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2 gostiju iz Hrvatske visoko je ocijenilo 'Kyoto' za: hramovi!

Zanimaju vas zabavne i jedinstvene preporuke gostiju koji poznaju odredište 'Kyoto'?

Kyoto: Kako se može razgledavati ovaj grad pritom izbjegavajući velike gužve?

Dmitry, Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo

Prije 13 dana Prijavi

Travel earlier in the mornings, avoid weekends if possible. Kyoto is a hugely touristy place, so you won't be able to avoid them. Coming from a large city I'm a fast walker and can understand transport maps with a single glance (and I tend to hate tourists), so if you're like me - go solo and without a guide, save your nerves. Most places have at least an explanatory brochure (and probably an audio guide), so you can pack in a lot more in your day and not have the feeling of being stuck in the crowds.

Kako možete u potpunosti doživjeti kulturni život u gradu 'Kyoto'?

Anonimno, Lokacija nepoznata

Prije 14 sati Prijavi

We read a number of guidebooks before leaving home to learn some history, and to prioritize how we wanted to spend our time. Also, we watched a selection of Japanese films

Opišite duhovni ugođaj hramova u gradu 'Kyoto'?

Catherine, Kanada

Prije 15 dana Prijavi

Zen, quiet, even if it's not your religion, some time you feel like there is something bigger than you going on there. It's beautifull.

Zašto biste preporučili ovaj grad za uživanje u hrani: Kyoto?

Nicholas, Singapur

Prije 7 dana Prijavi

If you like Japanese sweets, it has to be here - Kyoto (especially the Gion area) has the best spread of mochi and matcha and ice cream and dango and kuzukiri (local specialty). Many of the sweets shops here have been operating for over a century. Other than that, the soba and tofu have a different local feel, and technically it's kansai so you can still get decent Osaka food here. For day trips out, Nara has very good mochi as well (better than a number of the top Kyoto places).

Zbog čega Kyoto odiše poviješću?

Mark, Novi Zeland

Prije 1 dan Prijavi

The Higashiyama district. A well-preserved district that well and truly feels like stepping in the past. It's difficult to find on most maps. But if you start at Yasaka shrine and walk to the Kiyomizu-dera, then you can't miss it.

Bring a suit to Kyoto so you can go drinking with actual geisha.

Opišite nam zašto je Kyoto odličan grad za shopping.

Anonimno, Lokacija nepoznata

Prije 26 dana Prijavi

There are many souvenir shops in Kyoto, so if one need traditional souvenirs from Japan - it's a good place to buy them! In other places you may not see them at all. Also there are many shops with traditional Japanese sweets - one must try that!

Zašto je najbolje istražiti pješice grad 'Kyoto'?

magspa, Švedska

Prije 1 dan Prijavi

One night we were walking back to Gion Morisyo late and walked from Kiyumizu and it was a terrific feeling while wandering in the old neighbourhoods all by ourselves, at one house a woman was working some art in her gallery and besides that everything was absolutely quiet.. really made me and my wife love the place.

Opišite najzanimljivije drevne znamenitosti koje nudi Kyoto.

Glenn, Australija

Prije 28 dana Prijavi

We visited the most beautiful areas in Kyoto, the Imperial Palace, ancient temples and the magnificent Golden Temple, there are so many magnificent gardens and temples that you can get a map and just explore. Take off out of town and the amazing fishing villages and scenery is also worth the journey.

Kyoto: Kako je na vas utjecao krajolik u tom odredištu?

Wei Shung
Wei Shung, Singapur

Prije 3 dana Prijavi

There's a feeling zen throughout my stay in Kyoto. The autumn colours of trees and the amazing architecture of the temples definitely added to the positive experience of this trip.

Koji su najzanimljiviji dijelovi povijesne jezgre grada 'Kyoto'?

Gregory, Australija

Prije 22 dana Prijavi

O'Hara, just take the local bus from no.6 at the bus terminal. Travel about 1 hour out of town and you step back about 200 years. Temples & old style village to meander for shopping, dining and viewing. You must also go to Nara which about 50min train ride from Kyoto.

U kojim biste botaničkim vrtovima u gradu 'Kyoto' mogli provesti cijelu vječnost?

Saqib, Sjedinjene Američke Države

Prije 17 dana Prijavi

Okochisanso Garden is at the end of the Bamboo Forest walk. Many visitors miss it or skip due to the hefty entrance fee. But those who do visit are treated to one of the most unique garden walks. Narrow stone lined passages take you up and through this mountain retreat to amazing views of the city below. Tea and a small dessert are included in the admission price.

Kako možete probati sva jela koja nudi Kyoto?

Wai-Ki, Singapur

Prije 7 dana Prijavi

step into any small family run restaurant which is patronised by the locals and order what they are eating.

Opišite prirodu u gradu 'Kyoto'.

magspa, Švedska

Prije 1 dan Prijavi

We were there while the autumn leaves were "blooming" on the trees, it was absolutely amazing. Trees shifting between bright green to flaming orange to deep red. Nothing in Sweden can compare to what we've seen, short of Aurora Borealis...

Koje vam je jelo izmamilo osmijeh na lice u gradu 'Kyoto'?

Giuseppe, Švicarska

Prije 30 dana Prijavi

AMAZING ramen in Oike Dori at the crossroad near Nijo Castle (south-east castle corner, north-east crossroad side, Nijo Castle metro)

Zašto svakako morate posjetiti znamenitosti pod zaštitom UNESCO-a u gradu 'Kyoto'?

Michiesan, Malezija

Prije 29 dana Prijavi

Kiyomizu-dera Temple
Nijo Castle - restoration to the front gate will only be completed around 2017 though
Kinkaku-ji Temple
Ginkaku-ji Temple
Tenryu-ji Temple

Podijelite s nama svoje omiljene trenutke opuštanja u gradu Kyoto.

Anonimno, Lokacija nepoznata

Prije 28 dana Prijavi

Ryoan-ji temple zen garden..... Would love to spend some serious time there.
Tenryu-ji - beautiful garden... it would be nice to go when there are less tourists and melt into it...
Shunkoin - Zen meditation class with an English speaking monk - a tour of the small temple was a delight, and matcha tea, and Myoshin-ji temple complex around it was a treat also...

Jesu li dvorci u gradu 'Kyoto' očuvani?

Gregory, Australija

Prije 22 dana Prijavi

The castles were magnificent. Take the bust about 20 minutes from town and view temples built in the 7th century. Check out Sanjusangen-do Temple which houses over 1,000 statues.

Koji je najbolji način obilaska grada 'Kyoto' pješice?

YusiLiu, Kina

Prije 17 dana Prijavi

Kyoto is not a large city so if you like walking you can basically walk to everywhere you want to go, although Arashiyama area is quite far that you need to go there by bus.

Zbog čega će vegetarijanci uživati u gradu 'Kyoto'?

Mary, Sjedinjene Američke Države

Prije 3 dana Prijavi

Kyoto is one of my favorite spots for food in Japan as their cuisine is heavily influenced by the many Buddhist temples and shrines in the area. You won't have to look far to experience yudofu and yuba--two healthy dishes involving tofu--as well as locally grown vegetables, all of which are a very welcome break from fried foods.

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