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Turquoise waters bubble up under a clear blue sky above Ischia’s volcanic terrain. Step off the beach into rocky coves, where the temperature varies from spot to spot, so you can ease away aches and pains. When hunger strikes, ditch the beach barbecue and make the most of the bubbling waters — pop your nibbles of choice in a pot and steam them in the simmering sea.
Poseidon Thermal Park & Garden
As the Bay of Citara sprawls in front of you, the toughest choice you’ll be faced with at Poseidon is which of the 20 pools to take a dip in. Tempting offers include a Japanese bath and thermal pools ranging from bubbling hot to cool and rejuvenating. Duck into the grotto’s natural sauna, or book a holistic therapy to make the most of this wellness haven.
Negombo Thermal Park & Garden
Ischia’s thermal mineral waters have been revered since Roman times. Today, their health-giving properties are celebrated at Negombo Thermal Park, where 12 hydrotherapy pools sit amid colourful landscaped gardens on the edge of San Montano Bay. The Japanese Labyrinth Bath soothes away sore feet, while the hidden grotto houses a hot tub, sauna and ice-cold plunge pool.
Nitrodi Spring
In need of a pick-me-up? The Nitrodi Spring’s healing waters are said to be heaven sent, with Ancient Romans attributing their restorative powers to Apollo himself. Nowadays, these volcanic hot springs are known as a natural wellness area, and Ischia locals swear by regular soaks to maintain good health and glowing skin.
Port of Ischia
Port of Ischia


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14 ℃ 7 ℃
13 ℃ 6 ℃
17 ℃ 9 ℃
19 ℃ 12 ℃
23 ℃ 15 ℃
28 ℃ 19 ℃
31 ℃ 22 ℃
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28 ℃ 19 ℃
23 ℃ 16 ℃
19 ℃ 13 ℃
15 ℃ 8 ℃
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Penginapan dan hotel di Ischia

Hotel San Giorgio Terme

8.9 Mengagumkan

Skor dari 374 reviu

MYR 456

Purata harga setiap malam
San Montano Resort & Spa

9.3 Hebat

Skor dari 225 reviu

MYR 748

Purata harga setiap malam
Miramare E Castello

8.7 Mengagumkan

Skor dari 229 reviu

MYR 432

Purata harga setiap malam
Hotel Ulisse

8.7 Mengagumkan

Skor dari 390 reviu

MYR 163

Purata harga setiap malam
Tenuta Del Poggio Antico

9.5 Luar biasa

Skor dari 303 reviu

MYR 384

Purata harga setiap malam
  • “bangunan cantik”
    64 reviu berkaitan
  • “kakitangan baik”
    61 reviu berkaitan
  • “pemandangan yang mengagumkan”
    48 reviu berkaitan
Hotel Rivamare

9.2 Hebat

Skor dari 457 reviu

MYR 259

Purata harga setiap malam
Hotel Oasi Castiglione

8.2 Sangat baik

Skor dari 264 reviu

MYR 319

Purata harga setiap malam
Semiramis Hotel De Charme

8.5 Sangat baik

Skor dari 228 reviu

MYR 524

Purata harga setiap malam
Albergo Terme La Reginella

8.9 Mengagumkan

Skor dari 397 reviu

MYR 336

Purata harga setiap malam
  • “kawasan kolam renang yang hebat”
    72 reviu berkaitan
  • “kakitangan baik”
    52 reviu berkaitan
  • “kualiti makanan yang luar biasa”
    31 reviu berkaitan

Great walks: Mt Epomeo is spectacular, but also take the little bus to Maronti & stroll along the beach to sant'Angelo past the fumeroles and hot springs. Castello Aragonese in Ischia Ponte is also unique - don't miss it.

Rode bus around the island...a great cultural experience. Experienced a spa, felt pampered and healthier afterward. Met other interesting travelers

Pizza, pomodorini, parmigiana, arancini di riso, frittatina di pasta, panzerotti, pesce... tutto buonissimo!

Definitely go to Sorgeto in Ischia- the water is naturally warm

Everyone was up to talking and being helpful to one another.

Restaurant Vino e pane in the harbour, Restaurant Rafaello

Visit Giardini Poseidon Terme!

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