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15 clients habitant en France ont fortement recommandé Killarney pour le thème randonnée !

Vous souhaitez découvrir des astuces et anecdotes amusantes de voyageurs qui connaissent Killarney ?

Que vous évoque le paysage de cette ville : Killarney ?

riccardo, Irlande

il y a 23 jours Signaler

To be honest killarney is a poor town there isn't much to do at all its very small and if your looking to go out for food it's very limited scenery is nice though

Killarney : comment faire pour profiter pleinement de cette ville tout en évitant la foule ?

Katharine, États-Unis

il y a 8 jours Signaler

Skip the bus tours and hire a cab for the day. The cabbies are all so knowledgeable and accommodating. They will also tell you the off peak times to visit sites like Mucross house, the Kerry woolen mills and other sites.

Killarney : qu'est-ce qui rend les habitants de cette ville si aimables ? Dites-nous tout !

Henry, Irlande

il y a 6 jours Signaler

Met a very nice man on the horse and carriage ride up to see Ross castle. He was very good to include every person was included in the tour, Made to tour interesting for kids as well as adults

Pourquoi recommanderiez-vous la cuisine de cette ville : Killarney ?

Ricky, États-Unis

il y a 20 jours Signaler

I'd have to say the porridge was yummy for breakfast. We are way too much and the desserts....omg

Pourquoi vaut-il mieux visiter Killarney à pied ?

Maeve, États-Unis

il y a 20 jours Signaler

There are a lot of one-way streets and small streets, best seen when you can look around and not have to focus on the driving.

Décrivez-nous la nature à : Killarney.

Jennifer, États-Unis

il y a 4 jours Signaler

Beautiful tall mountains as a backdrop, rich green woods all around, national park has wonderful trails for walking or horse-drawn tours

Pourquoi les gens s’extasient-ils sur l’ambiance de : Killarney ?

Julie, Irlande

il y a 26 jours Signaler

Its a place can enjoy themselves while feeling safe and welcomed day and night.

Décrivez le meilleur moyen de trouver des lacs à : Killarney.

Stuart, Royaume-Uni

il y a 26 jours Signaler

Head to Ross Castle and take a tour on one of the boats. We went on one of the larger more 'touristy' boats but it looked like the smaller boats were just as good.

Racontez-nous vos meilleurs moments de détente à : Killarney.

Anne, Irlande

il y a 22 jours Signaler

walking around the area with beautiful views and friendly people

Quel lieu touristique représente le mieux Killarney ?

Gerald, Irlande

il y a 21 jours Signaler

Torc waterfall and Sullivans cascade, but it is a long walk from car park. [ 40 minutes].

Où peut-on assister à des concerts à : Killarney ?

Jacqueline, Royaume-Uni

il y a 5 jours Signaler

Terrific traditional Irish music in nearly every pub.

Si vous sortez le soir, que déconseillez-vous de faire à : Killarney ?

Joseph, Irlande

il y a 30 jours Signaler

The only bad thing about my trip was going to the Chinese restaurant the Corner House Food was cold and the service was very bad. Note we were the only two in the restaurant

Dites-nous en plus sur une aventure que vous avez vécue sur place...

Julie, Irlande

il y a 26 jours Signaler

we were able to treck up the gap of dunloe the weather beautiful and conducive to hours of relaxing ambling with spectular views. Walks through the national park and boat trips on the lake loved every minute.
  • Balades à la campagne 58 recommandations
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Où fait-on les plus belles balades champêtres à : Killarney ?

patrick, Irlande

il y a 18 jours Signaler

The lake walk is very long/short.Bring the usual walking gear.

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