Top reasons to visit:

  • Shopping (4342)
  • Beach (3234)
  • Nightlife (738)
  • Food (433)
  • Relaxation (373)
  • Shopping for clothes (359)
  • Sand Beaches (347)
  • Restaurants (267)
  • Beach Walks (237)
  • Entertainment (229)

Miami was highly rated for beach by 111 guests from the United Kingdom!

  • Shopping for clothes 359 endorsements
  • 18 answers

Is there more to shopping in Miami than main street stores?

Anonymous, Location unknown

6 days ago Report

The dolphin mall and miami international mall are lovely to shop. Make sure you have at least a day to visit the dolphin mall as it is huge!!

The beach means different things to different people. What did the beach in Miami mean to you?

Terence, United Kingdom

5 days ago Report

Much cheaper than the UK for clothing, Bayside area is a nice area for eating out and relaxing, nice friendly atmosphere. Much better than Down Town Miami, and a lot cheaper to eat and drink than South Beach. Didn't do the beach in Miami too busy meeting up with old friends going on The Kiss Kruise

Describe what other people like you would like about shopping in Miami.

Anonymous, Location unknown

5 days ago Report

Shopping in Miami Brickell and Miami Beach is expensive due to independent boutique prices, but larger shopping malls include budget-friendly alternatives like Ross, Forever 21, and H&M.

Where should people go if they don't want to eat in a tourist trap?

Christopher, Austria

1 hour ago Report

In the Design District, the new restaurant MC and the neighboring "Mercato"! Very stylish, full of locals and great food! Also, the Peruvian restaurant CV.CHE in downtown and "Cibo" in Coral Gables.

How could the beaches in Miami be more accommodating to walking?

Dimitri, USA

17 days ago Report

Don't charge for umbrellas, more shade trees or palms.

How can you enjoy the sights in Miami while avoiding the crowds?

Sonja, Curaçao

30 days ago Report

I have excellent experience with tour guides!!!!
  • Culturally Diverse Food 108 endorsements
  • 4 answers

What's the secret to sampling all the diverse food Miami has to offer?


14 days ago Report

Front desk staff recommends a variety of Miami's better restaurants. Their suggestions were absolutely correct.

What made the beach in Miami unforgettable?

Ulrich, Venezuela

2 days ago Report

white sand ,blue warm water ,sunshine ,Bars and Restaurants crossing the street ,nice people

How can you fit in some sightseeing when you're in Miami on business?

Luz Maria
Luz Maria, Colombia

9 days ago Report

Simple contemplation. Recreation of the senses.

What should you avoid to make the most of the nightlife in Miami?

Terence, United Kingdom

5 days ago Report

Quite a few dodgy areas after dark, and South Beach can be quite expensive to eat and drink, much prefer The Bayside Market area nice and friendly and felt much safer

Why is the atmosphere in Miami something people rave about?

Jamika, USA

17 days ago Report

Really pretty but beware of the extremely rude people.

Why would you recommend Miami for food?

felice, United Kingdom

5 days ago Report

Beach in Miami more about living the shore and the seaside. Water quite dirty and we could not swim as full of jellyfish.

What was the most entertaining thing you saw in Miami?

Terence, United Kingdom

5 days ago Report

There for The Kiss Kruise so we had three pre parties to attend and catch up with old friends so really not about Miami but entertainment provided courtesy of The Kiss Kruise
  • Convenient Public Transport 36 endorsements
  • 2 answers

Was it cheap, fast, well-explained? What made it so easy to get around in Miami?

Sunduram, South Africa

7 days ago Report

Public transportation was easy to use and with a day pass we were able to ride all day on buses,trains and trams.

Which foodie haven did you discover on your recent trip to Miami?

Anonymous, Location unknown

5 days ago Report

Yardbird Southern Table & Bar in Miami Beach, which is famous for their fried chicken and unique cocktails.
  • Stargazing 69 endorsements

How did you find the best spot for stargazing in Miami?

Michelle, USA

5 days ago Report

on the hotels deck
  • Gourmet Food 142 endorsements

Is Miami the place to have a meal to remember? Tell us why.

Anonymous, Location unknown

5 days ago Report

Absolutely yes! Miami is filled with exciting new restaurants and bistros every time I visit; Yardbird, Swine, and BTW (Burger Taco Whiskey) as well as Michael's Genuine Food & Drink just to name a few.
  • Friendly People 64 endorsements

What makes the people from Miami so friendly? Tell us your story.

felice, United Kingdom

5 days ago Report

Compared to other places in Europe not good for shopping but compared to other places to the US quite good.

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