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In Siem Reap, Cambodia’s eclectic history is never far away. The streets are a heady mix of French colonial grandeur and elegant Cambodian Pagodas, while scores of restaurants offer up Khmer-inspired cuisine. Everywhere you look, history and heritage co-exist with the energy and life of a living-city. A city that is adapting and changing, without ever losing sight of its past.

Hvad skal jeg lave i Siem Reap?
Angkor Wat
This epic temple is so revered in Cambodia it appears on the country’s flag. Built during the 12th-century heyday of the Khmer Empire, it was first dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu before becoming a Buddhist temple. In terms of size and complexity, you can’t help but be bowled over by its barrage of giant moats, steep walls and lofty beehive-like towers.
The Bayon Temple
From a distance, Bayon Temple appears to be another moss-clad crumbling ruin. But as you draw closer, new details emerge. First, you’ll spot the sculpted faces of serenely smiling bodhisattvas on the temple’s towers. Then, the delicately carved bas reliefs depicting Hindu mythology come into full view. You don’t need to be religious to marvel at such craftsmanship.
The Baphuon Temple
A 300,000-piece 3D puzzle. Originally built a thousand years ago, the dilapidated structure of Baphoun Temple was painstakingly restored between 1995 and 2011. Dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva, this three-tiered pyramid temple stretches skywards for 30 metres. Clamber up the steep staircase to survey the same view Udayadityavarman II once had of his Angkor Kingdom.
Phimeanakas Temple
Phimeanakas looks like a smaller version of the better-known Baphoun Temple but it’s actually 100 years older. At the top of its three-tiered stairway are the first stone galleries ever built in Angkor Thom, which once enclosed the ‘Golden Temple’ of local folklore. Ask a guide for the juicy details on the story of the serpent spirit and the concubine king.
Pub Street
You'll never guess what Pub Street is famous for. That's right – food! Sure, there's a grand selection of bars in this boisterous district, but the restaurants are some of the most diverse and delicious in Siem Reap. And unlike the temples of Angkor Wat and Phnom Bakheng, this is one destination that just gets better as more people pile in. Raise a glass and start making new friends!
The Alley West, Old Market Area
Cambodia Landmine Museum
At the heart of the Cambodian Landmine Museum lies one fact – even when war is over, its legacy lives on. The museum itself is a stark and poignant look into the country's turbulent and often tragic past. It’s not purely for educational reasons either – part of the museum's proceeds are used to promote awareness and support children who are suffering from the effects of landmines.
Banteay Srei
The devils are in the detail – or in the stonework, to be more exact. Around 1,000 years ago, the sculptors of Banteay Srei carved delicate sandstone into patterns and remarkably detailed figures. Their work told tales of gods and monsters, rendered with exquisite artistry and a humbling finesse. It's no wonder the temple is often referred to as the pinnacle of Angkorian art.
Tonle Sap Lake
Floating villages pepper this vast and serene body of water, and it's hard not to be seduced by such a romantic and rustic way of life. Tonle Sap Lake offers adventurous visitors a peek into authentic Cambodian life and, better yet, a tasty lunch! Grab a boat tour to pick up some fresher-than-fresh fish and revel in the area's natural beauty and stunning biodiversity.


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Anmeldelser og billeder fra rejsende

Charmerende by med masser af spændende muligheder for god mad (undgå bargadens mad) Flotte templer og smilende lokale folk. Meget velegnet til en "tøse-tur". Ud og se en masse templer, rig mulighed for at shoppe og spise dejligt asiatisk mad.
Rikke Hardboe
16. maj 2016
Meget spændende at besøge Ankorwat og dens historie. Vi spiste den ene aften på Haven, rigtig god mad og betjening, husk dog, at reservere bord, hvis du ønsker at sidde ude i haven😄
3. april 2016
Dejlig afslappet stemning i kvarteret omkring Pub Street - især om aftenen. Det føltes trygt at være i byen og det føles sikkert at færdes til fods/cykel. Priserne er en smule dyrere en andre steder i Cambodia, men man sagtens finde mad osv på budget. Rigtig mange gode markeder.
31. januar 2017
En hyggelig by, med gode restauranter, markeder og meget a la Thailand for 30 år siden. En rigtig god oplevelse, kombineret med Angkor Wat en fantastisk oplevelse!
20. oktober 2016
Meget godt
Det bedste er naturligvis besøget på Ankor Wat, men national museet er også et besøg værd. Gerne inden man besøger templerne, hvis man ikke har et godt kendskab til emnet hjemmefra.
5. januar 2017

Overnatningssteder og hoteller i Siem Reap

Lotus Blanc Resort

9,3 Fabelagtigt

Karakter fra 984 anmeldelser

DKK 415

Gennemsnitspris per nat
  • "fantastisk personale"
    212 lignende anmeldelser
  • "virkelig god mad"
    98 lignende anmeldelser
  • "skønt poolområde"
    88 lignende anmeldelser
Model Angkor Resort

9,1 Fabelagtigt

Karakter fra 627 anmeldelser

DKK 616

Gennemsnitspris per nat
  • "fantastisk personale"
    104 lignende anmeldelser
  • "skønt poolområde"
    61 lignende anmeldelser
  • "gode forbindelser til lufthavnen"
    60 lignende anmeldelser
Angkor Miracle Resort & Spa

8,7 Fremragende

Karakter fra 114 anmeldelser

DKK 467

Gennemsnitspris per nat
The Privilege Floor by BOREI ANGKOR

9,2 Fabelagtigt

Karakter fra 373 anmeldelser

DKK 623

Gennemsnitspris per nat
  • "fantastisk personale"
    86 lignende anmeldelser
  • "gode forbindelser til lufthavnen"
    39 lignende anmeldelser
  • "virkelig god mad"
    31 lignende anmeldelser
Chronicle Angkor Hotel

9,5 Enestående

Karakter fra 601 anmeldelser

DKK 473

Gennemsnitspris per nat
  • "fantastisk personale"
    127 lignende anmeldelser
  • "rigtig god beliggenhed"
    55 lignende anmeldelser
  • "smuk bygning"
    48 lignende anmeldelser
Chateau d'Angkor La Residence

9 Fabelagtigt

Karakter fra 1.102 anmeldelser

DKK 526

Gennemsnitspris per nat
  • "fantastisk personale"
    219 lignende anmeldelser
  • "meget rent og pænt"
    183 lignende anmeldelser
  • "rigtig god beliggenhed"
    152 lignende anmeldelser
Royal Crown Hotel & Spa

8,7 Fremragende

Karakter fra 861 anmeldelser

DKK 381

Gennemsnitspris per nat
  • "rigtig god beliggenhed"
    171 lignende anmeldelser
  • "fantastisk personale"
    166 lignende anmeldelser
  • "virkelig god mad"
    107 lignende anmeldelser
Golden Temple Residence

9,7 Enestående

Karakter fra 544 anmeldelser

DKK 831

Gennemsnitspris per nat
  • "fantastisk personale"
    133 lignende anmeldelser
  • "virkelig god mad"
    64 lignende anmeldelser
  • "rigtig god beliggenhed"
    58 lignende anmeldelser
Borei Angkor Resort & Spa

9,1 Fabelagtigt

Karakter fra 1.235 anmeldelser

DKK 484

Gennemsnitspris per nat
  • "fantastisk personale"
    324 lignende anmeldelser
  • "skønt poolområde"
    171 lignende anmeldelser
  • "virkelig god mad"
    167 lignende anmeldelser
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Anbefalinger til Siem Reap

Try to avoid the group tours and the path they take. Exploring solo or with a private guide is a better experience. I'd suggest leaving early to avoid the heat. Best times to enjoy the temples are at breakfast time and lunch time, when all the groups are eating meals... We had parts of Angkor Wat to ourselves which was an incredible experience. Other tip is to slow down and just take in the detail. The more you look around, the more you'll see. It's simple amazing.

Siem Reap is actuelly an artificial city only catering to rich tourists. Everything (accomodations, food, shops...) is very expensive, and local people only work there. Focus on the archaelogical site and forget the rest.

Try to find restaurants in which they train young poor people and teach them an honest job, like "Haven Training Restaurant"! Food is great and you do something for the people at the same time!

I believe they enjoy being a part of Angkor Wat and showing it to the World.

Walk around as both high end & street food r excellent

Angkor wat, Angkor thom, Bayon, Pre Rup, Beng Mealea

den spirituelle oplevelse penge maskine

Der er et par gode indiske restauranter

Angkor Wat Templer Killing field

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