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Manchester United Kingdom, Greater Manchester

Top reasons to visit:

  • Shopping (7438)
  • Nightlife (3404)
  • Football (1861)
  • Live Music (1392)
  • Shopping for clothes (1271)
  • Food (1221)
  • Restaurants (1153)
  • Theatre (654)
  • Bars (645)
  • Entertainment (645)

Manchester was highly rated for shopping by 5,976 guests from the United Kingdom!

  • Shopping for clothes 1271 endorsements
  • 29 answers

Is there more to shopping in Manchester than main street stores?

Jane, United Kingdom

22 days ago Report

Harvey Nichols is a must. Very different to other department stores. All the staff help each other & nothing is too much trouble. We shopped, had our nails & face done & then ate in the restaurant - absolutely perfect

Describe what other people like you would like about shopping in Manchester.

Mary, United Kingdom

2 days ago Report

If you stay in a Hotel on Portland St shopping and eating are right on your doorstep .Resteraunts and great eateries are really inexpensive and good value for money. It,s nice to have so many shops and eateries within walking distance, shopping isn't so stressful then.

What was the most entertaining thing you saw in Manchester?

kathleen, United Kingdom

11 days ago Report

Lee Evan's playing live in the Phones 4 U Arena
Coronation Street tour
Go karting at Daytona Motorsport

Did the theatre performances in Manchester live up to their reputation?

Kenneth, United Kingdom

29 days ago Report

I went to Manchester for the sole purpose of seeing The seekers at the Bridgewater Hall. I thoroughly enjoyed the show in what is a great theatre. After the show I felt perfectly safe returning to my hotel.

What makes the people from Manchester so friendly? Tell us your story.

Rosemary, United Kingdom

3 days ago Report

When at the Arena for Caro Emerald's concert the lower steps have no hand rail and a kind gentlemen helped me down to my seat and a helpful lady helped me up the steps afterwards both were spontaneous. Also at the concert I met a friendly couple who bought me a couple of drinks as my flask had been confiscated and they were great company all evening

Why would you recommend Manchester for food?

Tiina, Finland

17 days ago Report

modern British (gastro)pub food is just so tasty and well prepared, classics with or without a twist. places like The Old Monkey.

What should you avoid to make the most of the nightlife in Manchester?

Stephen, United Kingdom

11 days ago Report

Cheap dives ..Go to quality bars with lots of atmosphere ..and avoid a Saturday when United lose ......which could be most ... Lol

How can you get the most authentic cultural experience in Manchester?

Debra, United Kingdom

1 day ago Report

By vising the Cathedral, we were fortunate enough to arrive when an ordination was taking place and were able to stand and watch the proceedings. We also returned later in the day when it was quieter and a 30 min play was about to start which was wonderful.
  • Convenient Public Transport 140 endorsements
  • 7 answers

Was it cheap, fast, well-explained? What made it so easy to get around in Manchester?

Tiina, Finland

17 days ago Report

free routes cover quite a lot, trams fun and again useful. trains to airport provide good service for travelers. all public transport easy to use.

Where's the best place to bust a move in Manchester?

Anonymous, Location unknown

16 days ago Report

Warehouse project, factory

Where should people go if they don't want to eat in a tourist trap?

kathleen, United Kingdom

11 days ago Report

Annie's restaurant, co-owned by Fizz Brown from Coronation Street, we even got to meet her and have a photograph taken with her
Hard Rock Cafe

What makes Manchester one of those classic city trip experiences?

Bernie, United Kingdom

2 days ago Report

Excellent venue for theatres, arena, good transport, rail, trams. Restaurant were within easy walking distant, good variety of cuisine. We were approached on two separate occasions by official guides around the city. Asking us were we lost, and did we need any help. (They did say and show us they were official, saying there are many of them around ) This was brilliant, we have never met guides before in any city.
  • Luxury Brand Shopping 350 endorsements
  • 5 answers

What makes Manchester the best place to max out your credit cards?

Nicola, United Kingdom

6 days ago Report

The best top brand shops outside of London and all in a compact city centre

How can you enjoy the sights in Manchester while avoiding the crowds?

Anonymous, Location unknown

29 days ago Report

By doing your shopping during the weekdays for example monday or friday morning during the summer holidays.

What makes fine dining in Manchester different?

Dan, United Kingdom

7 hours ago Report

lots of individual eateries

What can we expect to get our toes tapping in Manchester?

Rosemary, United Kingdom

3 days ago Report

Great concerts at the Arena (Caro Emerald and her musicians were absolutely brilliant) and The Apollo and excellent classical music at the Bridgwater Hall and the Royal Northern College of music

What did you enjoy the most about Manchester pub crawls?

Natasha, Ireland

15 days ago Report

There all so close service is excellent
  • Culturally Diverse Food 215 endorsements
  • 3 answers

What's the secret to sampling all the diverse food Manchester has to offer?

Andrew, Guernsey

11 days ago Report

Walk around and explore. The transport facilities are excellent so you can cover a lot of ground. My favourite restaurant was a West Indian at the end of Portland street. Great food, highly impressive service and very different. I wish I could remember the name, I'll be going back when I bisit again

How did you find the best spot for stargazing in Manchester?

Sölvi, Iceland

10 days ago Report

In the old days it was the Ritz. Now it is the Palace Theatre

What did you discover about the museums in Manchester that wasn't in the guidebooks?

Tiina, Finland

17 days ago Report

museum events, get current information, like soccer practise at the Football Museum. hands on activities for kids at for example Manchester Art Museum, active experiencing like Museum of Industry and Science MOSI, Manchester Museum. and much, much more.

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