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Istanbul Turska, Marmara Region

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58 gostiju iz Hrvatske visoko je ocijenilo 'Istanbul' za: shopping!

Zanimaju vas zabavne i jedinstvene preporuke gostiju koji poznaju odredište 'Istanbul'?

Istanbul: Kako se može razgledavati ovaj grad pritom izbjegavajući velike gužve?

Alexandru, Moldavija

Prije 6 dana Prijavi

Get up early. Most museums open at 9 AM. Crowds are already gathering before opening. If you go later than 10 AM to Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sofia, Basilica Cistern - you're gonna have a bad time. Queues are hundreds of meters long, going slow. The rest of the monuments have reasonable queues, and can be visited later in the day.
Don't go to Taksim Square, or on the road that leads from Taksim to Galata Tower if you don't like large crowds. There are millions of people on that main street.
Might help getting a museum pass. At the time of our visit, it would've made up for its cost, and we wouldn't have to wait in long queues because we'd get an express pass.

Zbog čega Istanbul odiše poviješću?

Dan, Sjedinjene Američke Države

Prije 20 dana Prijavi

Istanbul is a bustling city with a dramatic backdrop of mosques and muslim culture. Turkish people are very proud to be part of such a great nation, but they are also very humble and welcoming to guests. I loved my time there.

Zašto biste preporučili ovaj grad za uživanje u hrani: Istanbul?

Haneen, Ujedinjeni Arapski Emirati

Prije 14 dana Prijavi

Turkish dishes, sweets and turkish cuisine is really delicious and intresting, traditional turkish dishes are really amazing, Turkish delights has like 100 different flavours, turkish coffee you should definitely try. Turkish baklawa also its really one of a kind and really delicious.

Opišite nam zašto je Istanbul odličan grad za shopping.

Veronika, Hrvatska

Prije 5 dana Prijavi

Oni vole cjenkanje, na bazarima pa cak i ducanima. Preporucam turski ducan "Koton", nesto slicno poput H&M-a, tamo se jedino ne moze cjenkati.

Postoje li dodatne mogućnosti za shopping u gradu 'Istanbul' osim najpopularnijih brendova?

Kristyna, Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo

Prije 5 dana Prijavi

Amazing cheap high quality Turkish brands.
My favourite: Desa, Derimod - for leather goods, Gizia - for fashion, Magic form - lingerie, Koton, Mudo, Collins - cheap clothes

Kako možete u potpunosti doživjeti kulturni život u gradu 'Istanbul'?

Veronika, Hrvatska

Prije 5 dana Prijavi

Preporucam voznju brodom po Mramornome moru. Iako se rezervira u nekoj od brojnih agencija u gradu, mozete se jos uvijek cjenkati.

Što ljude u gradu 'Istanbul' čini tako ljubaznima? Ispričajte nam svoju priču.

Subodh, Indija

Prije 10 dana Prijavi

The atmosphere. You can find most of these things in other places but not in market places with such heady atmosphere as in Istanbul. It is an experience to spend time in Grand Bazaar even if you buy nothing. Shopping areas in India, my country, are equally interesting but they tend to be dirty and full of traps like potholes and overflowing drains. Istanbul has the atmosphere without these problems. The place we liked most was Arasta Bazaar near the Blue Mosque.

Opišite najzanimljivije drevne znamenitosti koje nudi Istanbul.

Jacqueline, Australija

Prije 17 dana Prijavi

Each attraction has its own history and should you take the time to reflect on how these sites have been used you begin to understand the significance of Istanbul as a political and commercial centre both in the past and the future.

Zašto ne smijete propustiti znamenitosti grada 'Istanbul'?

Rozina, Nizozemska

Prije 18 dana Prijavi

The Blue Mosque is one of the most important monuments and is visited by many people. It is closed 5 times a day for prayer which makes it difficult to visit, it's always full of tourists and the line is extremely long. We couldn't get in in the morning but revisited it at 17:30 when it reopened for the last time that day and THERE WAS NO LINE! Wow! I'm not sure if we were lucky or it happens every day.

The Hagia Sofia, the Topkapi Palace, the Basilica Cistern and the Galata Tower are a must see. If you have more time then spend some time discover the Dolmabahce Palace as well.

Je li bilo jeftino, brzo, dobro objašnjeno? Zbog čega je snalaženje u gradu 'Istanbul' tako lako?

Alexandru, Moldavija

Prije 6 dana Prijavi

Good public transportation infrastructure. Plenty of maps everywhere. People are helpful. Get an Istanbulkart (card) as soon as you can. You can buy them at kiosks that sell cigarettes and snacks everywhere. It costs 7 Lira, and you can fill it with any amount of money you want. Normally it costs 3 lira to get on public transportation (with a coin/jeton). With the card, it costs 1.95 lira to get on, and 1.5 lira to transfer.
You can also use public transportation (with the same tariffs) to get on a boat across the Bosphorus. Take the tram to Eminonu station (Spice Bazaar), and from there, you can take one of 2 boat routes at 2 terminals. We took the one to Kadikoy in Asia (There is a nice market in Kadikoy, with lots of cafes and everything). From there, you may also find a route to Adalar (Prince's Islands), but we didn't check. Make your own boat tour. Explore. Ask the locals, they are VERY helpful.

Po čemu se kultura u gradu 'Istanbul' razlikuje od one kod kuće?

Anonimno, Lokacija nepoznata

Prije 5 dana Prijavi

The multicultural site of the city. Istanbul is East and West. Its culture is made by many nationalities lived there.. Othoman, Syrians, Greeks, Armenians, etc.. You can find people from Far east and at the same time from Europe...

Kako možete probati sva jela koja nudi Istanbul?

Edward, Sjedinjene Američke Države

Prije 22 dana Prijavi

Read the menu, look at what other people are eating, and ask questions about ingredients and how dishes are prepared. For example, some appetizers that are baked in Greece, are fried in Turkey. If you don't want to eat fried, you better ask.

Zašto svi hvale ugođaj u gradu 'Istanbul'?

Darrell, Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo

Prije 10 dana Prijavi

The area from Taksim square along istiklal caddesi in particular comes to life at night - the energy and pulse of a vibrant city in the air - it's great!

Koji je najbolji način obilaska grada 'Istanbul' pješice?

Christopher, Sjedinjene Američke Države

Prije 4 dana Prijavi

Highly recommend exploring the different neighborhoods by foot. We walked down to the ferries from our hotel and then hopped on a ferry over to another part of Istanbul (Üsküdar), Then walked around there, had lunch and then took another ferry to a different location (Käbatas). After exploring around there, we took a taxi to Ïstiklal street. We meandered down to Taksïm Square for people watching and then walked all the way to Galata Tower. We finished by walking across the Galata bridge and back through the Sultanahmet area back to our hotel, after stopping at a rooftop restaurant for dinner first.

Kamo bi ljudi trebali ići kako bi mogli jesti daleko od turističke vreve?

Marcin, Švicarska

Prije 23 dana Prijavi

Go to Kurabiye street close to Taksim square. You will find small restaurants serving lovely food with fresh fish, salads and meat for 1/2 of the price that you would pay downtown...

Zbog čega vam Istanbul nudi iskustvo klasičnog posjeta gradu?

Bratu, Rumunjska

Prije 25 dana Prijavi

Traditions, historical sites to visit, food experience, shopping experience as you have to negotiate the final price, cultural experiences. To feel the city is better to visit it in less crowded months.

Što treba izbjegavati ako želite maksimalno iskoristiti noćni život u gradu 'Istanbul'?

Rozina, Nizozemska

Prije 18 dana Prijavi

Why is this question so negative? :) The nightlife is amazing in Istanbul. We stayed at Beyoglu district, close to Taksim square and that area is full of bars, restaurants, clubs and a lot of people.

You can find hookah places, some of them serve alcohol as well, most of them only tea and coffee. Make sure to try the raki and some local wines. Many places have rooftop terrace, in a nice warm weather they're easy to enjoy all night.

This time we didn't have time for clubbing but we definitely want to try some at our next visit to Istanbul.

Koji su najzanimljiviji dijelovi povijesne jezgre grada 'Istanbul'?

Raymond, Australija

Prije 8 dana Prijavi

Blue mosque was the most picturesque site, with the Basilica Cisterns very interesting. Archaelogical museums very impressive with the age of artifacts dating back 3000 years. The size and grandeur of the Aya Sofya and the Topkapi Palace too were great.
The crowds of tourists can be off puting but choose your visiting times carefully and avoid peak times.

Što ste saznali o muzejima u gradu 'Istanbul', a nije bilo u vašim vodičima?

Albert, Kuvajt

Prije 2 dana Prijavi

The Military/Sea and Rahmi M. Koç museum were beyond our expectation in terms of staff courtesy and help. If we were Royalty we could not have been treated better. Also the depth as well as the scope of the collections are special.

Istanbul: Kako je na vas utjecao krajolik u tom odredištu?

Edward, Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo

Prije 6 dana Prijavi

I just love being there. The situation on the Bosporus and the Golden Horn is unique, and human beings over the centuries have made it more so. You really feel you are in the presence of history - past, present and future.

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