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Saadian Tombs


In death, we are all equal. But some are more equal than others. Sultan Ahmed al-Mansour built this magnificent mausoleum for his entourage. Children and grand-children are buried in mosaicked tombs in the garden, now prowled by stray cats. The sultan himself ghas the choicest spot – his marble tombs rises out of psychedelic tiled flooring, overlooked by stunning stucco cupolas.

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Djemaa El Fna


The eye of the Marrakech storm. From dawn to dusk and beyond, this historic square is a swirling whirlpool of humanity. Snake charmers and fortune tellers, wise men, mad men, magicians, musicians and mystics – all members of the fast-flowing dramatis personae of Djemaa el Fna. Take a deep breath, dive in and see which characters you encounter. One thing it won’t be is boring.

Място за настаняване в близост до Djemaa El Fna
  • Djemaa El Fna Square
Medersa Ben Youssef


Now this is one cool school. Medersa Ben Youssef is an architectural diamond hidden in the rough of mazy Medina. It’s an Islamic college where pious clever clogs once came to study the Koran. These lucky scholars were able to look up from their manuscripts and see a physical glorification of God, with spellbinding patterns wrought in tiny mosaic tiles and carved cedar wood.

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Souk of the Medina

Търговски райони

Old Town Market, Shops, Small traditional restaurant, Souvenir shops, Artisanal products, cafe roof terraces

Място за настаняване в близост до Souk of the Medina


Mosque, monument and surrounding gardens

Място за настаняване в близост до Koutoubia

Места за настаняване и хотели в Маракеш

Eden Andalou Aquapark & SPA - All Inclusive

7.1 Добър

Оценка от 2161 отзива

BGN 162

Средна цена на вечер
  • Km 4, Route d'Amezmiz, Маракеш
Les Jardins De La Koutoubia

8.8 Отличен

Оценка от 858 отзива

BGN 372

Средна цена на вечер
  • 26 Rue De La Koutoubia, Medina, Маракеш
Opera Plaza Hotel Marrakech

8.2 Много добър

Оценка от 1434 отзива

BGN 137

Средна цена на вечер
  • Angle Avenue Mohammed VI et Avenue Hassan II, Hivernage, Маракеш
Red Hotel Marrakech

7.7 Добър

Оценка от 880 отзива

BGN 92

Средна цена на вечер
  • Avenue Hassan II (en face de la Gare), Hivernage, Маракеш
Es Saadi Marrakech Resort - Hotel

7.8 Добър

Оценка от 759 отзива

BGN 221

Средна цена на вечер
  • Rue Ibrahim El Mazini Hivernage, Hivernage, Маракеш
Kenzi Club Agdal Medina - All Inclusive

8.2 Много добър

Оценка от 1440 отзива

BGN 227

Средна цена на вечер
  • Avenue Mohamed VI Zone Touristique Agdal, Mechouar-Kasbah, Маракеш
Kenzi Menara Palace - All Inclusive Premium Available

8 Много добър

Оценка от 1015 отзива

BGN 188

Средна цена на вечер
  • Avenue Mohamed VI Zone Agdal, Agdal, Маракеш
Chems Hotel

7.1 Добър

Оценка от 2078 отзива

BGN 104

Средна цена на вечер
  • Avenue Houmane El Fetouaki, Medina, Маракеш
Mogador Palace Agdal

7.1 Добър

Оценка от 2539 отзива

BGN 98

Средна цена на вечер
  • Zone Touristique Agdal, Mechouar-Kasbah, Маракеш

The bizarre ritual/game of manoeuvering around crowded souks (covered markets), avoiding the motorbikes, donkey-carts & stray cats, while trying to admire the billion fascinating, colourful items without being dragged into a protracted haggling/argument with every single stallholder! If you have a beard, expect to be called "Ali-Baba" by everyone! Best to just smile in polite incomprehension and pretend you speak nothing but Sumerian to avoid talking to everyone. Be incredibly discrete when taking photos to avoid being 'charged' for the privilege. Enticing smells and curious sights around every corner.

Never look lost! Try not to look too much like a tourist. Say 'non merci' (no thank you) and smile sweetly if approached by a young man with an offer to help you find somewhere or sell you something you don't want!

The open top buses are an excellent and cheap way to see the sights without the hassle of constant haggling over prices.

Did not go to market only vegetable and fish. Best not to speak any language.

they are very helpful. polite, respectable and jolly

Food tour, cooking classes

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