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Reikjavikas gavo aukštą įvertinimą, kaip gamta iš 1 svečių iš Lietuvos!

Smalsu, kokių smagių ir išskirtinių patarimų turi vietovėje Reikjavikas buvę keliautojai?

Kodėl miestą Reikjavikas rekomenduotumėte del maisto?

DAIN, Jungtinės Amerikos Valstijos

prieš 23 dienas Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

Three places you must go in Reykjavik for food: Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur (hot dog), Grillmarkadurinn (fresh seafood and meat), and Noodle Station. At Grillmarkadurinn, we tried whale, puffin and lobster mini burgers and the fish gourmet, and we were amazed how good they were, especially the puffin meat.

Apibūdinkite gamtą mieste - Reikjavikas.

kornkaew, Tailandas

prieš 7 dienas Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

Good management of tourist system.Transportation for tourist is convenient to door of every hotel and apartment.We choose two highlight daytours;Golden circle Tour,South shore and Glacier Tour.Fantastic both, we love all the breathtaking views.Also happy in Blue lagoon.Recommendation for sightseeing;Hallgrimskirkja church-get the elevator to tower,700 isk. to see the panorama of Reykjavik.Don't miss Einar Jonsson Museum at the oppsit of left corner of Hallgrimskirkja-Fantastic sculptures in the garden,free and open 24 hours.Walk or take the bus to Perlan-great panorama on the mountain.Harpa Conference and Concert Center-an amazing building,one of the must-see inside and walk down from the top.Walking around the pond-take the photo of Frikirkjan i Reykjavik church, see swan and many kinds of birds.Dinner at Krau Thai-Thai restaurent near the harbour,test PadThai- cheep and dilicious.

Kokį įspūdį jums paliko miesto Reikjavikas peizažas?

Claudia, Rumunija

prieš 25 dienas Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

Reykjavik with its small houses in lovely colors is a very unusual capital city. I liked it the most as it looked perfect at winter ( December) with all the Christmas lights on. Getting lost on the small streets full of colorful houses is a wonderful experience. The museums, Saga, Maritime museum and 781+-2 are great. Check them out.

Kur galima pasimėgauti šaltiniais mieste Reikjavikas?

WhaleWatcher, Jungtinės Amerikos Valstijos

prieš 25 dienas Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

We went to both the Blue Lagoon and the Fontana. Both were great, but I liked the smaller scale and cold water plunges at the Fontana.

Kur patartumėte pavalgyti keliautojams, kuriems nepatinka turistų lankomos vietos?

Zoe, Didžioji Britanija

prieš 1 dieną Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

Thanks to various blogs, we found Glo, just off Laugervegur - an organic/vegan/raw/healthfood restaurant offering vegan dish of the day for reasonable prices. Having expected as vegetarians to do badly in Iceland, this place was a delightful find, and I'd highly recommend it. Seemed to be popular with locals rather than tourists, although the staff were fluent in English as was true in most places around the capital. Not totally vegan, but the menu is clearly labelled and staff were happy to explain.

Kokios jūros gėrybės jums patiko mieste Reikjavikas?

Stephanie, Jungtinės Amerikos Valstijos

prieš 11 dienų Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

Fylgifiskar is a hidden gem off the beaten path in Reykjavik. Some of the best fish I ate the entire trip. Well worth the extra walk.

Kur geriausia paplaukioti mieste Reikjavikas?

David, Didžioji Britanija

prieš 25 dienas Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

I went to four pools and deliberately avoided the blue lagoon as I wanted to see the locals. They were all a bit different and very good but because the language is indecipherable to me I couldn't tell you now which ones I went to.
My advice would be to go to a different one each day you are there.

Ką geriausia aplankyti mieste Reikjavikas?

Mariana, Turkija

prieš 17 dienų Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

Golden circle tour, blue lagoon, geysir, waterfalls, Northern lights tour.

Ar mieste Reikjavikas yra daugiau vietų apsipirkti nei tik žinomiausių prekės ženklų parduotuvėse?

Martin, Didžioji Britanija

prieš 24 dienas Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

You really have to hunt hard to find any global brand names in the old part of Reykjavik. Iceland is clearly proud of its own produce - food, clothing, music, hand crafts etc. The brands you see are local and high quality. Reykjavik has shopping malls outside the centre of town and I'm sure you wouldn't be disappointed if you were looking for Nike, Adidas, Starbucks, MacDonalds etc, but you probably wouldn't bother going to Iceland if these were your main interests!!

Kaip pamatyti miesto Reikjavikas lankytinas vietas ir išvengti minių?

Mark, Nyderlandai

prieš 19 valandų Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

Tough one. The summer months are swarming with visitors. Although this made Reykjavik a fun and vibrant place. Reykjavik Excursions offer trips to all the main sights in Iceand for those who wish to escape the city.

Papasakokite, kaip prisiartinti prie veikiančio ugnikalnio mieste Reikjavikas?

Rose-Marie, Didžioji Britanija

prieš 30 dienų Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

Unfortunately, unless you can afford an expensive mini flight or helicopter tour, it wasn't possible to see a volcano up close. The areas are restricted as they are too dangerous. Hekla was the only one we saw from a distance.
  • Sveikatingumo SPA centrai 110 apibūdinimų
  • 7 atsakymai

Kokiais SPA ar kitokiais malonumais galima pasimėgauti mieste Reikjavikas?

Mariana, Turkija

prieš 17 dienų Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

Although it is quite pricey, the blue lagoon was a fun experience and relaxing. The facilities were very good, you get free hot cocoa with whipped cream yum. Helps sustains you through the day if you can't afford the pricey meals and sandwiches. They give free 10 minute shoulder massages and if you want, you can get a facial or full-body massage. The free silica mud made my hair stiff but my face was amazingly smooth after.
  • Pasivaikščiojimas po miestą 196 apibūdinimai
  • 7 atsakymai

Koks geriausias būdas pamatyti miestą Reikjavikas pėsčiomis?

Gregory, Didžioji Britanija

prieš 27 dienas Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

Free city guide (you can find him by Internet search), take a walk around the small lakes, along the coast path past the Harpa Centre and around the back streets of the town centre and Laugavegur Street. There are also plenty of parks within the city limits.

Kokį patarimą duotumėte pirmą kartą į žygį besileidžiančiam keliautojui mieste Reikjavikas?

Nicholas, Jungtinės Amerikos Valstijos

prieš 11 dienų Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

If you rent a car and drive out of the city, be sure to get a 4x4, the bigger the better. We went to Freidland od Fjallabaki and had to deal with some river crossings that didn't have a bridge. Super exciting, and we made it, some of the smaller SUVs weren't able to drive through such deep water.

Papasakokite, kodėl miestą Reikjavikas galima vadinti nepamirštamo skonio miestu?

Nicholas, Singapūras

prieš 14 dienų Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

Very unique food offerings, although nothing is cheap in the city because of high tax. If you want to eat out, quality and quantity is worth the price, though; if you want to buy alcohol or chocolates or sweets back home, you'd do better to buy at the airport where it can go to nearly half the price since it's tax-free. Chocolates and alcohol are nearly twice the price in the city.

Papasakokite, kodėl į jus panašiems žmonėms patiks miesto Reikjavikas parduotuvės?

Nicholas, Jungtinės Amerikos Valstijos

prieš 11 dienų Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

Remember to get the "tax return" receipts and you can get all your taxes/duty returned to you at the airport! You save around 20% this way. It worked for us and was easy.

Kodėl miesto Reikjavikas žmonės jums pasirodė draugiški?

Anne, Didžioji Britanija

prieš 6 dienas Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

So helpful. Bus drivers in UK could learn a lot from all the drivers in Iceland. Nothing is too much trouble and on our last day the bus driver offered to keep our luggage on the bus for us until he took us to the airport later in the day. Everything is so well-organised, very impressed with levels off service.

Kokie lankytini objektai jums labiausiai patiko mieste Reikjavikas?

Rose-Marie, Didžioji Britanija

prieš 30 dienų Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

We saw Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss waterfalls, Dyrholaey and Reynishverfi rock formations, Vik, village, blue lagoon, Myrdalsjokull glacier...

Papasakokite apie geriausias atostogų akimirkas mieste - Reikjavikas.

Nicholas, Didžioji Britanija

prieš 7 dienas Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

Close to the guest house was a geothermal baths which was fantastic,it only cost £3.50 for the whole day, which for prices in Reykjavik is really good

Kur mieste Reikjavikas galima rasti autentišką vietinę kultūrą?

Gerald, Kanada

prieš 22 dienas Žymėti, kaip netinkamą

After trying a few things on our own, we began asking opinions of hotel staff. They pointed us in many good directions.

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