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Smalsu, kokių smagių ir išskirtinių patarimų turi vietovėje Legianas buvę keliautojai?

Papasakokite, kodėl į jus panašiems žmonėms patiks miesto Legianas parduotuvės?

Julie, Australija

prieš 11 dienų Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

Although there are many small cheap shops along Jalan Legian, this is not my favourite area to buy things - Seminyak is quieter and less of a hassle. Hardys and silver shops in Sanur are good along with the Geneva store for souvenirs and household goods. Ace hardware is another interesting store to explore.

Paplūdimys skirtingiems žmonėms reiškia skirtingus dalykus. Ką miesto Legianas paplūdimys reiškė jums?

Anonimas, Nežinoma vietovė

prieš 3 dienas Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

Its a great place to watch the sun set and just think... The colours in the sky are wonderful... loved Bali

Ar mieste Legianas yra daugiau vietų apsipirkti nei tik žinomiausių prekės ženklų parduotuvėse?

Robin, Australija

prieš 7 dienas Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

The Matahari and Centro Malls are a bit over-priced and many items are available at street stalls/markets for a cheaper and negotiable price. I found the clothes much the same from shop to shop - suitable for your Bali beach holiday but not always suitable for home-life. Seminyak has lots of designer shops but over-priced and not good value, especially the jewellery!

Kur patartumėte pavalgyti keliautojams, kuriems nepatinka turistų lankomos vietos?

Jessica, Australija

prieš 7 dienas Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

Kori is a good mid ranged restaurant, very good quality good.
Sheppy's bar a favourite with west Australians, cheap food and drink. Owned by Aussies,
chips are a small serving in all restaurants as potatoes not easily accessible
Jokers bar very good and staff very friendly

Kodėl miestą Legianas rekomenduotumėte del maisto?

Olivershill, Australija

prieš 2 dienas Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

Love the Indonesian style food which is so cheap! You can afford to live like a King, eating Seafood everyday if you like and it is all cooked fresh with beautiful flavours. There are so many restaurants to choose from you can eat somewhere different everyday and night.

Papasakokite apie geriausias atostogų akimirkas mieste - Legianas.

Heath, Australija

prieš 1 dieną Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

So many great massages. Beach massages were even better than the shops. You should pay about the same rate no matter where the massage. Approx. 60-70,000 IDR for one hour and 40-45,000 IDR for 30mins.

Ko turėtumėte vengti, kad gerai pasilinksmintumėte mieste Legianas?

wayne, Australija

prieš 30 dienų Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

Don't avoid legian nightlife avoid kuta nightlife lol I say that as al 31 yr old male

Koks geriausias būdas mėgautis saulėlydžiu mieste Legianas?

Anonimas, Nežinoma vietovė

prieš 3 dienas Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

going down to the beach and you grab yourself a chair and umbrella and just sit down while you will be waited on hand and foot. you get table service. sitting with a bintang watching the world go by is to me the best way to take in the sunset

Kodėl miesto Legianas žmonės jums pasirodė draugiški?

Suzanne, Australija

prieš 18 dienų Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

The Local people we came into contact with were very friendly and helpful from the waiter in the Lemongrass restaurant to our barman from the Hotel and the barman next door who have now become friends on Facebook with my son. Rini from across the road in the market who sold clothes we become friends and l would go and sit with her to chat. Its the little things like this that make a trip. Its all about getting to know the people. Our driver Juli was amazing just an ordinary family man who gave in depth information on the Balinese culture which made my son really change his perception of Bali, he was very impressed with the people and culture.

Kas jums labiausiai patiko miesto Legianas baruose?

Jessica, Australija

prieš 7 dienas Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

Sky garden cheap food and drink - avoid from 5 to 6pm if you don't wAnt the free beer.

Ką galėtumėte papasakoti apie burlenčių sportą mieste Legianas?

Heath, Australija

prieš 1 dieną Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

Hired a board for 50,000 IDR for 2 hour sessions. Was given a rash vest included in the charge and shown where to catch waves for my ability.
  • Pasivaikščiojimas paplūdimyje 181 apibūdinimas
  • 4 atsakymai

Kaip būtų galima pagerinti miesto Legianas paplūdimius, kad juose būtų malonu pasivaikščioti?

Mark, Australija

prieš 9 dienas Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

The only bad thing is some rubbish gets washed up, but that happens on every beach

Kaip geriausia dėrėtis miesto Legianas turguose?

Jessica, Australija

prieš 7 dienas Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

Go to fixed price shops - generally reasonable
Remember these people have to make a living as well, don't be too stingy.
$5 for t shirts is reasonable and $10-$20 for a bag

Kodėl Legianas jums leido pasijusti lyg namuose?

Julie, Australija

prieš 29 dienas Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

Staff are beautiful and friendly so patient with young children and the pools are so clean that children as young as 8 months to 7 years have never ever been sick or suffered any ear infections after spending every day for 10 days in the pool.Gardens are beautifully maintained and add to the wonderful experience of tropical relaxation.
We feel every trip as if we are home when we arrive and the total experience is a very very enjoyable holiday.
  • Sveikatingumo SPA centrai 82 apibūdinimai
  • 3 atsakymai

Kokiais SPA ar kitokiais malonumais galima pasimėgauti mieste Legianas?

Jodee, Australija

prieš 5 dienas Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

saka healing is fantastic(top massage and healing)

Kaip geriausia praleisti dieną miesto Legianas kavinėse?

Rommy, Indonezija

prieš 30 dienų Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

just walking around the legian street you will found many cafés also come to popies area there's so Much cheap cafe

Kokį patarimą duotumėte norintiems pasivaikščioti po parduotuves?

ThePearl, Australija

prieš 11 dienų Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

Look them straight in the face, smile, say hello and ask how they are (if you do this in Bahasa it is better, eg "Good morning! How are you?" is "Selamat pagi! Apa kabar?") and then say in a pleasant, soft voice, "No, thank you" or (Tidak, terima kasih). If you don't have time or want to say good morning, then just go with the pleasant, soft "No, thank you. Have a good day!" with a smile.

Apibūdinkite gamtą mieste - Legianas.

Lisa, Australija

prieš 18 dienų Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

Legian's pace is a bit slower than Kuta. More suitable for families and more mature travellers who don"t want to stay in the night club zone. Great restaurants and sunset beach bars.

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