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Jersey City United States of America, New Jersey

Top reasons to visit:

  • Shopping (59)
  • Tranquility (48)
  • Sightseeing (23)
  • Convenient Public Transportation (22)
  • Food (18)
  • Relaxation (16)
  • City Trip (13)
  • Business (13)
  • Restaurants (12)
  • Budget-friendly (11)

Jersey City was highly rated for shopping by 9 guests from the United States!

Describe what other people like you would like about shopping in Jersey City.

Derek, Ireland

16 days ago Report

Easy access all the main stores are there except Century 21 which is only 2 stops away at world trade centre .
  • Great for Wine 1 endorsement

How was the wine culture different than what you'd experience at home?

Sueli, United Kingdom

4 days ago Report

Cheaper and loads of options

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