Làm gì ở Amsterdam

Trung tâm Hội nghị Amsterdam RAI

Trung tâm hội nghị

Every year, Amsterdam RAI hosts more than fifty major international congresses, seventy trade fairs and exhibitions, events and over one thousand conferences, meetings and smaller functions. This modern 87.000 square metre complex is unquestionably one of Europe's foremost venues for major international events. There are 22 congress rooms with seating capacities for up to 1750, and 11 exhibition halls with seating for up to 12.900 participants, and countless multi-purpose lounges for exhibitions and poster sessions. All of the halls and conference rooms are air-conditioned and offer all necessary facilities.

Chỗ nghỉ gần Trung tâm Hội nghị Amsterdam RAI
  • Europaplein 22
Cung Điện Hoàng Gia Amsterdam

Bảo tàng

Royal Palace was originally built as a town hall in the mid-17th century by Jacob van Campen and turned into a palace by Napoleon Bonaparte's younger brother, who became king of of The Netherlands in 1808. This aesthetically severe-looking building features one of the finest ceremonial halls in Europe. The Burgerzal (Burghers' Hall) was the illustrious venue for the ball which was held to celebrate the marriage of Princess Beatrix to Klaus von Amberg in 1966. No longer used as a palace, the Royal Palace still caters for official royal functions, gala dinners, exhibitions and state visits.

Chỗ nghỉ gần Cung Điện Hoàng Gia Amsterdam
  • Dam
Quảng trường Bảo tàng

Khu vực nổi tiếng

Nestled south of Leidseplein is the plush 19th century Museumplein. This is the pinnacle of sophistication and home to the three major and most important museums in Amsterdam, the Rijksmuseum, the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art and the Van Gogh Museum makes this an art lover’s paradise par excellence. Without doubt, any culture vulture will be in their element in this recently renovated quarter. Also, in among the stylish hotels and cafés, lays the majestic Concertgebouw.

Chỗ nghỉ gần Quảng trường Bảo tàng
  • van Baerlestraat 33B
Bảo tàng Van Gogh

Bảo tàng

The building might be as plain as milk, but inside you'll be basking in the honeyed warmth that radiates from Van Gogh's paintings. The museum houses an impressive collection of Van Gogh's art, including a self-portrait – a masterful study of his lonesome life. Works by his contemporaries also line the walls, including Rodin, Monet and Gauguin. Be early to avoid the queues!

Chỗ nghỉ gần Bảo tàng Van Gogh
  • Paulus Potterstraat 7
Bảo tàng Heineken

Bảo tàng

Find out what your Dad was making in the basement all those years ago in this museum dedicated to the world's favourite fermented beverage. In this interactive museum, you’ll learn all about the beer making process at the site of the former Heineken brewery, as well as the origins of this iconic Dutch beer brand. At the end of your stay, enjoy a cold beer at the World Bar.

Chỗ nghỉ gần Bảo tàng Heineken
  • Stadhouderskade 78
Bảo tàng Anne Frank

Bảo tàng

There’s no work of Western non-fiction more pure of heart than ‘The Diary of a Young Jewish Girl’. Written between the ages of 12-14, the book tells the story of Anne Frank and her family, who were deported during Nazi occupation of The Netherlands in WWII. Anne died in Bergen-Belsen aged 15, but her story lives on in this museum – and it’s impossible to walk away unmoved.

Chỗ nghỉ gần Bảo tàng Anne Frank
  • Prinsengracht 267
Quảng trường Rembrandt

Địa danh

Suffering from twitchy feet? Salve them on the dance floors of the city's nightclub centre. Rembrandt's 'Night Watch' rendered as three-dimensional statues forms the centrepiece of this square, while surrounding Utrechtsestraat and Reguliersdwarsstraat are great places for bistros, boutiques and beyond. 'Escape' is deep house central and playground of the fun and fabulous.

Chỗ nghỉ gần Quảng trường Rembrandt
Chợ Hoa

Khu mua sắm

Take a tiptoe through the tulips at the city's unique floating flower market. Founded in 1862, the market's vendors operate their stalls from houseboats that line the canals between Koningsplein and Vijzelstraat. You'll forget you're in the big city when you pick up the scents of freshly cut roses, chrysanthemums and irises that emanate through the surrounding streets.

Chỗ nghỉ gần Chợ Hoa
  • Singel 481
Bảo tàng Rijksmuseum

Bảo tàng

This huge fairy-tale castle is a diamond in the city's landscape. This recently renovated museum contains important artworks like Rembrandt’s ‘Night Watch’ and Vermeer’s ‘Milkmaid’. It also houses a huge collection of elaborate baroque furniture and religious accoutrements from East and West. Usually packed with tourists, it’s best to arrive early to avoid the queues.

Chỗ nghỉ gần Bảo tàng Rijksmuseum
  • Museumstraat 1
Quảng trường Dam Square

Địa danh

Dam Square is at the heart of Amsterdam and where history and modernity collide. The neoclassical Royal Palace is open to the public, and it’s worth venturing in to see the magnificent foyer and historical rooms of the Royal Family's ceremonial home. The New Church hosts year-round special exhibitions, while Kalverstraat and De Bijenkorf are magnets for shopaholics.

Chỗ nghỉ gần Quảng trường Dam Square
Khu Leidseplein

Khu vực nổi tiếng

Dodging bikes is an Amsterdam rite of passage. So is Leidseplein. Dimly-lit Suzy Wong’s, big ‘n brassy Paradiso and the unending stream of merry-makers bring an undeniable energy to this cobblestoned square. Come here any night of the week for a wine, dine or stein. Catch an edgy act at Melkweg, or jostle your way up Leidsestraat for high-street shopping galore.

Chỗ nghỉ gần Khu Leidseplein
Công viên Vondelpark

Công viên

A dillydally around the ponds, trees and flowerbeds of this park could lead to a lucky strike of inspiration. Named after the Dutch Shakespeare Joost van den Vondel (1587–1679), Vondelpark is perfect for walking, jogging or just plain old meandering. Try the 'Blue Teahouse' – one of four restaurants inside the park – or the Open Air Cinema in the warmer months.

Chỗ nghỉ gần Công viên Vondelpark
  • Vondelpark
Trung tâm Hội nghị Beurs van Berlage

Địa danh

Serving as the Stock Exchange until 1984, this building along the Damrak is now an exhibition and conference space as well as a concert hall and home to The Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra. Although refurbished, Beurs van Berlage is a prime example of Dutch city architecture.

Chỗ nghỉ gần Trung tâm Hội nghị Beurs van Berlage
  • Damrak 277
Nhà hát Royal Theater Carre

Nhà hát

Originally built in 1887, the Royal Theatre Carre was originally called the Circus Carre, as it was only initially used for circus performances in the winter months. Now it houses everything from concerts and theatres to The Dutch Opera and National Ballet.

Chỗ nghỉ gần Nhà hát Royal Theater Carre
  • Amstel 115 - 125

Chỗ nghỉ và khách sạn ở Amsterdam

Rho Hotel

8 Rất tốt

Được điểm từ 7693 đánh giá

VND 3.216.958

Giá trung bình mỗi đêm
  • Nes 5-23, Amsterdam City Centre, Amsterdam
NH Collection Amsterdam Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky

8,3 Rất tốt

Được điểm từ 1064 đánh giá

VND 4.239.402

Giá trung bình mỗi đêm
  • Dam 9, Amsterdam City Centre, Amsterdam
art'otel Amsterdam

9 Tuyệt hảo

Được điểm từ 2897 đánh giá

VND 5.701.995

Giá trung bình mỗi đêm
  • Prins Hendrikkade 33, Amsterdam City Centre, Amsterdam
Hampshire Hotel - Amsterdam American

8,3 Rất tốt

Được điểm từ 3463 đánh giá

VND 2.917.706

Giá trung bình mỗi đêm
  • Leidsekade 97, Amsterdam City Centre, Amsterdam
Park Plaza Victoria Amsterdam

7,9 Tốt

Được điểm từ 4086 đánh giá

VND 3.466.334

Giá trung bình mỗi đêm
  • Damrak 1 - 5, Amsterdam City Centre, Amsterdam
Park Hotel

8,2 Rất tốt

Được điểm từ 2106 đánh giá

VND 3.715.711

Giá trung bình mỗi đêm
  • Stadhouderskade 25, Oud Zuid, Amsterdam
Rokin Hotel

7,6 Tốt

Được điểm từ 2740 đánh giá

VND 2.718.204

Giá trung bình mỗi đêm
  • Rokin 73, Amsterdam City Centre, Amsterdam
Hotel Sebastians

9,2 Tuyệt hảo

Được điểm từ 1767 đánh giá

VND 2.693.267

Giá trung bình mỗi đêm
  • Keizersgracht 15, Amsterdam City Centre, Amsterdam
Hotel Espresso

8,1 Rất tốt

Được điểm từ 3987 đánh giá

VND 1.845.387

Giá trung bình mỗi đêm
  • Overtoom 57, Oud-West, Amsterdam
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Nổi bật nhất về Amsterdam

well, we were very surprised of how friendly they are. the very first day we were looking for the hotel. we asked a girl if she could help us and she was sooo happy to do so. she went with us to the hotel cause she wanted to be sure that we found it! another story was that a man saw us having problems with our metro card and without asking for any help, he came back to explain how it works! amazing people :)

Amsterdam is a very pedestrian city that is best seen by foot, or on bicycles, which is the most used method of transportation. Most streets in the city center are very narrow, intersected with the water canals in most areas, and cars are only allowed on the roads during certain hours/days of the week. All this has turned Amsterdam into a very pedestrian friendly city.

Look for a guesthouse rather than a hotel. There is something about staying in the old canal houses (especially when you're North American and many of the houses are older than your country), and being able to come and go from your own apartment-type place on y our own and at your leisure makes it much easier to experience the culture of the place authentically.

If you're like us, the red lights. They were more widespread than we were led to believe, as was the drug culture. While we understand that it is a different place and that many travellers our age are looking for these two aspects of Amsterdam's culture, we were not and they were more pervasive than we were expecting them to be.

The Rijksmuseum is astounding. It actually was built around Rembrandt's Night Watch which is an extraordinary painting but there is so much more: four of the 34 known Vermeers live here, a few Van Goghs, many works by Frans Hals, magnificent Delft work and so much more. Truly one of the great museums of the world.

Best of museums/activities: Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Anna Frank, Rijksmuseum, Maritime museum, Heineken experience, organised tours to Marken, Volendam, windmill village Zaanse Schans, Delft, The Hague, a little train trip to Haarlem. I strongly suggest to buy the 72hr iamsterdam card!

Don't take a map and just hoof it. It's hard to get lost if you stick to the canals (which are soo pretty), just take a turn and you might find a little hole-in-the-wall that's not listed in any guidebook. :)

Take the canal boat tour to see the city and also use the trams - 7 euros 50 cents for a full day pass so just hop on and off.

Its a lovely small city. very walkable. People are so friendly

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