Mga dapat gawin sa Queenstown

  • Remarkables Park Town Centre, 12 Hawthorne Dr
Chairlift Ride


Queenstown and Lake Wanaka stretch out beneath your dangling feet as you take to the skies on a scenic chairlift ride. Adventure awaits at the Luge, where gravity-powered carts hurtle down a snaking mountainside path. The summit is also the starting point of the Ben Lomond Walkway, a challenging trail which rewards brave hikers with truly unforgettable views.

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Macetown Excursion


An abandoned gold-mining village hidden in rugged mountain foothills, Macetown radiates adventure. Reaching this historic settlement is a challenge in itself – most visitors hire a mountain bike or 4x4 to rattle over the rough terrain and splash through 22 separate river crossings. Once there, explore atmospheric stone houses or ramp up the adrenaline again by taking on the tricky Macedown Track bike trail.

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Lake Wakatipu


There’s no end of exploration to be done in and around Lake Wakatipu – not least an icy but invigorating dip in its crystal-clear waters. Above the surface, jet skis and wakeboards provide an exhilarating alternative to kayaking or sailing. For true thrill-seekers, Hydro Attack takes you zipping across the lake at a heart-thumping 80 km an hour in a streamlined shark-shaped vessel!

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Racing through Lord of the Rings country on a 4x4? If you love the great outdoors, this tour is a real goldmine. Strike out on an off-road adventure through abandoned prospecting towns, across rushing rivers and up steep winding roads. Along the way, you’ll be accompanied by vistas of rugged peaks and valleys.

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Mga review ng Queenstown



Abril 25, 2016

Queenstown is perfect for a liesure tour. I like the place, so beautiful, so still and so quiet; and the people, so kind, friendly and beautiful as the place. I would like to come back some other time.
2 review

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The Rees Hotel & Luxury Apartments

9 Ubod ng ganda

Score mula sa 1049 mga review

PHP 11,588

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  • 377 Frankton Road, Queenstown
St James Apartments

8.5 Napakaganda

Score mula sa 687 mga review

PHP 6,226

Karaniwang presyo bawat gabi
  • 5 Coronation Drive, Sa puso ng Queenstown, Queenstown
Crowne Plaza Queenstown

8.7 Napakaganda

Score mula sa 752 mga review

PHP 7,229

Karaniwang presyo bawat gabi
  • 93 Beach Street, Sa puso ng Queenstown, Queenstown
Heritage Queenstown

8.6 Napakaganda

Score mula sa 989 mga review

PHP 6,102

Karaniwang presyo bawat gabi
  • 91 Fernhill Road, Fern Hill, Queenstown
Hilton Queenstown Resort & Spa

8.7 Napakaganda

Score mula sa 1558 mga review

PHP 8,267

Karaniwang presyo bawat gabi
  • Kawarau Village, 79 Peninsula Road, Kelvin Heights, Queenstown
Millennium Hotel Queenstown

8.3 Napakaganda

Score mula sa 1000 mga review

PHP 6,399

Karaniwang presyo bawat gabi
  • 32 Frankton Road, Queenstown, Sa puso ng Queenstown, Queenstown
Rydges Lakeland Resort Queenstown

7.2 Maganda

Score mula sa 3427 mga review

PHP 4,670

Karaniwang presyo bawat gabi
  • 38-54 Lake Esplanade, Sa puso ng Queenstown, Queenstown
Aspen Hotel Queenstown

7.8 Maganda

Score mula sa 1085 mga review

PHP 4,213

Karaniwang presyo bawat gabi
  • 139 Fernhill Road, Fern Hill, Queenstown
Heartland Hotel Queenstown

8.3 Napakaganda

Score mula sa 1116 mga review

PHP 4,773

Karaniwang presyo bawat gabi
  • 27 Stanley Street, Sa puso ng Queenstown, Queenstown

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Ilarawan ang paligid sa Queenstown.

Queenstown is famous for it's picture-postcard beauty. We were here in Autumn and the trees were glorious. It is also a good base from which to explore nearby areas like Fjordland and Arrowtown.

Outdoor entertainment and music, town promotes itself with a variety of activities to indulge in

Tinanong ni ang mga biyahero...

Ano ba ang nangungunang dahilan para pumunta sa Queenstown?

You feel like you are on top of the world when you are any where high in Queenstown

Walking near the lake, driving to Glenorchy and other nearby places. Gondola ride.

From the lake to the mountains, the scenery was absolutely amazing.

Hydroattack unbelievable, great choice of adventures to experience

Tinanong ni ang mga biyahero...

Kamusta naman ang mga kainan sa Queenstown?

Seafood was so fresh, breakfasts were great.

Tinanong ni ang mga biyahero...

Anong naging epekto sa iyo ng mga tanawin sa Queenstown?

Restores the soul

Tinanong ni ang mga biyahero...

Anong maipapayo mo sa mga first-time hikers sa Queenstown?

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