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Galerius Adventure Spa and Wellness Centre
Open all year round, this sauna heaven receives thermal water from a nearby town, allowing guests to bathe in wonderfully warm water. The spa also includes ten pools, a giant slide, a spa bath and two sauna blocks – one of which is underground! For visiting families, water activities and a playhouse are on offer for younger guests.
Siófok Beaches
Head to one of Siófok’s many public or private beaches for golden sands and turquoise waters. As the sun sets, many beaches turn into trendy nightlife spots, especially in the summer season – perfect for a sandy shindig! Free access beaches are normally less crowded and more popular with families. If you’re after aquatic activities, head to the Beach Club resort.
Evangelist Church
The first thing that grabs you about this beautiful church is its unique architecture. The entire structure resembles a mythical Hindu bird known as a garuda. Walk through the winged entrance to explore the inner treasures, including wonderful artwork and the Calvary Cross – a symbol of eternal life. If you’re visiting in summer you might be lucky enough to catch an organ concert.

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Veoma dobar
Centar grada je lep i interesantan,jeli smo u hotelu a u gradu smo posecivali kafice pili dobro pivo i poslasticarnice jeli dobar sladoled.Vozali se brodicem i iznajmili u hotelu bicikla i ceo dan obilazili parkove i obalu.
3. maj 2016.
Voda je kao morska odlicna cista plava i jedva cekam da opet posetim siofok
29. jun 2016.

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Hotel La Riva

9 Izvanredan

Prosečna ocena 635 recenzija/-e

RSD 7.189

Prosečna cena noćenja
Mala Garden Design Hotel

9,7 Izuzetan

Prosečna ocena 807 recenzija/-e

RSD 11.304

Prosečna cena noćenja
  • „savršen kvalitet hrane”
    47 povezanih recenzija
  • „predivno osoblje”
    39 povezanih recenzija
  • „predivna zgrada”
    38 povezanih recenzija
Hotel Azur Premium

8,9 Sjajan

Prosečna ocena 726 recenzija/-e

RSD 15.995

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Luxury Spa & Conference Hotel

8,2 Veoma dobar

Prosečna ocena 1 339 recenzija/-e

RSD 5.800

Prosečna cena noćenja
  • „veoma čisto i uredno”
    45 povezanih recenzija
  • „savršen kvalitet hrane”
    38 povezanih recenzija
  • „fantastičan pogled”
    37 povezanih recenzija
Hotel Corso

9 Izvanredan

Prosečna ocena 397 recenzija/-e

RSD 4.586

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Hotel Azur Siofok

8,2 Veoma dobar

Prosečna ocena 933 recenzija/-e

RSD 9.179

Prosečna cena noćenja
  • „odličan bazen”
    61 povezana recenzija
  • „savršen kvalitet hrane”
    42 povezane recenzije
  • „predivno osoblje”
    26 povezanih recenzija
Premium Hotel Panoráma

7,9 Dobar

Prosečna ocena 245 recenzija/-e

RSD 7.065

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Residence Balaton Wellness Hotel

9 Izvanredan

Prosečna ocena 446 recenzija/-e

RSD 7.808

Prosečna cena noćenja
CE Plaza Hotel

7,6 Dobar

Prosečna ocena 401 recenzija/-e

RSD 4.338

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The private beach area costs 1000 HUF to get in for the day. A beach chair runs 800 HUF. The only sand to speak of is at what used to be the Coke Club, but their is plenty of grass to lay down in.

Villa Italia - owned and managed by native italian (seasonal) Otosfogat Vendeglo - best quality / price u can get. Owner has a butcher shop, food is heavy, like in an avatage hingarian home

Go to the convenient store located amongst all the clubs. Buy a few beers or a bottle of liquor for 1/4 of the price of the clubs.

Palace is WOW! Extremely high class clubbing for a good deal rates. I welcomed you are not allowed to smoke on most of the places.


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