Marrakech Marruecos, Marrakech-Tensift-Haouz

Principales razones para visitar este lugar:

  • Compras (2147)
  • Cultura (1438)
  • Comida (1141)
  • Mercados (814)
  • Visitas turísticas (508)
  • Relax (468)
  • Gente amable (351)
  • Monumentos (332)
  • Cocina gourmet (299)
  • Cultura alternativa (298)

¿Cómo se puede vivir una auténtica experiencia cultural en Marrakech?

Anónimo, Ubicación desconocida

Hace 10 días Denunciar

Stay in a riad.
Eat the local food. A little bit of research on good restaurants helps. Don't hesitate to try small eateries, when you find fit.
Hamam. Try the local communal one instead or in addition to the one in your Riad.
Be patient while searching for places. There is a high likelihood that one will get lost in the maze of lanes. People can take you for a ride saying they will guide. Be clear and strong voiced where needed.
Moroccans are friendly, love to talk and share. Be open to interactions.
Accept the chaos and madness of the crowd, dirt, streets and shops. Then it all starts to look good!

¿Qué tiene de especial la comida en Marrakech?

Rosahelena, Colombia

Hace 7 días Denunciar

Especias, olores, adoro el te de mente,a el pan árabe bereber, la miel es diferente... Es otro mundo....

¿Cuál es tu mejor técnica de regateo para comprar en el mercado de Marrakech?

Anónimo, Ubicación desconocida

Hace 10 días Denunciar

there's no real strategy but to quote a small portion of the quoted price. say anything from 1/2 to 1/10 of the price depending on what you think is the due worth. and then move the needle.

visit the local artisans cooperative. they have fixed rates. firstly you will be surprised at the price difference. and it gives you an idea of the bargaining scope in souks. secondly it is hassle free buying.

¿Qué aspectos de la cultura de Marrakech marcan la diferencia?

steven, Reino Unido

Hace 18 días Denunciar

The souks are amazing, feel confident haggling and never pay more than 30-40%. It is all done in friendly terms so if you feel uncomfortable just leave - although also a great bargaining tool as they will then match your lowest offer if you say you will leave as there are so many souks selling the same things! Great fun
Beware of the snake charmers - if you get too close they will spot a tourist a mile off and chase you with a snake for your neck! Don't take an you a either unless you have MAD to tip them as we didn't and they were very aggressive

¿Por qué crees que a otra gente como tú le encantaría ir de compras en Marrakech?

Michael, Estados Unidos

Hace 23 días Denunciar

The souks offer a variety of goods and a chance to haggle, if you like that. If you want to ensure handmade, go to a shop where you see the craftsman working.

¿Por qué Marrakech es el típico destino para hacer una escapada urbana?

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Hace 24 días Denunciar

Marrakesh and its place Jamaa el Fna are one of those sites in the world that you must have visited at least once in your life. Maybe not representative for al places and souks in Morroco, it surely give an unique experience for people that visit Morroc for the fist time. But be careful to think that this Morroco in a nutshell; Marrakesh has its own, unique energy.

¿Cómo disfrutarías de los lugares de interés de Marrakech evitando las multitudes?

Nursamaa, Venezuela

Hace 5 días Denunciar

It is impossible to enjoy Jmaa el Fna without being hustled by the food vendors. It is very annoying and a bit disrespectful but that's their job. Drink delicious mint tea from a vendor in the last row closest to the medina, you'll spot the glasses filled with mint and sugar prepared for visitors as they sit down. Lots of beggars on the street so prepared to say "LA!" firmly when they start to annoy you.

Cuéntanos un poco más sobre alguna de las aventuras que viviste...

Rachel, Estados Unidos

Hace 9 días Denunciar

The Moroccan culture is unique and the city is intoxicating! We were captivated by the hustle and bustle of the square and souks and the ultimate kindness of the Moroccan people! Highly recommend a Moroccan adventure. It's a once in a lifetime experience!

¿Qué parte de los jardines botánicos de Marrakech te pareció más impresionante?

Leonard, Canadá

Hace 28 días Denunciar

The gardens at the Mammounian Hotel were lovely as well as Les Jardins Majorelle, where Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge lived.

¿Cuál es tu mejor consejo para disfrutar de la montaña en Marrakech?

Michael, Estados Unidos

Hace 23 días Denunciar

Book an excursion into the Atlas Mountains (there are many tour companies in Marrakech) or take a hot air balloon ride.

¿Qué descubriste en los museos de Marrakech que no aparece en las guías de viaje?

Hugh, Reino Unido

Hace 8 días Denunciar

Biblical backstreets

¿Qué consejo darías para pasear por los mercados sin tener la necesidad de comprar algo?

Leticia, España

Hace 14 horas Denunciar

Negociar todó,

Cuéntanos cuáles fueron tus mejores momentos de relax en Marrakech.

Laura, Reino Unido

Hace 17 días Denunciar

Going to a Hammam and taking a day trip to the Ouzoud Waterfalls - by far the best part of the trip.

¿Qué tiene Marrakech para que su historia siga viva?

Anónimo, Ubicación desconocida

Hace 14 días Denunciar

If you want to travel in history, go to Mararakech.

¿Por qué a todo el mundo le encanta el ambiente de Marrakech?

Anónimo, Ubicación desconocida

Hace 24 días Denunciar

Marrakesh is an attack on all senses and throws every unsuspecting first-time visitor in the deep of the Morrocan experience. Impressive and overwhelming, but surely not to be missed out on.

¿Cuál es la mejor manera de recorrer Marrakech a pie y sacarle el máximo partido?

Christine, Canadá

Hace 24 días Denunciar

Book a guided tour or definitely have a guide book with you at all times. Divide the city into walkable portions for you and your group and make sure you include Gueliz (new town).

¿Qué lugares de Marrakech visitaste en la excursión que más te gustó?

Christine, Canadá

Hace 24 días Denunciar

The coastal city of Essaouira is 2.5 hrs away and definitely worth the road trip. Stop at a cooperative to get some Arran oil on your way there.
If you're into rock-climbing and an adrenaline-packed experience, climb the rocks around the Ourika waterfalls (you'll need a local to guide you!). Bring hiking shoes or runners with a good grip.

¿Cómo puedes escapar o hacer frente al calor en Marrakech?

Nidhal, Suecia

Hace 4 días Denunciar

The best thing I did with my husband and my son is that we rent a car with Ac by only 300 Dhm per day, it is very useful in visiting all places during our stay and we traveled by this car to Casablanca and Rabat and to We will travel to Agadir also but you should be drive carefully in Morocco because the people are driving without rule like in Europa.

¿Hay otros lugares para ir de compras en Marrakech además de las tiendas de la calle principal?

Lynne, Estados Unidos

Hace 12 días Denunciar

Best advice to stay away from brand-name stores, hire a local, state-licensed guide and experience local craftsmen. Recommend the Viator 'food/cusine tour' to anyone who truly wishes to experience a rich and cultural side of Marrakesh.

¿Por qué aconsejarías probar todos los tipos de comida que se ofrecen en Marrakech?

steven, Reino Unido

Hace 18 días Denunciar

Find a nice restaurant near the main square Jamel El fna , preferably with a view to enjoy the square below at night
Stalls on the square aren't as cheap as should be and food very basic and not as flavoursome- worth it for an experience but not necessarily a great one. Also got bad tummy day returning home after 3 days there- you can never pin point what from but the stalls is an obvious culprit!

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