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307 viesi no Amerikas Savienotajām Valstīm augsti novērtēja to, ka vieta Monreāla un ēdieni sader kopā!

Vai vietā Monreāla var iepirkties kaut kur citur, ne tikai lielo zīmolu veikalos?

Kitty, Kanāda

Pirms 28 dienām Ziņot

Forget the brand name stores, they are everywhere. We went to the garment district and were floored at the great fashions and unbelievable prices. Will definitely go back there.

Kāpēc Jūs ieteiktu vietu Monreāla ēdienu baudīšanai?

Anonīmi, Atrašanās vieta nav zināma

Pirms 15 dienām Ziņot

There are lots of restaurants featuring lots of different foods as well as French haute cuisine. Montreal is green and lush in the summer.

Kā var izbaudīt vietu Monreāla, vienlaikus izvairoties no cilvēku pūļiem?

Anonīmi, Atrašanās vieta nav zināma

Pirms 2 dienām Ziņot

Montreal is like NY City so I don't think one can avoid crowds altogether. We were there during a music festival so there were a lot of people. The streets hardly had anyone until after 9AM and restaurants were not crowded until earlier evening.

Kur ceļotājiem ir jādodas, ja viņi nevēlas ēst tipiskās tūristu vietās?

Anonīmi, Atrašanās vieta nav zināma

Pirms 22 dienām Ziņot

There is a wonderful restaurant "Finnegan & Bacchus Bar" on the corner a few steps from the hotel, the food is excellent and the cost was great for the service and experience. Salad, entrée, dessert and coffee or tea for two with gratuity $55.00. We ate there for dinner twice and breakfast twice. Excellent! Tell Nick we said hello from Ohio!
  • Dažādu valstu virtuve 284 reizes ieteikts
  • 10 atbildes

Kāds ir noslēpums dažādu valstu virtuvju nogaršošanai vietā Monreāla?

Dwight, Kanāda

Pirms 10 dienām Ziņot

Montreal is best experienced on foot if you don't mind a good bit of walking, as it allows you to see and experience the amazing diversity of street level life found in small shops, sidewalk cafes and ethnic restaurants, etc. Montreal transit also offers an inexpensive day pass for the metro and buses that allows you to quickly move between the different ethnic quarters, where a great range of dining experiences await you.

Kas vietā Monreāla ļauj izdzīvot vēsturi?

Anonīmi, Atrašanās vieta nav zināma

Pirms 26 dienām Ziņot

Old Montreal appears to be rich in history and reminds me a lot of Europe.

Kur bija vislabāk klejot vietas Monreāla vecpilsētā?

John, Jaunzēlande

Pirms 14 dienām Ziņot

Historic buildings and museums were excellent. Along waterfront and all the old town streets. Rue St Paul Rue St Jacques Rue Notre Dame
  • Tēlotājmākslas muzeji 114 reizes ieteikts
  • 8 atbildes

Ar kuriem tēlotājmākslas muzejiem vajadzētu sākt vietā Monreāla?

Anonīmi, Atrašanās vieta nav zināma

Pirms 28 dienām Ziņot

Montreal Museum of fine arts offers varied exhibitions, something interesting at every turn
  • Draudzīgi cilvēki 240 reizes ieteikts
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Kas padara cilvēkus vietā Monreāla tik draudzīgus? Pastāstiet mums savu pieredzi!

Pamela, Amerikas Savienotās Valstis

Pirms 26 dienām Ziņot

well i am from NY and my husband and i were there to see our daughter who was performing an art installation with springboard program, emerging choreographers...the hotel helped me use their WiFi address which enabled us to text our daughter every day on Whatsapp...thank you staff

No kā ir jāizvairās, lai vislabāk izbaudītu naktsdzīvi vietā Monreāla?

Amir, Kanāda

Pirms 6 dienām Ziņot

When a girl offers you a lapdance in a club be careful cause that might be a full trap. Girl tells you that it is only $20. She takes you to the room and gets $20 cash. Everything looks fine so far. Then she stays as long as 5 or 6 or even 10 songs with you and you thinks she is staying long cause she likes it and you are happy that you are getting a nice long lap dance with $20. But when you get out of the private lap dance room the bouncer tells you that you owe another $100 or maybe even $180 cause it were $20 per song and you stayed there for 10 songs or so. This is a real trap for robbing travellers. Be careful and avoid being trapped
  • Atpūta pilsētā 420 reizes ieteikts
  • 6 atbildes

Kāpēc vieta Monreāla ir uzskatāma par vienu no klasiskajiem ceļojumu galamērķiem?

Brenda, Kanāda

Pirms 25 dienām Ziņot

So much to do. Hop on a bike and ride the waterfront,go shopping,find a little cafe for charcuterie,wonderful places to eat. Jazz festival is a highlight.
  • Pastaiga pa pilsētu 175 reizes ieteikts
  • 6 atbildes

Kā vislabāk var iepazīt vietu Monreāla, ejot ar kājām?

Anonīmi, Atrašanās vieta nav zināma

Pirms 16 dienām Ziņot

If you have a place in mind then walking directly to it is fine. If not there were multiple streets closed off for markets and night life activities. Follow your eyes ears and nose. Get lost for a few.

Aprakstiet, kas gan Jums līdzīgiem cilvēkiem patiktu, ja viņi dotos iepirkties uz vietu Monreāla.

Evelyne, Francija

Pirms 22 dienām Ziņot

First you find all kind of shopping malls within a close perimeter especially when you are staying at the Faimount Queen Elisabeth and even if the weather 's bad you don't have to go out and can reach The Ville Marie shopping mall or the other shopping centers of the Rue St Catherine quite easily . And when you come from France it's a pleasure to shop at Tommy Hilfiger or Roots , brands you hardly find in Europe .

Kā var aizmirsties, dejojot vietā Monreāla?

Kitty, Kanāda

Pirms 28 dienām Ziņot

Went to the "Upstairs" on McKay and spent the evening with a wonderful jazz trio

Kāpēc cilvēki saka, ka vietu Monreāla vislabāk var apskatīt, ejot ar kājām?

Paul, Amerikas Savienotās Valstis

Pirms 26 dienām Ziņot

The sights, aromas, and interactions with people from so very many nationalities can only be accomplished well by the ability to focus at your leisure.
HOWEVER, taking a bus tour first enables you to know what is where for later leasurely visits!
  • Cilvēku vērošana 76 reizes ieteikts
  • 4 atbildes

Kāpēc ir patīkami vērot cilvēkus vietā Monreāla?

Marina, Amerikas Savienotās Valstis

Pirms 26 dienām Ziņot

It was interesting, for all of the hundreds of people we saw walking around, whether they were alone or with friends, very few of them were looking down at a screen or their phone. Around here (Oregon), most pedestrians are focused on their devices, but in Montreal the people seemed to be engaged and present in their location/present situation. It was nice.
  • Botāniskais dārzs 202 reizes ieteikts
  • 4 atbildes

Kur botāniskajos dārzos vietā Monreāla Jūs varētu palikt mūžīgi?

Barbara, Kanāda

Pirms 5 dienām Ziņot

Everywhere. I was in Montreal doing photography in June of 2014 and was thrilled to go back to the same area for the Lantern Festival at the Gardens. Was wonderful to see the differences between the seasons.
  • Alternatīvā kultūra 62 reizes ieteikts
  • 4 atbildes

Ar ko kultūra vietā Monreāla atšķiras no Jūsu mājām?

Deborah, Kanāda

Pirms 21 dienas Ziņot

Montreal, and especially the Old Port area, is like a little bit of Europe in North America. Language, attitude, dining opportunities all add up to a unique experience. The Jazz Festival and the Comedy Festival draw headliners from around the world.
  • Gastronomiskais tūrisms 303 reizes ieteikts
  • 3 atbildes

Vai vieta Monreāla ir īstā izvēle, kur baudīt neaizmirstamu maltīti? Pastāstiet mums, kāpēc!

Heather, Amerikas Savienotās Valstis

Pirms 21 dienas Ziņot

We loved NYK's Bistro Pub. We happened upon it our first night because it was close to the hotel and it turned out to be our favorite place to eat all weekend. The Duck Confit Poutine is a must!

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