreb. The local it-crowd congregates in its exclusive boutiques and quirky cafés, before heading over to peaceful Tuškanac Park to stroll in style.

  • Dežmanov Prolaz, Zagreb 10000
Christmas markets
by Andrea

An art lover and foodie, Andrea says getting lost in new places is the least of her worries.

Christmas in Zagreb is truly magical! At this time of year, the city centre smells constantly of mulled wine, cinnamon and fritters and there are Christmas markets scattered all over town. Take your pick from traditional, trendy, retro and romantic-style markets, all selling local produce.

  • Bogovićeva ulica, Zagreb 10000
Solar system hunt
by Ivan Marko

Zagreb-born Ivan Marko can always be talked into a weekend getaway or a visit to a new sushi bar.

Take a trip through space on Zagreb’s solar system hunt. It starts at Bogovićeva ulica, home to the Sun sculpture, and each of the planets is hidden somewhere in the city: from Mercury on Margaretska Street to Pluto in the Bologne Underpass. They’re all to scale, so some are really tiny!

  • 1B Bogovićeva ulica, Zagreb 10000
Zagreb's alternative film scene
by Kamelija

A fan of sci-fi and Japanese culture, Kamelija traded her coastal hometown for Zagreb 5 years ago.

Zagreb has a thriving alternative film scene: Kinoteka’s highbrow selection thrills movie buffs, while Summer Cinema Tuškanac puts on open-air screenings in the forest. Kino Europa hosts over 20 festivals a year, covering local and foreign films of every possible genre and cultural theme.

The riverside promenade
by Tea

Tea lives for road trips on her beloved motorbike, and even has her own Youtube travel channel.

This promenade started life as an embankment to keep the River Sava from flooding. Today this green oasis has an open-air sculpture park and attracts cyclists, runners and dog walkers galore. It’s also home to Klub Močvara: one of my favourite haunts as a rock and metal-loving teen.

  • Trnjanski nasip, Zagreb 10000
The ice park in King Tomislav Square
by Nikolina

Zagreb-based Nix is a real food lover who enjoys sampling local delicacies wherever she travels.

In Zagreb at Christmas time, get that festive feeling at the Tomislavac ice rink and Zrinjevac Park. Twinkling lights, food stands and warm mulled wine, accompanied by great music and cheers from the skating rink, create a truly special atmosphere that will linger long after you leave.

  • Park kralja Tomislava, Zagreb 10000
Britanac Antique Fair
by Pal

In his free time, Pal can be found travelling, pole dancing or walking his Pomeranian dog, Zen.

The antique fair in Britanac (British) Square has been around for several years now and always attracts lots of visitors. Each Sunday, you can rummage through stalls to find anything from vinyl records to historic stamps and vintage jewellery. Sellers are used to haggling, so don’t be shy!

  • Britanski trg, Zagreb 10000
Hiking to Sljeme
by Goran

Zagreb’s hidden bike trails make it the perfect fit for cyclist Goran, who moved there 7 years ago.

Sljeme is the peak of Medvednica Mountain, visible from the city centre. A 2.5-hour hike takes you to the top to find breathtaking views, pristine natural surroundings and even a ski resort! After all that effort, treat yourself to a plate of bean and sausage stew in a hilltop café.

  • Sljeme, Zagreb 10298
Water sports on Lake Jarun
by Morana

Cat lover Morana is a Zagreb native who aims to travel to at least one new place every year.

If your city trip needs an adrenaline boost, wakeboarding and wakeskating on Lake Jarun will get your heart pumping! This natural beauty spot is popular with Zagreb residents, who come for a lakeside stroll and coffee. You can also windsurf, canoe, and even swim in the summer months.

Strossmartre summer festival
by Ivna

Ivna is an avid traveller and art enthusiast who enjoys discovering new places and nice restaurants.

From May until September, locals flock to this open-air event on Stross Promenade in the Upper Town, right below Lotrščak Tower. During the day you can browse stalls selling local crafts in the shade of chestnut trees, while the afternoon and evening bring great wine and live music.

Hop on hop off bus tour is a great way to see Zagreb whilst avoiding crowds!

You can go hiking on Sljeme where you can get by car or tram. Eat in Rougmarine restaurant.

Cathedral, Marketplace, Museum of Contemporary Art

Museum of Broken Relationships - untypical and fascinating.

As i was going to the apartment a gentleman saw i was clearly lost and offer to help me find it without me even asking...this is what i call friendly

The presence of the old architecture and locals who are happy to share their knowledge with tourists. asked travellers...

Why would you recommend Zagreb for food?

Homegrown and tasty

Sve je blizu i svega ima u izobilju

u Zagrebu nema takvih lokala, makar meni nisu poznati


Zagreb transport

Air - Zagreb Airport

Zagreb Airport – also known as Pleso Airport – is easily accessible by bus. Pleso Prijevoz buses stop outside the exit gate every half hour from 07:00–20:00, and at Zagreb Bus Station from 04:30–20:30. Outside these hours, bus times correspond with flights. The trip takes 30–40 minutes and tickets cost HRK 30: just sit down and the conductor will come over (cash payment only). Taxis also wait just outside the exit, and charge about HRK 200 for the 30-minute trip.


Most of Zagreb’s 15 tram lines stop either at Trg bana Jelačića (the main square) or the central train station. Trams pass by every 10–15 minutes from 04:00–00:00, less often at night. You can buy tickets from the driver and from kiosks or ZET tram offices. Single tickets cost HRK 10, or HRK 15 at night, while a day pass is HRK 30. Children under 6 travel free. Make sure to validate your ticket at the yellow machine on board: if you don’t do this, you may be fined.


Zagreb’s efficient bus network is best used to reach places outside the city centre, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art and Mirogoj Cemetery. Bus stops are marked with a white signpost and buses are blue. They operate from 04:00 – 00:00 daily, with trams taking over at night. Tickets are sold by the driver (small change preferred) and at kiosks and tobacconists for HRK 10 single / HRK 30 day pass: validate them at the yellow machine on board to avoid a fine.


Central Zagreb is compact and driving isn’t really necessary. If you do take the car, you’ll find 24-hour car parks around the city, charging roughly HRK 5 per hour. On-street parking is free overnight from 21:00–07:00, after 15:00 on Saturdays and all day Sunday. At all other times it’s charged by zones, with the central zone 1 costing HRK 6 per hour – pay at parking meters or by SMS. Trams and cars share the road, so remember that trams always have right of way.


Cycling is easy in Zagreb, which is flat except for the Upper Town and Medvednica. The city has several private bike hire schemes which require online pre-registration and a top-up to activate your account (this money can be used towards future journeys). The first 30 minutes of each trip are free and it’s HRK 8 per hour after that. There are some cycle lanes in the centre but in most areas, bikes share the road with cars. Many cyclists ride on the pavement.


Taxis in Zagreb are not usually hailed in the street: it’s much more common to book in advance or head to one of the many taxi ranks around the city. Vehicles should have a taxi sign on the roof and the company name on the side: major companies include Eko Taxi, Radio Taxi Zagreb and Cammeo. Avoid unmarked taxis which are likely to overcharge. Metered fares start at HRK 9–15 and rise by HRK 6 per km. Some taxis accept credit cards, but ask the driver in advance.

Food in Zagreb

Top restaurants in Zagreb

High-end dining
Klub književnika
  • 7/I Trg Bana Jelačića, Zagreb 10000
  • Open Monday–Saturday 10:00–00:00
Good value
Šumski Kuhar
  • 7 Tkalčićeva ulica, Zagreb 10000
  • Open Monday–Saturday 12:00–23:00
Good value
Wine bar Pod zidom
  • 5 Pod Zidom, Zagreb 10000
  • Open Monday–Saturday 08:00–02:00, Sunday 16:00–23:00
Good value
Johann Franck
  • 9 Trg bana Josipa Jelačića, Zagreb 10000
  • Open Monday–Sunday 08:00–06:00
Good value
  • 10 Ulica Nikole Tesle, Zagreb 10000
  • Open Monday–Sunday 10:00–00:00
Good value
  • 6 Bogovićeva ulica, Zagreb 10000
  • Open Monday–Sunday 08:00–02:00
Cheap 'n' tasty
Kava Tava Tkalčićeva
  • 12 Tkalčićeva ulica, Zagreb 10000
  • Open Monday–Sunday 07:00–00:00
Cheap 'n' tasty
  • 9 Ulica Nikole Tesle, Zagreb 10000
  • Open Monday–Saturday 09:00–23:00, Sunday 10:00–22:00
Good value
Mundoaka street food
  • 2 Petrinjska ulica, Zagreb 10000
  • Open Monday–Thursday 09:00–00:00, Friday–Saturday 09:00–01:00
Cheap 'n' tasty
La Štruk
  • 5 Skalinska ulica, Zagreb 10000
  • Open Monday–Saturday 11:00–10:00
Cheap 'n' tasty
Umami grill
  • 3 Skalinska ulica, Zagreb 10000
  • Open Monday–Saturday 11:00–11:00, Sunday 11:00–17:00
Cheap 'n' tasty
  • 6 Vlaška ulica, Zagreb 10000
  • Open Monday–Saturday 08:00–22:00, Sunday 09:00–22:00
Cheap 'n' tasty
  • 7 Ilica, Zagreb 10000
  • Open Monday–Sunday 07:00–23:30
Cheap 'n' tasty
Koykan World Food
  • 8 Ulica Ljudevita Gaja, Zagreb 10000
  • Open Monday–Thursday 10:00–00:30, Friday–Saturday 10:00–03:30
Cheap 'n' tasty
  • 9 Ulica Ljudevita Gaja, Zagreb 10000
  • Open Monday–Saturday 11:00–18:00
Good value
La Bodega
  • 5 Bogovićeva ulica, Zagreb 10000
  • Open Monday–Tuesday 08:00–00:00, Wednesday–Saturday 08:00-02:00, Sunday 08:00–00:00
Cheap 'n' tasty
Good Food
  • 7 Ulica Nikole Tesle, Zagreb 10000
  • Open Monday–Thursday 11:00–01:00, Friday 11:00–02:00, Saturday 10:00-02:00, Sunday 11:00–00:00
Cheap 'n' tasty
The Cookie Factory
  • 21 Tkalčićeva ulica, Zagreb 10000
  • Open Monday–Sunday 09:00–23:00
Cheap 'n' tasty
Torte i to Café u Atriju
  • 7 Ulica Nikole Tesle, Zagreb 10000
  • Open Monday–Wednesday 08:00–00:00, Thursday–Saturday 08:00-02:00, Sunday 08:00–00:00
Good value
Kaptolska Klet
  • 5 Kaptol, Zagreb 10000
  • Open Monday–Sunday 11:00–00:00
Good value
  • 14 Bistroteka, Zagreb 10000
  • Open Monday–Thursday 08:30–01:00, Friday–Saturday 08:30–01:00
Good value
Binimoto Sushi
  • 14 Teslina ulica, Zagreb 10000
  • Open Monday–Friday 10:00–00:00
Good value
Royal India
  • 27 Kaptol, Zagreb 10000
  • Open Monday–Saturday 12:00–23:00, Sunday 13:00–23:00
Good value
Rocket Burger Cafe
  • 44 Tkalčićeva ulica, Zagreb 10000
  • Open Monday–Thursday 11:00–23:00, Friday 11:00–00:00, Saturday 10:00–00:00, Sunday 10:00–22:00
Good value
Ribice i tri točkice
  • 7/1 Ulica Petra Preradovića, Zagreb 10000
  • Open Monday–Sunday 09:00–00:00
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