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Marrakesh Morocco, Marrakech-Tensift-Haouz

Top reasons to visit:

  • Shopping (3240)
  • Culture (2701)
  • Food (2675)
  • Markets (1421)
  • Souks (1109)
  • Friendly People (936)
  • Sightseeing (898)
  • Ambiance (752)
  • Relaxation (677)
  • Atmosphere (653)

Marrakesh was highly rated for shopping by 171 guests from the United States!

Looking for fun and unique tips from travelers who know Marrakesh?

Describe what other people like you would like about shopping in Marrakesh.

Matthew, United Kingdom

4 days ago Report

The bizarre ritual/game of manoeuvering around crowded souks (covered markets), avoiding the motorbikes, donkey-carts & stray cats, while trying to admire the billion fascinating, colourful items without being dragged into a protracted haggling/argument with every single stallholder! If you have a beard, expect to be called "Ali-Baba" by everyone! Best to just smile in polite incomprehension and pretend you speak nothing but Sumerian to avoid talking to everyone. Be incredibly discrete when taking photos to avoid being 'charged' for the privilege. Enticing smells and curious sights around every corner.

Why do you recommend Marrakesh for food?

rose, United Kingdom

28 days ago Report

As a vegetarian I wasn't amazed by the food, and my husband, who is most definitely not a vegetarian, felt the same. We felt that after you had tried a veggie/meat tagine, and then basically the same dish with cous cous in the bottom, that was the end to the menu options. And if they were the main dishes and they were full of the flavours which you see/smell around you in the markets but we felt there was a lack of flavours. In saying that our Riad meal on our night of our arrival was amazing but whether we ate in the wrong places the rest of the time I don't know?!

What aspect of the culture in Marrakesh was so different than back home?

steven, United Kingdom

17 days ago Report

The souks are amazing, feel confident haggling and never pay more than 30-40%. It is all done in friendly terms so if you feel uncomfortable just leave - although also a great bargaining tool as they will then match your lowest offer if you say you will leave as there are so many souks selling the same things! Great fun
Beware of the snake charmers - if you get too close they will spot a tourist a mile off and chase you with a snake for your neck! Don't take an you a either unless you have MAD to tip them as we didn't and they were very aggressive

How can you get the most authentic cultural experience in Marrakesh?

Anonymous, Unknown location

9 days ago Report

Stay in a riad.
Eat the local food. A little bit of research on good restaurants helps. Don't hesitate to try small eateries, when you find fit.
Hamam. Try the local communal one instead or in addition to the one in your Riad.
Be patient while searching for places. There is a high likelihood that one will get lost in the maze of lanes. People can take you for a ride saying they will guide. Be clear and strong voiced where needed.
Moroccans are friendly, love to talk and share. Be open to interactions.
Accept the chaos and madness of the crowd, dirt, streets and shops. Then it all starts to look good!

What's your best bargaining strategy for the market in Marrakesh?

Anonymous, Unknown location

9 days ago Report

there's no real strategy but to quote a small portion of the quoted price. say anything from 1/2 to 1/10 of the price depending on what you think is the due worth. and then move the needle.

visit the local artisans cooperative. they have fixed rates. firstly you will be surprised at the price difference. and it gives you an idea of the bargaining scope in souks. secondly it is hassle free buying.

How can you enjoy the sights in Marrakesh while avoiding the crowds?

francis, France

15 days ago Report

Do it on your own and not in a tour it's easy to get around walking or by taxi - get to tourist sites early or during lunch the tour groups seem to be otherwise occupied at lunchtime!
  • Culturally Diverse Food 532 endorsements
  • 13 answers

What's the secret to sampling all the diverse food Marrakesh has to offer?

steven, United Kingdom

17 days ago Report

Find a nice restaurant near the main square Jamel El fna , preferably with a view to enjoy the square below at night
Stalls on the square aren't as cheap as should be and food very basic and not as flavoursome- worth it for an experience but not necessarily a great one. Also got bad tummy day returning home after 3 days there- you can never pin point what from but the stalls is an obvious culprit!

What makes the people from Marrakesh so friendly? Tell us your story.

kalidiso, United Arab Emirates

6 days ago Report

Great city.. bipolar mix of the french high-end quarter (high end spas, bars, lounges and clubs) with the older edgy town (boisterous busy souks and stalls and basic eateries with some historical points of interest),

What's your best advice for browsing without feeling hassled by vendors?

meriem, United Kingdom

6 days ago Report

A simple eye contact with a smile will tell the vendor to back off. No need to say anything. Avoid being led away to another vendor once you have bought something as they like to pass your business on to their close allies. This secures their contacts, good business I know but when you want to just look and brows freely it can be annoying and full on pressure to buy.
Be firm with your offer and be prepared to walk away, believe me that they all sell the same. same same but different.

Tell us about your most relaxing moments in Marrakesh.

David, United Kingdom

2 days ago Report

Our Riad was an oasis of tranquility away from the excitement of the city. The roof top terrace allowed an unapposed view of the Jamaa El-fna but was far enough away to enjoy some down time.
My partner and I decided to partake in a 'couples hammamm' (steamroom and massage). Neither of us has done anything like this before and it was a fantastic, relaxing experience, although a little shocking when we were asked to wear the worlds tiniest g-strings and nothing else! After the initial embarrasement, laughter set in!!

Why is the atmosphere in Marrakesh something people rave about?

Kathryn, Spain

29 days ago Report

The to prayer, snake charmers, constant chat, scooters, taxi horns, snake charmers,stall holders calling you in......

The smells.....spices, oranges, dust and horse piss from the tourist carts

Hustle and bustle of night stalls setting up in the main square, sunset,

What's your best advice for enjoying the mountains in Marrakesh?

Lynda, United Kingdom

16 days ago Report

Rent a motorbike from (Rue Bani Marine) and go it alone in Ourika. Make sure you visit Terres d'Amanar for an amazing clifftop lunch, well away from the usual tourist traps.

What is it about the people in Marrakesh that makes them so watchable?

meriem, United Kingdom

6 days ago Report

"I see you, see me, see you" Marrakesh people are full of smiles and passion. even when they argue they finish with a smile, they may be busy in the moment but they see you before you see them.

What's the best way to make the most of Marrakesh by foot?

Dilini, United Kingdom

19 days ago Report

During the hot weather plan to start walking early or late evening. You can see a lot by foot but take it in small chunks as the heat is very draining. It's easy to get lost as the streets rarely have signs and lots of winding roads so look out for landmarks to find your way back.

What sights did you see on your favorite excursion in Marrakesh?

Christine, Canada

23 days ago Report

The coastal city of Essaouira is 2.5 hrs away and definitely worth the road trip. Stop at a cooperative to get some Arran oil on your way there.
If you're into rock-climbing and an adrenaline-packed experience, climb the rocks around the Ourika waterfalls (you'll need a local to guide you!). Bring hiking shoes or runners with a good grip.

Tell us a bit more about an adventure you experienced...

Rachel, United States of America

7 days ago Report

The Moroccan culture is unique and the city is intoxicating! We were captivated by the hustle and bustle of the square and souks and the ultimate kindness of the Moroccan people! Highly recommend a Moroccan adventure. It's a once in a lifetime experience!

What makes Marrakesh one of those classic city-trip experiences?

Anonymous, Unknown location

23 days ago Report

Marrakesh and its place Jamaa el Fna are one of those sites in the world that you must have visited at least once in your life. Maybe not representative for al places and souks in Morroco, it surely give an unique experience for people that visit Morroc for the fist time. But be careful to think that this Morroco in a nutshell; Marrakesh has its own, unique energy.

What did you discover about the museums in Marrakesh that wasn't in the guidebooks?

Donald, United Kingdom

25 days ago Report

The Tiskiwin Museum and the Dar Si Said Museums are both wonderful, and the Jardin Majorelle has an outstanding cactus collection

Which spa or what treatment is worth pampering yourself with in Marrakesh?

Nicola, United Kingdom

23 days ago Report

Les Bains de Marrakech is the most amazing spa I have ever been to. Get the hamman and the hour massage. Definitely pay to go here the experience is well worth it it is beautiful.

How do you best handle (or escape) the heat in Marrakesh?

Nidhal, Sweden

3 days ago Report

The best thing I did with my husband and my son is that we rent a car with Ac by only 300 Dhm per day, it is very useful in visiting all places during our stay and we traveled by this car to Casablanca and Rabat and to We will travel to Agadir also but you should be drive carefully in Morocco because the people are driving without rule like in Europa.

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