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Former home to the grand dukes of Tuscany, this Renaissance-styled gargantuan is a peephole into high society. Much of the residence remains in its original styling. Uncover how the 1% lived with a visit to their Royal Apartments. Or put on your history hat. The Carriage, Costume, and Silver museums will take you to school. Recess in Boboli Gardens with its grottos and green.

Gististaðir í nágrenninu
  • Piazza Pitti
Santa Maria Novella basilíkan

Minnisvarðar eða kennileiti

You don’t have to be religious to fall to your knees inside this 13th century Basilica. This architectural feat (be prepared to awe at its breadth) brims with masterworks from late, great Italians: Ghirlandaio frescoes, Giotto’s paintings and Alberti’s Renaissance facade. Built under Dominican supervision, the monks also gathered herbs and potions for Italy’s oldest pharmacy.

Gististaðir í nágrenninu
  • Piazza Santa Maria Novella
Ponte Vecchio


This is the oldest bridge of Florence, built in 1345 probably by Neri di Fioravante.

Gististaðir í nágrenninu
  • Ponte Vecchio
Piazza della Signoria


The piazza is the political center of Florence.

Gististaðir í nágrenninu
  • Piazza della Signoria
Strozzi höllin

Minnisvarðar eða kennileiti

A masterpiece of Renaissance architecture.

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  • via de' Tornabuoni
Fortezza da Basso


Major conference and exhibition center

Gististaðir í nágrenninu
  • Viale Filippo Strozzi 1

Gististaðir á og í nágrenni í Flórens

Firenze Number Nine Hotel & SPA

9,3 Framúrskarandi

Einkunn byggð á 1521 umsögnum

13.222 kr.

Meðalverð á nótt
  • 9 Dei Conti Street, Sögulegur miðbær Flórens, Flórens
Hotel Calzaiuoli

8,7 Frábært

Einkunn byggð á 2430 umsögnum

22.591 kr.

Meðalverð á nótt
  • Via Calzaiuoli 6, Sögulegur miðbær Flórens, Flórens
Hotel De La Ville

8,9 Frábært

Einkunn byggð á 2148 umsögnum

13.890 kr.

Meðalverð á nótt
  • Piazza Antinori 1, Sögulegur miðbær Flórens, Flórens
Grand Hotel Minerva

8,8 Frábært

Einkunn byggð á 2111 umsögnum

14.424 kr.

Meðalverð á nótt
  • Piazza Santa Maria Novella 16, Sögulegur miðbær Flórens, Flórens
Hotel Pendini

9 Framúrskarandi

Einkunn byggð á 2110 umsögnum

17.910 kr.

Meðalverð á nótt
  • Via Strozzi 2, Sögulegur miðbær Flórens, Flórens
Hotel della Signoria

9,2 Framúrskarandi

Einkunn byggð á 1559 umsögnum

16.588 kr.

Meðalverð á nótt
  • Via delle Terme 1, Sögulegur miðbær Flórens, Flórens
Atlantic Palace

8,4 Mjög gott

Einkunn byggð á 1525 umsögnum

13.102 kr.

Meðalverð á nótt
  • Via Nazionale 12, Sögulegur miðbær Flórens, Flórens
Grand Hotel Baglioni

8,3 Mjög gott

Einkunn byggð á 1696 umsögnum

18.698 kr.

Meðalverð á nótt
  • Piazza Unità Italiana 6, Sögulegur miðbær Flórens, Flórens
Hotel degli Orafi

9,2 Framúrskarandi

Einkunn byggð á 1016 umsögnum

14.758 kr.

Meðalverð á nótt
  • Lungarno Archibusieri 4, Sögulegur miðbær Flórens, Flórens
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Það besta við staðinn Flórens

You need to visit the Mercato centrale (first floor) the coolest place to eat and drink in Firenze The food is all cooked fresh with fresh ingredients and you can watch them prepare it, the variety is amazing for local foods pizza's, pasta, fish and meat all on offer at great prices The staff are brilliant and helpful always with a big smile Hundreds of locals use it to eat in so it has to be good it is open all day till midnight great for young and old alike This is a must do if in Firenze.........

Uffizi gallery, Palazzo Pitti gallery, Accademia gallery. Buy your tickets on the internet in order to avoid the long lines! Or buy the Florence Card! Duomo including climbing the cupola and the bell tower and visiting the beautiful Battistero - all for €10 altogether, in a single ticket. Also: Medici Chapel, Santa Croce church with the famous tombs, and Santa Maria Novella church. And lots more.... And there is beauty everywhere in Florence...

Several museums offer a reservation service. You can book your ticket up to one day before visiting at additional 4 EUR added to the ticket price. Another alternative is buying Florence city card which entitles you to enter most of the attractions and skip the line. However, the cost is 72 EUR, so if you do not plan to visit many attractions, it is better to use the option with reservation.

The art tended to be historic in nature. I was thrown when one of the art galleries had an exhibition of modern art. I thought this meant contemporary art but in fact it was art in the last century! We were fortunate to have left visits to 2 main art galleries on a Sunday when access was free.

To stand before Machiavelli's and Michelangelo's grave monuments in Santa Groce and think on all the years, people have taken care of the place, gives magnificent feeling. There is some hope for mankind, if such individuals have lived, and the monuments are kept and cared for so long.

We had a personal guide that we hired recommended by our hotel who gave us more insight into the stories behind the scenes which was invaluable.

Buy the Firenze card, skip the queues. Go out early. Walk. Go down side streets. Go to places away from the centre to get Florence to yourself.

Most shops are expensive ones however in the market we found great leather things with great prices

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