Principales razones para visitar este lugar:

  • Arquitectura (2460)
  • Compras (1815)
  • Museos (1089)
  • Puerto (713)
  • Comida (375)
  • Ocio nocturno (306)
  • Escapada Urbana (285)
  • Visitas turísticas (246)
  • Restaurantes (234)
  • Cultura (232)

¡96 clientes han recomendado Róterdam para arquitectura!

¿Quieres pedir consejos únicos a viajeros que conocen Róterdam?

¿Qué tiene de especial la comida en Róterdam?

Lucy, Reino Unido

Hace 18 horas Denunciar

because of the fresh food markets and very italian pizza place was 5x nicer than any in the uk

¿Hay más sitios para ir de compras en Róterdam además de las tiendas de grandes marcas?

Michael, Reino Unido

Hace 7 horas Denunciar

There are the Blokkers and AH and Seeman type stores, plus other lower end shops that still are worth a look

¿Cómo disfrutarías de los lugares de interés de Róterdam evitando las multitudes?

Terri_, Suiza

Hace 24 días Denunciar

There were no crowds at all! I was shocked how it is possible this famous city not to be full of people!
The only you can see in Rotterdam are the few interesting, modern buildings, the harbor and to visit the museums... but don't stay for more than 3-4 days there.. Really boring and empty big city, where even the public toilets have working hours- with customers after 6, some- 7... nowhere to buy even water at the night..not talking to sit and have drinks.. the common between Amsterdam and Rotterdam is that- a few bars opened max to 4 o'clock.. after that is better to find your hotel to sleep because you'll be lucky one if you find a place even for a coffee or breakfast before 6:30-7...Dark and empty streets.. No nature left /in R'dam/... just 2 opened coffee-shops that you can sit in and smoke in the end of August... most of them are closed for holidays, or the few opened were only selling without letting people in the smoking area..and all that during the rainy days and nights... Amsterdam is Amsterdam!

¿Por qué crees que a otra gente como tú le encantaría ir de compras en Róterdam?

Elizabeth, Reino Unido

Hace 5 días Denunciar

Very modern shopping centre in Rotterdam between the Central Station and Town/City Hall - the match of most of the main UK shopping centres.

¿Cómo se puede vivir una auténtica experiencia cultural en Róterdam?

Elizabeth, Reino Unido

Hace 5 días Denunciar

Try speaking some Dutch! Everyone speaks pretty good English, but if you try Dutch, they'll be all smiles! Even if it's just "Guten morgen" (roll the g's in the back of your throat to sound like "hhhooten moorhhen" and "Sprayk u Ingles" (spreeyk oo Inhhells)

Also try the Apple Crumble Cake. It's amazing.

¿Qué lugares recomendarías a los que quieren evitar comer en un local para turistas?

Michael, Reino Unido

Hace 7 horas Denunciar

Did not venture out of the excellent places we found to eat, but would try to find some local out of the wal places if we had more time

¿Por qué la gente de Róterdam es tan amable? Cuéntanos tu experiencia.

Anónimo, Ubicación desconocida

Hace 19 días Denunciar

I took part in the Rotterdam marathon and was really impressed by the huge support from the locals who turned out in their masses to enjoy the day.

¿Qué descubriste en los museos de Róterdam que no aparece en las guías de viaje?

Gary, Reino Unido

Hace 3 días Denunciar

Take the metro and head out of town, towards Schiedam perhaps where there is a Jenever Museum (Gin Museum, or even Den Haag, only about 40 mins by metro and then onto Madurodam a short hop by tram(note in Den Haag your ticket is valid for one hour so you will probably end up buying two tickets one out, one back or walk.

¿Por qué aconsejarías probar todos los tipos de comida que se ofrecen en Róterdam?

Michael, España

Hace 22 días Denunciar

They have a lot of cultures mixes in Rotterdam this makes it possible to find food from different countries..

¿Es Róterdam un lugar donde volverías solo para comer? Cuéntanos por qué.

Michael, Reino Unido

Hace 7 horas Denunciar

Just enjoyed relaxing, uncrowded meals in nice smaller restraunts with no rush and waiters taking the time to help us on the menus

¿Cuál es el mejor sitio para ir de fiesta en Róterdam?

Frederik, Países Bajos

Hace 1 día Denunciar

In Bird (below the old 'Hofplein' station) there is always some cool clubnight or wicked band playing. Think funky, think underground, think soulful!
  • Pasear 113 recomendaciones

¿Por qué se dice que es mejor ver Róterdam a pie?

Michael, Reino Unido

Hace 7 horas Denunciar

You need to walk round and take time to take in the different architectural feats of buildings
  • Relax 102 recomendaciones

Cuéntanos cuáles fueron tus mejores momentos de relax en Róterdam.

Michael, Reino Unido

Hace 7 horas Denunciar

Walking round the Oud Haven
  • Cenas de lujo 28 recomendaciones

¿Por qué los restaurantes de lujo de Róterdam son diferentes?

Anónimo, Ubicación desconocida

Hace 2 días Denunciar

Restaurant MOOII
  • Historia 53 recomendaciones

¿Qué tiene Róterdam para que su historia siga viva?

Carol, Reino Unido

Hace 3 días Denunciar

The restoration saving the original fitting.
All staff in sailing uniform

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