Hébergements et hôtels à Koh Rong Island

Palm Beach Bungalow Resort

7,3 Bien 

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€ 18

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  • Prek Svay Village,Koh Rong Island, Koh Rong
Coconut Blvd Resort

7,7 Bien 

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€ 46

Tarif moyen par nuit
  • Koh Rong Island, Soksan Long Beach, Koh Rong
Soksan New Beach Bungalow

5,6 Note

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€ 14

Tarif moyen par nuit
  • Soksan Village,, Koh Rong
Romdoul Koh Rong

6,4 Note

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€ 14

Tarif moyen par nuit
  • Nature Beach, Koh Rong
White Beach Bungalows

6,6 Note

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€ 32

Tarif moyen par nuit
  • Koh-Tui village, Koh Rong
Smile Bungalow

4,8 Note

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€ 27

Tarif moyen par nuit
  • Koh Rong, Koh Rong
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Le meilleur de : Koh Rong

Take the hike to Long Beach! It's an adventure in itself, and not an easy hike. It's steep uphill and steep downhill (including a bit where you need to lower yourself down with a rope... no joke), so WEAR SNEAKERS (I can't stress that enough, there is a flip flop grave at the end of the hike for those who don't heed this warning). But Long Beach is the powdery white sand and clear aqua water of your dreams, so totally worth it. You'll want to take the $5 boat back to the main beach after sunset though (and you must stay for sunset) :)

The people on Koh Rong all have a similar story: they came for a few days and have since ended up staying a few months. I was only supposed to be there for three days, but ended up staying for eight, and meeting great friends I traveled with to Vietnam. Koh Rong is what you wanted Sihanoukville to be - maybe what Sihanoukville used to be. But Koh Rong is a gem, though it's quickly developing so won't be for long. Hurry over now while it's still unspoiled and unforgettable!

Take the boat trip fishing/snorkling to Long Beach! We went with Sai and Ang - their fishing trip "office" is located right next to the Island Boys guesthouse. We ended up hanging with Ang the rest of the time we were on the island. He's a really cool guy, caught us all a bunch of fresh fish to eat, which he BBQ'd right on the boat, and later took us all to have a bonfire on the beach.

Along the main strip are tons of guesthouses with bars on their first floors. They've all got their own feel, so just go with the one you're vibing on that night! You'll meet tons of people who just want to meet you. Best advice: Grab a bottle of $2 Mekong whisky and a $1 L bottle of Coke and mix your own drinks on the beach!

Unspoiled beaches, fantastic sunsets, delicious (and cheap) food and drinks, incredible people -- how does one not fall in love with this island??

The Westerners who work in the bars are so very friendly and welcoming.

Il faudrait qu'elles soient propres et pas jonchées de détritus.

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