Top reasons to visit:

  • History (53)
  • Seafood (35)
  • Shopping (34)
  • Scenery (33)
  • Sightseeing (31)
  • Food (31)
  • Relaxation (22)
  • Architecture (20)
  • Sailing (19)
  • Walking (17)

Lunenburg was highly rated for food by 9 guests from the United States!

What is it in Lunenburg that makes history come to life?

Stephen, United States of America

2 days ago Report

UNESCO World Heritage Site. Old town still followed original plan dating from early 1700's. Walking tour was great! Conducted by 8th generation Lunenberger.

How can you enjoy the sights in Lunenburg while avoiding the crowds?

Anonymous, Unknown location

15 days ago Report

Visit during the week not weekend.
  • Food 31 endorsements

Why do you recommend Lunenburg for food?

James, Canada

14 hours ago Report

Food was excellent and service was great. Food was a little pricy but one can appreciate this as tourism is their main form of income.
  • Scenery 33 endorsements

What effect did the scenery in Lunenburg have on you?

Barry, Canada

6 days ago Report

Relaxing and inspiring.
  • Restaurants 15 endorsements

Where should people go if they don't want to eat in a tourist trap?

Trudi, Canada

14 days ago Report

Most of Lunenburg is very touristy now, however on the drive from Lunenburg to Mahone Bay, there is a little restaurant called the Old Black Forest Cafe and Gasthof that is well worth stopping at to savour the taste of Old Lunenburg which was populated by German settlers in the 1700s.
  • Shopping 34 endorsements

Describe what other people like you would like about shopping in Lunenburg.

Dionne, Canada

3 days ago Report

Unique shops, local art
  • Friendly People 15 endorsements

What makes the people from Lunenburg so friendly? Tell us your story.

Lynn, Canada

27 days ago Report

The service industry is well informed of the history of he town.
  • Seafood 35 endorsements

What seafood experience in Lunenburg is still on your mind?

Trudi, Canada

14 days ago Report

We really enjoyed The Grand Banker - the Acadian Style Cajun Seafood Stew is worth going back for!!
  • Photography 9 endorsements

Which spot is best for taking photos in Lunenburg?

Lisa, Canada

5 days ago Report

From the golf course looking across to Lunenburg harbour. Down on the port at night. Any if the streets and the bright colored houses. Blue rocks at sunset or sunrise.
  • Coastal Walks 5 endorsements

Sheer cliffs or soft sand? What makes the coast perfect for walks in Lunenburg?

James, Canada

14 hours ago Report

The coast line varies from location to location but we enjoyed driving it as well. Nice clean village with friendly people. We would love to come back an spend more time!
  • Tours 4 endorsements

What are the best attractions to see on a tour in Lunenburg?

Ronald, Canada

24 days ago Report

Haunted tour, horse & buggy tour

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