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Merano Italy, Trentino Alto Adige

Top reasons to visit:

  • Health Spas (323)
  • Christmas Markets (274)
  • Relaxation (249)
  • Hiking (210)
  • Shopping (207)
  • Walking (172)
  • Hot Springs (141)
  • Food (125)
  • Nature (123)
  • Old Town (85)

Merano was highly rated for hiking by 10 guests from the United States!

  • Restaurants 12 endorsements

Where should people go if they don't want to eat in a tourist trap?

Ray, United Kingdom

6 days ago Report

Pizzeria ABC - excellent
  • Relaxation 249 endorsements

Want to tell others the right way to relax in Merano?

Ray, United Kingdom

6 days ago Report

Walking, promenading, cycling, eating, visiting botanical garden
  • Relaxation 249 endorsements

Tell us about your most relaxing moments in Merano.

Anonymous, Unknown location

16 days ago Report

Message, swimming....
  • Christmas Markets 274 endorsements

What makes the Christmas markets so magical in Merano?

Nicole, United Kingdom

3 days ago Report

Beautiful setting close to the river and historic buildings.
  • Clothes Shopping 16 endorsements

Is there more to shopping in Merano than just brand-name stores?

Detlev, United States of America

12 days ago Report

Yes, great variety.

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