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5 gæster fra Danmark har givet Siracusa rigtig gode vurderinger for arkitektur!

Er du nysgerrig efter sjove, unikke tips fra rejsende, som kender Siracusa?

  • Historie 645 anbefalinger
  • 8 svar

Hvad er det der gør, at man føler historiens vingesus i Siracusa?

Morag, Storbritannien

22 dage siden Rapporter

Syracuse is surprisingly compact, it's easy to walk most places, but there is also the 'piccolo bus' which covers most of the city in red, green and blue circular routes. You can buy a ticket valid for 30 mins on the bus for 50c.
  • Sightseeing 193 anbefalinger
  • 6 svar

Har du et tip til, hvordan man kan se seværdighederne i Siracusa og samtidig undgå alle de andre turister?

Lyn, Storbritannien

17 dage siden Rapporter

We visited at Easter, so not busy and weather good for us. Would not like to visit in the summer!
  • Gamle vartegn 164 anbefalinger
  • 5 svar

Beskriv de bedste gamle vartegn, der er i Siracusa.

Martin, Østrig

24 dage siden Rapporter

Although not extensive the old ruins of the theater, amphitheater and the catacombs are well worth a visit.

Hvorfor synes du, at Siracusa er et godt valg, hvis man vil have god mad?

Humberto, Brasilien

23 dage siden Rapporter

Syracuse has great restaurants and they're cheaper than the restaurants in Palermo or Taormina.
  • Vandring 86 anbefalinger
  • 2 svar

Hvad synes du, man får ud af at se Siracusa til fods?

Kerry, Australien

13 dage siden Rapporter

This is true as everything is close by and the lane ways are fascinating. There is also a good bus service if you don't wAnt to walk
  • Gourmetmad 129 anbefalinger
  • 2 svar

Er Siracusa det bedste sted at have en mindeværdig middag? Fortæl os hvorfor.

Rosario, Storbritannien

10 dage siden Rapporter

The city's restaurants offer plenty of fresh f
  • Venlige mennesker 67 anbefalinger
  • 2 svar

Hvad er det der gør, at folk fra Siracusa er så venlige? Lad os høre din historie.

Robyn, Australien

12 dage siden Rapporter

They include you in conversation and jokes, happy to share history knowledge.
  • Byferie 68 anbefalinger
  • 2 svar

Hvad er det, der gør Siracusa til en klassiker indenfor storbyferie?

Anonym, Ukendt beliggenhed

23 dage siden Rapporter

We preferred Ortygia to Syracuse itself. It is smaller so all the sights are accessible on foot. Relaxed atmosphere though may not be the same in high summer. Lovely promenade, piazzas, churches (incl.San Lucia which houses Caravaggio painting), Jewish quarter etc. Some lovely restaurants. We found shops too expensive.
  • Museer 126 anbefalinger
  • 2 svar

Hvad fandt du ud af om museerne i Siracusa, som ikke stod i guidebøgerne?

Tony, Italien

7 dage siden Rapporter

The Archaeological Museum is very extensive. Took us two hours to get through the first section, and there are five! Don't miss the Papyrus Museum on Ortigia. Only small but interesting and nicely laid out.
  • Landskab 110 anbefalinger

Hvordan påvirkede landskabet i Siracusa dig?

Michael, Storbritannien

8 dage siden Rapporter

  • Restauranter 94 anbefalinger

Hvor skal man spise, hvis man vil undgå at ende i en turistfælde?

Tony, Italien

7 dage siden Rapporter

Try the Spigola. Great fish and tiramisu and not too expensive. Also, the Zsa on Ortigia has excellent pizzas.
  • Shopping 86 anbefalinger

Beskriv hvad andre som dig, ville synes om at shoppe i Siracusa.

Robyn, Australien

12 dage siden Rapporter

  • Gastronomi 145 anbefalinger

Hvad er det, der gør restaurantoplevelser i Siracusa til noget særligt?

Florian, Frankrig

14 dage siden Rapporter

Romantic squares
  • Gammel bydel 372 anbefalinger

Hvor var de bedste steder at gå tur i den gamle bydel i Siracusa?

Martin, Østrig

24 dage siden Rapporter

The old town was really very nice. Although obviously tailored for the tourists it had many restaurants, shops and a couple of bars to visit.
  • Kultur 496 anbefalinger

Hvordan får du den mest autentiske, kulturelle oplevelse i Siracusa?

Charles, Storbritannien

11 dage siden Rapporter

Staying in the heart of Ortygia to get a true feel of the Old city and using it as a base to explore the other sights of South Western Sicily
  • Turisme 34 anbefalinger

På hvilke måder er turisme med til at ændre Siracusa?

Anonym, Ukendt beliggenhed

10 dage siden Rapporter

Like most places today, Siracusa has too many tourists. But the town is obviously making every effort to accommodate them, with clean buildings, clean streets, frequent garbage collection, good signage, etc. But it needs to do something about the traffic in the mainland part of town, which is nose to tail at all times.
  • Atmosfære 48 anbefalinger

Hvorfor synes mange at stemningen i Siracusa er så speciel?

Geoff, Australien

10 dage siden Rapporter

Syracuse is all about history and here you are right in the middle of it.
  • Gåture i byen 105 anbefalinger

Hvordan får man mest ud af Siracusa til fods?

Eli, Israel

19 dage siden Rapporter

One should park the car in the Calete parking from which it is easy to walk around Ortigia which is the historical city center.
  • Kunst 220 anbefalinger

Fortæl os hvad du virkelig goddt kunne lide ved den kunst, du så i Siracusa?

Robyn, Australien

12 dage siden Rapporter

Creative puppets, lamps by Cartura artist from Catania.
Art in Duomo

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