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Akureyri Church
This imposing Lutheran church dominates the Akureyri skyline from its hilltop perch. Inside, stark white walls are flecked with jewel-bright stained glass, while a sailing ship hangs from the ceiling – a Norse tradition said to safeguard loved ones at sea. Settle down on a bench outside for fresh air and fantastic views of the city, mountains and fjord.
Myvatn Lake and Nature Reserve
Just an hour’s drive east of Akureyri, this wetland reserve is a hotbed of volcanic activity, from bubbling mud pits to lava formations. Myvatn Lake’s waters are a haven for wading birds, with more duck species found here than anywhere else on Earth. The lake’s name translates as ‘midge water’, and for good reason – be sure to bring insect repellent if you visit!
Akureyri Museum
This local museum serves up a snapshot of life in and around Akureyri – northern Iceland’s biggest town. Two permanent exhibitions show off artifacts and historical finds, from Viking settlement to the present day. A packed agenda of events keeps visitors entertained, while the surrounding gardens are a perfect summer picnic spot.

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Icelandair Hotel Akureyri

8,6 Sjajan

Ocjena se temelji na 389 recenzija

HRK 740

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Hotel Akureyri

8,4 Vrlo dobar

Ocjena se temelji na 533 recenzija

HRK 811

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  • „lokacija je bila odlična”
    50 povezanih recenzija
  • „fantastično osoblje”
    50 povezanih recenzija
  • „odlična kvaliteta hrane”
    23 povezane recenzije
Hotel Kea by Keahotels

8,3 Vrlo dobar

Ocjena se temelji na 325 recenzija

HRK 796

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Hotel Nordurland by Keahotels

8,5 Vrlo dobar

Ocjena se temelji na 314 recenzija

HRK 684

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Hotel Kjarnalundur

8,4 Vrlo dobar

Ocjena se temelji na 407 recenzija

HRK 723

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Akureyri Holiday Apartments

9,2 Izvanredan

Ocjena se temelji na 88 recenzija

HRK 1.859

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Halllandsnes Apartments

9,6 Izuzetan

Ocjena se temelji na 210 recenzija

HRK 1.859

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Saeluhus Apartments & Houses

9,2 Izvanredan

Ocjena se temelji na 888 recenzija

HRK 736

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  • „vrlo čisto i uredno”
    122 povezane recenzije
  • „prekrasan pogled”
    99 povezanih recenzija
  • „dobro opremljena kuhinja”
    76 povezanih recenzija
Old Town Modern Apartment

8,9 Sjajan

Ocjena se temelji na 70 recenzija

HRK 967

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Preporučeno u gradu 'Akureyri'

We enjoy hill walking and were able to walk up to the ski area (Hlidarfjall) straight from the Saeluhus apartment, about half on main road and the rest up a quiet mountain road from which we had good views. Information on other footpath or hill walking paths (if they exist) was limited.

Akureyri has a very fresh feel to it. In my opinion, the town and indeed the whole country benefits from a high level of civic pride.

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