Top reasons to visit:

  • Downhill Skiing (246)
  • Nature (31)
  • Relaxation (27)
  • Snowboarding (27)
  • Winter sports (19)
  • Clean Air (12)
  • Mountain Walks (12)
  • Mountains (11)
  • Hiking (10)
  • Mountaineering (9)

Kopaonik was highly rated for downhill skiing by 8 guests from the United Kingdom!

What's the number 1 reason to hit the slopes in Kopaonik?

Anonymous, Location unknown

20 days ago Report

Skiing for less money than Austria . But getting far kess service than Austria too. For me: never again!
  • Relaxation 27 endorsements

Tell us about your most relaxing moments in Kopaonik.

Jasmina, Serbia

4 days ago Report

Swimming in outdoor pool, in the evening, or during rain or snowing
  • Beautiful Forests 3 endorsements

Tell others about your time in the forests of Kopaonik?

Alina, Romania

8 days ago Report

I loved seeing the trees from the car on our way to Kopaonik, there were plenty of Christmas trees full of snow and ice, the view was superb.
  • Snowboarding 27 endorsements

What's the best possible snowboarding session in Kopaonik?

Alina, Romania

8 days ago Report

I had a blast on the slopes since it snowed two days in a row during the night. The slopes were fresh and it was great to hear the powder under you board while you were riding :)
  • Culturally Diverse Food 3 endorsements

What's the secret to sampling all the diverse food Kopaonik has to offer?

Alina, Romania

8 days ago Report

Go to a restaurant called "Alo, Alo", in the city center (you enter this area through a door that leads to an interior garden of some sort). We found it quite hard actually. There you will also find local people with gem jars, honey and local drinks (wine, liquor, votca).
  • Local Food 7 endorsements

Why does the local food in Kopaonik get such good reviews?

Alina, Romania

8 days ago Report

Firstly, like other things in Serbia, food and drinks are quite cheap, but the quality of them was high none the less

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