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vodnjak Trevi


Much to the annoyance of his fellow gods who chose to simply materialise, Oceanus preferred to travel by cumbersome shell-shaped chariot. Constructed in 1762 at the height of the baroque, the Trevi Fountain is one of the world’s most elaborate – and romantic – fountains. The God Oceanus is the fountain’s centrepiece. Swimmers take heed: beware of the vigilant fountain police!

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  • Piazza di Trevi
trg Piazza di Spagna


Contrary to popular belief, these stairs don’t speak a word of Spanish - but Piazza di Spagna has a romantic language all of its own. It’s a great place to people-watch or take notes from the fashionable folks exiting Via dei Condotti. Explore the Church of Trinità dei Monti or the Keats-Shelley House (dedicated to the English romantic poets, who were obsessed with Rome).

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  • Piazza di Spagna


Picture this: you’re witnessing a bloody battle to the death, along with 80,000 screaming Romans. Mercifully, gladiatorial fights are a thing of the past but you’ll definitely be mentally transported to historic times with a visit to the Colosseum. The stone, brick and concrete structure has been standing since 80AD, constructed by order of the Roman Emperor Vespasian.

Nastanitve blizu - Kolosej
  • Via Marco Aurelio
katedrala sv. Petra


How would you dress for a meeting with the pope? Book well in advance for an audience with the Pontiff himself, or just explore this spectacular church. The interior is a celestial wonder filled with religious artworks, including Michelangelo’s Pietà. This towering Renaissance-Baroque cathedral can be seen from miles around and holds up to 60,000 people during mass.

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  • Piazzo San Pietro
trg Piazza Navona


Pope Innocent X was the king of 17th-century renovation, turning a disused stadium into a bustling square. Here you’ll find the extravagant Fountain of the Four Rivers by Bernini, whose arch-rival Borromini created The Church of St Agnes in Agone on the western side of the square. 17th-century drama aside, today Piazza Navona is home to many restaurants and cafés.

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  • Piazza Navona
Campo de' Fiori

Priljubljeni predeli

You’d typically visit this square to wander round the colourful street market – but once upon a time, the square was the site of gruesome executions. The centrepiece is The Statue of Giordano Bruno, who overlooks the restaurants and bars. There is plenty of imbibing to be had here in the evening, as the square transforms into a popular night-spot.

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  • Campo de Fiori
Piazza del Popolo


Formerly a stage for public executions, neoclassical Piazza del Popolo joins the scenographic Pincio Hill with Rome's Fashion District. It is famous for its Egyptian Obelisk, fountains and the so-called twin churches.

Nastanitve blizu - Piazza del Popolo
  • Piazza del Popolo
Piazza Barberini


Piazza Barberini on the Quirinal Hill is the seat of Bernini's Baroque Triton Fountain. It also hosts a popular cinema and Palazzo Barberini, a former papal residence now an art gallery with Caravaggio paintings.

Nastanitve blizu - Piazza Barberini
  • Piazza Barberini, 19
Via Condotti

Nakupovalna središča

Prada, Gucci and Bulgari are just some of the brands that call Via Condotti home. This is the heart of Rome's fashion district and world-famous Spanish Steps tower above its charming Baroque buildings.

Nastanitve blizu - Via Condotti
  • Via Condotti
Piazza Venezia


The crossroad of some important thoroughfares, Piazza Venezia provides Rome with a focal point to start exploring. From here you can easily head towards the Colosseum, Trastevere or Piazza del Popolo.

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  • Piazza Venezia
Villa Borghese


Beautiful landscapes and gardens characterize the Villa Borghese, Rome's most popular park. It provides a wonderful view over the city, hosts a zoo, 3 world-class museums and plenty of romantic spots.

Nastanitve blizu - Villa Borghese
  • Villa Borghese
Roman Forum


A breathtaking archaeological zone, the Roman Forum was reportedly the site of Julius Caesar’s murder. Its arches, columns and temple ruins evoke nostalgic feelings for the once majestic ancient city.

Nastanitve blizu - Roman Forum
  • Via Salara Vecchia
cerkev Santa Maria Maggiore


Atop the multicultural Esquilino Hill, Santa Maria Maggiore is Rome's biggest Marian Basilica and often used by the Pope. Its crypt contains wood from the Holy Crib of the nativity of Jesus Christ.

Nastanitve blizu - cerkev Santa Maria Maggiore
  • Piazza di Santa Maggiore
San Francesco a Ripa


Church in Trastevere is dedicated to Francis of Assisi because the adjacent convent accommodated him.

Nastanitve blizu - San Francesco a Ripa
  • Piazza di San Francesco D'Assisi, 88

Komentarji za mesto Rim



28. maja 2016

Rome is definitely a have-to-visit city. You can walk among history and see a lot of great things. A small problem is that the city is crowded with tourists and everything has to be payed, also the drinks outside our costly. Around 8 EUR for a 0.4 l beer.
3 komentarji


16. maja 2016

As always very charming. Amazing food even in places where tourists predominate. But beware of taxi drivers. They don't want to take credit cards despite stickers on their windshield and arguing with them in Italian language.
11 komentarjev

Zelo dobro

17. maja 2016

Loud and noisy. But must-see. Hop on hop off bus waste of money as you get stuck in the traffic. Better take metro/tram daily card for 7 € and travel to any location you wish.
8 komentarjev


27. julija 2016

Prepusti se in si počasi ogleduj. Vzami si čas za vse. Vrste za ogled znamenitosti in nakup kart so dolge.
2 komentarja


3. maja 2016

mesto je zelo enostavno obvladovati,zemljevid in karta metroja in to je to. brez paste in dobre pice ne gre,cene od 10-18 eur odvisno kaksna seveda.
1 komentar


16. maja 2016

Highly recommed to visit Rome, lovely city, kind people, lot to see in Rome, specially historic architecture, the whole city is like big museum :)
1 komentar


24. maja 2016

Najlepše mesto katero sem obiskal. Priporočam vsaj 5 dni, da si ogledate čim več.
4 komentarji


3. maja 2016

Rome is great, one big Museum :) A lot of Sightseeing have free Intrance, food and drink are also not that Expensive. I recomment a visit ;)
9 komentarjev


11. julija 2016

Very caotic city...public transportation is awful, everything is in a delay. Trash problem everywhere, smell problem....
4 komentarji

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From the airport you can get a train to the central station, Termine. Here you can get a 'Rome Pass', for either 2 or 3 days, the latter being about €25. This gives you free access to the metro as well as all buses, so getting around is very easy. Although it is more enjoyable to walk the city as most of the attractions are close by and you get to experience how the city feels. The Rome pass also offers free entry to 2 attractions which also allows you to queue jump. The Coliseum is naturally very popular so making this one of your freebies is a good idea. Also the Villa Borghese is a bit more expensive than other attractions, so again a good choice as a freebie

...who wouldn't recommend Rome for food and wines. Amazing Pastas and yummy pizzas that don't taste the same back home ( Canada)...and the wine and beers?...Mama Mia! One thing the waiters don't tell you ...although a couple of lovely Roman women did tell us...there is a fantastic deal around 5-7:00...most restaurants call it "happy hour". A drink of your choice ( we had the most expensive wine on the menu) and all the tapas you can eat ( so much choice it boggled the mind) for 10Euros! Look for the deals...they are out there, you just have to ask!

If you don't have an appreciation for art, but plan to see any museums (even ONE) it is a good idea to maybe study some of the better-know artists and sculptors of that time; It's hard to get an idea from the guide books as to just how much art there is - there is SO much to see; without an appreciation of what you're looking at, it all starts to look the same; in our experience, it was VERY helpful to have a tour guide - very well worth the money as we were able to make the very most of what we were seeing;

Difficult choice, there are so many beautiful churches in rome and they all have their own secret. Here's one favorite of mine: The S. Giovanni in Laterano. Enjoy the beauty of the church and then walk to the back of the church. On the left there are four pillars. If two people stand across each other and one whispers into the pillar, the other person across can hear it in the other pillar. Look it up, its astonishing! And like this other churches bare secrets too.

Great day out: we hired bikes at the Via Appia Antica information center and cycled to the different monuments along the Via Appia: Museo del Muro, catacombs, Vila Massenzio.... there and back just over 20 km - a brilliant day out. Bring a picnic, there aren't many places to have a snack/drink on the way. On the way home, we walked back into town and visited the Termes de Carcalla in the late afternoon - fantastic light on the old brickwork!

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Kje v mestu Rim je najbolj pristno kulturno dogajanje?

By heading to a restaurant, café or bar. The Romans love to eat and they have plenty to offer. Just sitting outside in the shade of a local café with a pint or a coffee and let the world go by around you. Pick up the lingo by listening on how the locals greet each other with passion and charm. Otherwise sit by a fountain or on a bench somewhere and just watch life in Rome unfold in front of you. Just watch for the beggers and pickpockets.

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