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New Orleans United States of America, Louisiana

Top reasons to visit:

  • Food (2610)
  • Nightlife (1538)
  • Live Music (1410)
  • History (783)
  • Shopping (532)
  • Sightseeing (493)
  • Jazz (483)
  • Culture (416)
  • Gourmet Food (368)
  • Culturally Diverse Food (350)

New Orleans was highly rated for food by 2,135 guests from the United States!

Why do you recommend New Orleans for food?

Israela, United States of America

22 days ago Report

You have to at least try the local fare like red beans and rice, gumbo, jambalaya and étouffée - they are as much a part of NOLA as the jazz. And no meal is complete without pralines and sea salt caramels (try Laura's Candies - the best!).

What can we expect to get our feet tapping in New Orleans?

Julia, United States of America

24 days ago Report

If you want to tap your feet, go to the Little Tropical Isle on Bourbon St. for the best Cajun bands in town. If you're looking for a great piano bar, try LaFitte's Blacksmith Shop (also on Bourbon St.). Mike Hood is the best piano player in NOLA.
  • Culturally Diverse Food 350 endorsements
  • 15 answers

What's the secret to sampling all the diverse food New Orleans has to offer?

Alesha, United States of America

30 days ago Report

Skip chain restaurants and eat locally here. The restaurant Oceana was wonderful. We ate there several times, but there are so many hidden gems in New Orleans, that you'd be hard pressed to have a bad meal.

What is it in New Orleans that makes history come to life?

Walter, United States of America

23 days ago Report

You definitely need to indulge in the tours offered. We took a Haunted History Tour after dark and got to learn about some the spookier places in the city. A cemetery tour is definitely on our to do list for next time.

What should you avoid to make the most of the nightlife in New Orleans?

Haley, United States of America

26 days ago Report

If you're going to get hand grenades, get the frozen ones so you pace yourself. They are pretty deadly to a lengthy night.

How can you enjoy the sights in New Orleans while avoiding the crowds?

Molly, United States of America

17 days ago Report

go on the early tours while most of the city still sleeps! People start to really stir about noon. Or maybe go in the fall time while kids are in school but the weather is still nice.

What seafood experience in New Orleans is still on your mind?

Preston, United States of America

12 days ago Report

Oceana restaurant - Dragos - Jimmy J's - Fleur de lis - Mothers- Bombay- Fountain Lounge - R&O's

What was the most entertaining thing you saw in New Orleans?

reva, United States of America

23 days ago Report

Patti Labelle in concert and a autist young woman went up to Patti and her gaurds stopped her. Patti looked at the young woman and walked up to her and hugged and kissed her. that was priceless to me

What are the best attractions to see on a tour in New Orleans?

Alesha, United States of America

30 days ago Report

Take a city tour so you know what to see and what to do, plus it'll give you a sense of the scale of loss that happened during Katrina.

Is New Orleans the place to have a meal to remember? Tell us why.

Allen, United States of America

20 days ago Report

From street vendors and Lucky Dogs to fast food, from Antoine's to Dickie Brennen's all has the unique flavour of New Orleans. And remember not to breathe when you're eating Begneit's (pardon the spelling).

What makes the people from New Orleans so friendly? Tell us your story.

Cindy, United States of America

22 days ago Report

From the moment we arrived at the Hilton we were greeted by smiles, people continuously making us feel welcome !! The beauty of this city comes from within!!

Where should people go if they don't want to eat in a tourist trap?

Walter, United States of America

23 days ago Report

We used some certificates to take us off the beaten path to places like Fiorella's, Bourbon Heat, Country Flame Grill. Decent food at decent prices, but expect to wait as its cooked to order. Good things take time.

What makes fine dining in New Orleans stand out?

Anonymous, Unknown location

24 days ago Report

Endless fine dining options, wonderful chefs and first class service. You have at least 3 people waiting on your white table cloth table, fast service, fabulous food, elegant and romantic atmosphere everywhere we dined. Great spaces, architectural & historical beauties!

Why is the atmosphere in New Orleans something people rave about?

Israela, United States of America

22 days ago Report

The people are amazingly friendly and the city has a personality of it's own. NOLA is iconic for a reason and you have to experience it.

How can you get the most authentic cultural experience in New Orleans?

John, United States of America

29 days ago Report

Walking the streets, touring historical landmarks, sampling authentic Cajun dishes, speaking and conversing with the locals, enjoying the jazz and zydeco music.

What is it about the people in New Orleans that makes them so watchable?

Sharon, United States of America

21 days ago Report

You never know who you will see doing what in N.O. Be careful of scammers, and watch your step, especially after dark. The lively music and freedom of expression in art/dance, etc. makes this a terrific place to peoplewatch.

Some say romance is dead; how does New Orleans prove them wrong?

John, United States of America

8 days ago Report

It's great for couples who'd want to go out and have fun together again. The laissez le bon temps roulez attitude, the 24 hour party of great food and wonderful cocktails, along with the the sheer romance of the city and it's French colonial architecture brings you back to the times and the people you were when you first fell in love with each other. N'Orleans has some special magic thet just seems t do that. Like Paris in America!

What's the best way to make the most of New Orleans by foot?

Walter, United States of America

23 days ago Report

Stay close to the Quarter. You can spend some time walking but you'll see plenty. Take advantage of public transportation. You can buy a day pass for both the buses and the street cars for $3. Taxi fares can be pricey. Use them sparingly.

What did you enjoy most about bar hopping in New Orleans?

Walter, United States of America

23 days ago Report

The variety of the places. If you go to Bourbon expecting to find a joint to sit down in and enjoy a drink, you're in the wrong part of town. If that's what you were looking for, go around the corner and down a side street or two and you'll find that. On Bourbon, the party is always moving. So unless you are sitting down in a restaurant to eat, don't expect to find a bar with a lot of seating.

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