Les principales raisons de s'y rendre :

  • Fruits de mer (121)
  • Nature (109)
  • Relaxation (79)
  • Visites (74)
  • Plage (62)
  • Musées (52)
  • Plages de sable (52)
  • Paysages (50)
  • Randonnée (45)
  • Cascades (41)

3 clients habitant en France ont fortement recommandé Seogwipo City pour le thème cascades !

Vous souhaitez découvrir des astuces et anecdotes amusantes de voyageurs qui connaissent Seogwipo City ?

Seogwipo City : comment faire pour profiter pleinement de cette ville tout en évitant la foule ?

Diana, Australie

il y a 10 heures Signaler

Jeju Stone Park was the best attraction we saw in Jeju. Very big, lots of atmosphere and fun to explore, and not crowded even though there were tour buses.

Racontez-nous vos meilleurs moments de détente à : Seogwipo City.

Tew, Malaisie

il y a 1 jour Signaler

The room is very cozy with terrace and nice ocean view, and you can have a cup of tea/coffee while looking at sunset. The pension is family friendly, with a small garden with swings and bbq place. Host Mr Bae has a friendly dog named Olle and she even hike part of Olle trail no.7 with us. Mr Bae himself is very helpful asking your daily plan and give us advices on how to go about by bus as we didn't rent a car. Best mode of travel in Jeju is by renting a car as the route in Jeju is not difficult. However, if you don't drive like us, going around by bus is not that hard, just more time consuming. To overcome language barrier, you can ask the host to write the destination/ bus station (do your homework on the bus route first) in korean and just show it to the bus driver, and you will be fine. Every person i met in Jeju are all very friendly and helpful. Food, especially seafood is nicer and cheaper than Busan. I would advise to spend more days in Jeju and to stay in Seogwipo rather than Jeju city as most of the attractions are in southern(Seogwipo) and eastern, but eastern transport is not that convenient compared to southern.
  • Nature 109 recommandations

Pourquoi Seogwipo City est-elle la destination idéale pour un séjour au grand air ?

Anonyme, Ville non renseignée

il y a 12 heures Signaler

Only even walking next to roads you are next to the nature. I didn't have a chance to walk around the whole island but I can say that Jungmun area is very nice to discover by walking or biking. There is a place next to chocolate museum to rent bikes. Keep in mind that swimming season is only in July and August for the beaches.
  • Randonnée 45 recommandations

Si vous aviez un conseil à donner à un randonneur en herbe qui visite Seogwipo City, lequel serait-il ?

Jongsoo, Corée du Sud

il y a 27 jours Signaler

Jeju Olle walking route; please google it for detailed information
  • Nature 109 recommandations

Décrivez-nous la nature à : Seogwipo City.

Anonyme, Ville non renseignée

il y a 14 jours Signaler

Stunning and breath-taking! Olle trails give you paths that let you get intimate with your surroundings while giving you a great work out as well. And where else will you get to see a waterfall in the middle of a city? With clean,clear water teaming with life?
  • Plage 62 recommandations

Tout le monde n’a pas la même définition de la plage. Comment avez-vous trouvé celles de cette ville : Seogwipo City ?

Jongsoo, Corée du Sud

il y a 27 jours Signaler

Clean beach with quite atmosphere
  • Fruits de mer 121 recommandations

Quel souvenir conservez-vous de la dégustation de fruits de mer à : Seogwipo City ?

Jongsoo, Corée du Sud

il y a 27 jours Signaler

Raw fish and seafood
  • Balades en montagne 5 recommandations

Quel est votre meilleur conseil pour une randonnée en montagne à : Seogwipo City ?

Egwin, Singapour

il y a 5 jours Signaler

Check out the weather beforehand, and if it's snowing, prepare the necessary gear, e.g. Hiking poles, warm clothing, shoe spikes, etc.

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