Motive principale pentru a vizita:

  • Cumpărături (1923)
  • Viaţă de noapte (1614)
  • Pub-uri (1439)
  • Gastronomie (1218)
  • Muzică live (907)
  • Oameni prietenoşi (798)
  • Restaurante (717)
  • Peisaj (700)
  • Cultură (681)
  • Atmosferă (657)

Galway a fost foarte apreciat pentru excursie în oraș de 2 clienţi din România!

Sunteți curios să aflați ce sfaturi interesante și amuzante oferă cei care au călătorit în Galway?

Unde se poate asculta muzică live în Galway?

Maureen, Canada

Acum 22 zile Raportaţi

The pedestrian streets were full of good food and great music! Trip to Aran Islands was fabulous. We had a blast! Would have liked to stay longer!

Descrieţi ce experienţă de cumpărături ar avea alte persoane ca dumneavoastră în Galway.

Anonim, Locație necunoscută

Acum 11 zile Raportaţi

It has all the big stores, it also has a lovely Saturday market with crafts & food. It is a compact, pedestrian city that you can stroll around easily with plenty of coffee shops you can rest your feet.
Train/Bus station leaves you in the centre of the city

Locuitorii din Galway sunt prietenoși? Spuneți-ne povestea dumneavoastră.

Marlene, Canada

Acum 28 zile Raportaţi

We loved the cab drivers who provided advice, suggestions, and just local banter and information. Folks would stop and seeing a group offer without asking to take group pics for us. Meant locals on bus too - and they would chat away and offer help and directions or just a smile and welcome to Ireland. Refreshing coming from a big city whereby folks just pass on by - truly a magical place for the spirit

De ce aţi recomanda oraşul Galway pentru mâncare?

Jimmy, Irlanda

Acum 1 zi Raportaţi

Murty Rabbits pub just across from the hotel has to be one of the best places I have ever eaten food, both the taste and presentation was of a very high standard.

De ce atmosfera din Galway este un motiv de entuziasm din partea călătorilor?

Emma, Irlanda

Acum 5 zile Raportaţi

It is a unique atmosphere to a city that has the perfect mix of Irish culture, rural countryside, coast line and city

Ce locuri recomandaţi celor care doresc să evite să mănânce într-un local pentru turişti?

Anonim, Locație necunoscută

Acum 14 zile Raportaţi

Highly recommend Brasserie on the Corner

Highly recommend Brasserie on the Corner for dinner and Cupán Té for lunch/afternoon tea

Ce efect are peisajul din Galway asupra dumneavoastră?

Anonim, Locație necunoscută

Acum 3 zile Raportaţi

It makes us want to go back more than one more time. It is stunningly beautiful whether it's cloudy, rainy or sunny. You don't go to Ireland and expect sunny days every day you go for the people and the magnificent beauty and scenery. Probably the best we have ever seen in our travels. Especially the Ring of Kerry.

Ce ar trebui să evitați pentru a profita la maximum de viața de noapte din Galway?

Ciara, Irlanda

Acum 13 zile Raportaţi

Thursday nights in town are very busy as Galway has a high student population. Also one restaurant we are in a had a large group of students. We got sat in a corner and were forgotten about. Plus they were so noisy we couldn't talk. Avoid crowds of students if looking for a romantic meal. I would have been too embarrassed to get up and leave in hindsight I should have as it ruined our romantic anniversary meal.

Cum vă puteți bucura de cea mai autentică experiență culturală în Galway?

Emma, Irlanda

Acum 5 zile Raportaţi

Explore Quay Street area and bars by night and head out along the coast during the day - Salthill, Spiddal, Bearna or Connemara

Povestiți-ne care au fost momentele cele mai relaxante petrecute în Galway.

Anonim, Locație necunoscută

Acum 1 zi Raportaţi

We had a very relaxing break. Taking in some very friendly pub/restaurants. Relaxing walks on the prom in Salthill.

Ce v-a plăcut cel mai mult în Galway?

John, Irlanda

Acum 7 zile Raportaţi

The "Gay Pride" parade was very colourfull on Saturday 24/08/2014 - it only lacked The Rose of Tralee.
The street entertainer "McNamaras Band" with cardboard cutout figures of famous personalities as the musicians amused many children and adults alike. Reward him/her for the simple idea which adds to the carnival air of Galway.

S-au ridicat spectacolele de teatru din Galway la înălţimea reputaţiei lor?

Stella, Irlanda

Acum 30 zile Raportaţi

The Town Hall Theatre is a lovely venue and there is always something going on there

Există alte opțiuni ideale pentru cumpărături în Galway decât magazinele de marcă?

Sean, Irlanda

Acum 27 zile Raportaţi

All the unusual famous side street shops and the helpful, friendly store staff

De ce ar trebui orașul Galway să ofere un rol mai important muzicienilor de stradă în turismul local?

John, Irlanda

Acum 7 zile Raportaţi

They lift the spirits of the visitors to Galway and create an athmosphere of friendship and joy that is missing in other Irish cities. Having been once you will be looking forward to a return visit.

Cum se poate vizita oraşul Galway evitând în acelaşi timp aglomeraţia?

Sharon, Marea Britanie

Acum 16 zile Raportaţi

Its hard to avoid crowds unless you are visiting remote areas. Both the drive and visit to Cong were exceptional

De ce spun oamenii că orașul Galway trebuie vizitat pe jos?

Catherine Noke
Catherine Noke, Statele Unite ale Americii

Acum 22 zile Raportaţi

You can get around the whole city on foot in a day - see the university, cathedral, canal walk, Salthill. You'll save money, & get some exercise.

Prin ce reînvie istoria în Galway?

Teresa, Irlanda

Acum 15 zile Raportaţi

The city is well preserved, there are lots of churches, castles and historical sights to explore, all in and around the city centre.

Ce v-a plăcut cel mai mult la pub-urile din Galway?

Anonim, Locație necunoscută

Acum 3 zile Raportaţi

The friendliness and happy people who are interested in tourists and want to have a good time and no aggression or violence, just good clean fun.

Unde se găseşte cea mai bună bere în Galway?

Steven, Marea Britanie

Acum 25 zile Raportaţi

The Cottage Bar just off the seafront sells local beer brewed at Galway Bay brewery-'Buried at Sea' is a lovely chocolate milk stout recommended for those not quite used to Guinness.

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